Daily prediction for April 6 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Today the Moon continues her travels through the mentalistic, social sign of Gemini. Here, the Mon emphasizes the uses of the mind, thought, and language. Today she forms two sextiles to Mercury and the Sun. This is a good day for collaboration and working with others, there is a lot of harmony between our own intentions and the world around us.

Today forms a square to Jupiter today. This will bring positive developments to our lives that are initially difficult to integrate. Growing pains are common with this kind of aspect.


You will see growth and constructive change in your friendships and community. You will interact will in relationship to others today, and have the opportunity for a lot of constructive dialogue.

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The Moon activates Jupiter in your 12th house by square. Some of the integration you do with other people may happen through confronting issues within yourself you haven’t yet looked at. This will ultimately be very rewarding.


You will continue to see positive developments to finances as the Moon moves through your 2nd. The sextiles to Mercury and the Sun will ensure that any personal, solitary work you do today will be very successful.

Friendships and coworker relationships will see positive growth as the Moon squares Jupiter in your 11th house.


You will continue to benefit from the good fortune of having the Moon in your 1st house. As the Moon sextiles the Sun and Mercury, you will have the opportunity to share your personal insights and ideas with your friends.

The Jupiter square will push you to succeed in your career, as Jupiter is in your 10th house. You may be very busy today, but you will get a lot done.


Solitude and alone-time are still the priority for you with the Moon in your 12th, but today you will gain new insight and wisdom from your solitude that affects your career and sense of purpose, as the moon forms sextiles to Mercury and the Sun.

You will also learn something today that challenges you. Teachers and mentors will push you to grow today.


Friendship will flow smoothly as the Moon continues to move through your 11th house. Friendships will offer new experiences and adventures as the Moon sextiles Mercury and the Sun in your 9th.

Jupiter activated in your 8th could cause some obstacles and roadblocks that keep things from happening as quickly as you want. Ultimately, you will learn from the slower pace.


Career will see slow yet steady growth today as the Moon in your 10th sextiles Mercury and the Sun. Their 8th house placement in your chart will cause things to happen slowly, but their benefit nature will ultimately yield great fruit.

Relationships and romance will see positive developments today, but it may begin with your significant other challenging you more than usual.


You will have the opportunity to broaden your horizons and try new things with romantic partners and lovers as the Moon sextiles the Sun and Mercury in your 7th house. This is a good day for getting out of your comfort zone and exploring.

Challenges with work may develop today as Jupiter is activated in your 6th, but they will ultimately not last long or get in the way of any 7th house or 9th house adventures.


Your shadow-work and inner eye will become will be very effective today with the Moon sextiles Mercury and the Sun while going through your 8th house. It will be a lot of hard work, but you will see a lot of transformation with your emotional life.

The Moon squares Jupiter in your 5th house – this 8th house underworld process you’re currently undergoing will lead to a lot of positive creative developments.


The Moon forms sextiles to Mercury and the Sun in your 5th house of pleasure, leisure, creativity, and play. This is a good day for enjoyment, a respite from work, and taking the time to enjoy yourself, especially with romantic partners.

The Moon squares Jupiter in your 4th. Home life will see tense, yet ultimately beneficial developments today.


Your home and family situation will provide a lot of support for your work as the Moon sextiles Mercury and the Sun from your 4th house. You will continue to work diligently, but you will have help that will see you through.

You will see growth in community and friend circles today as the Moon squares Jupiter in your 3rd. Some of this may initially push against your Capricornian nature, but you will ultimately benefit.


Pleasure and play are offered to you today with community and friends as the Moon moves sextiles Mercury and the Sun in your 3rd house.  This is a good day to be social and get creative with friends, as the Moon is still in your 5th house.

You will also see positive financial developments today as the Moon moves through your 2nd house. Work and effort will be involved in seeing the rewards, but they will come.


New resources, possibly even new financial developments, will be coming to your home and living situation as the Moon sextiles Mercury and the Sun in your 2nd house. This is a good alignment for seeing grounded to one’s finances.

You will also see new personal growth as the Moon squares Jupiter in your 1st house. You could receive guidance from mentors and authority figures in your life.

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