Daily Prediction for May 1 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Today the Moon progress on her journey through Taurus, continuing to bring grace and good fortune to our material lives. Today the Moon also forms a sextile to the perfected Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces. This will create tremendous good fortune and success, as Venus and Jupiter are the two most positive planets of Astrology.

The Moon also forms a square to Saturn, which could stir up trouble and obstacles in other areas of our lives. This can only diminish and complexify the rewards brought by Venus and Jupiter – Saturn’s essential dignity in Aquarius ensures that he is currently working in our best interest too.


The Venus-Jupiter conjunction is activated in your 12th house, indicating that you will find a lot of success and growth through time spent in solitude and on your own. This should be a familiar place to your fiercely independent Aries-nature. Don’t be afraid to take a lot of time for yourself today, as you will get a lot out of it.

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Friends may challenge push and push again you today with Saturn is activated in your 11th. It may be harder to connect with people. All the more reason to enjoy the time to yourself.


Friendships and coworking relationships will be greatly supported today as the Moon activates Venus and Jupiter in your 11th house. Your current friendships will deepen greatly. You may find financial opportunities and success coming through any networking you do.

Career and work will push you to succeed today as Saturn is activated in your 10th. The hard work you do today will carry you for a long time.


Lighting up the your 10th house of career and purpose, this Venus-Jupiter conjunction will shower a lot of success for you at your place of work and business. New relationships may form, and you may meet new teachers and mentors who can help you along your path. Financial success is also common with this alignment.

Saturn is activated in your 9th house. The slow back-burner blockages you’ve been experience related to learning and studying new things for the past year will emerge again today. Expect temporary blockages and obstacles to your studies.


The Moon is activated Venus and Jupiter together in your 9th house of higher learning, foreign travel, and spiritual practice. You will gain a great deal of insight and understanding from the fields of knowledge you have committed yourself to. You may take up new studies as well. Teachers and friends can come to you too to help you with your journeys.

Saturn is activated in your 8th house. Feelings of stuckness, blockages, and inner turmoil can arise today. You may feel anxious and concerned about nothing in particular. Whatever emerges will also come with an opportunity to be cleared and released.


The Venus-Jupiter conjunction is activating your 8th house. Your connection to the other side of the veil will strengthen. Interests in the occult and underworld can procure success, and you may find people coming to guide you through strange spiritual territory. This is a strong day for dreamwork and journeying.

Saturn is activated in your 7th house, indicating issues with partners and spouses today. This is not a good day for romance, and a lot of interactions with people close to you may feel stiff.


The Moon is activating the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your 7th house. You should see fantastic developments with romance and relationships. Marriages and committed relationships see a lot of blessings and intimacy with this alignment. People who work with clients will find their interactions going more smoothly.

While Saturn is activated in your 6th house, you will be given a lot of responsibility at work. You may find yourself burdened with a lot of tasks today.


The Venus-Jupiter conjunction is activated in your 6th house of work and duty. Just like yesterday, you will continue to be given a lot of responsibility with work. A lot will be asked of you, but Venus and Jupiter will ensure that you are amply rewarded for the work that you do. Financial success is common with this alignment.

Saturn is activated in your 5th. There will be blocks to creativity and ingenuity today. This is not a good day for working on creative endeavors or side projects.


Aligning in your 5th house, Venus and Jupiter will provide great abundance and good fortune to your creative and artistic side. Personal projects – both at work and at home – will flourish and see a lot of forward movement today. Guides and allies will come in to help you with your work.

Home and family life today will see some tension and stress today as Saturn is activated in your 4th house. Minor disagreements with people that you live with can be expected.


Lighting up your 4th house of home and family, this Venus-Jupiter conjunction will bring a lot of good fortune to relationships with people in your family and at your home. Parent relationships will strengthen and heal. People you live with will generally get along.

However, everything immediately outside your home – local community, neighbors, sibling relationships, etc. – will experience more challenges as Saturn activates your 3rd house. Petty quarrels are common.


Aligning in your 3rd house, siblings relationships and local community will provide you with a lot of success and support today. Financial developments are quite common, especially if you work in a local business or your business works with local people. You can make new friends and meet new people.

Saturn in your 2nd house is activated by a square from the Moon, so finances may cause some stress and aggravation today, albeit very temporary.


While Venus and Jupiter conjoin in your 2nd house, you will find a lot of success and good fortune coming to your finances. Your management of your life and all its mundane details will improve dramatically. You will gain a lot more control over your domain, and feel more empowered as a result.

Saturn may cause issues with self-doubt, guilt, and shame today as the Moon squares him in your 1st house. Health flare-ups can also be common with this alignment, and it tends to primarily aggravate preexisting conditions.


Your 1st house is blessed with the radiance of a Venus-Jupiter conjunction. Your identity sense of self with grow and development dramatically. You will feel inspired and confidant. Mentors, teachers, and close friends will lift you up. This day is extremely good for spiritual practice. This rare window of opportunity that only opens once every 12 years.

Saturn is activated in your 12th house by a square from the Moon. This could create feelings of chaos and wildness in your external circumstances. You may feel moved from one thing to the next rather quickly. Isolation and solitude are also common on days with this configuration.

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