Daily Prediction for May 10 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon begins her journey through the rational, practical sign of Virgo today. This placement strengthens people’s minds and cognitive faculties. It also makes people more industrious and inspires people to create grounded change in their world.

The Moon forms a square to Mercury, who has also just begun stationing retrograde today. This can create verbal disagreements and conflicts with other people. Small, petty problems with technology and travelling are quite common. Ultimately, Mercury’s essential dignity in Gemini indicates that the tensions that arise will also be sorted out effectively today.


The Moon has activated 6th house, which will put a strong focus for you on work and making concrete change in your life. The square to Mercury in your 3rd house will create small, temporary disagreements with neighbors, siblings, and people in your local community.

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Creativity, pleasure, and activities done for fun or their own sake will provide you with a lot of success and good fortune today as the Moon enters into your 5th house. While she squares Mercury in your 2nd house, you may find miscommunications and confusion arising related to finance. Going back over previous work is common.


Home and family will be activated for you today as the Moon moves through your 4th house. You will verbally engage more with people that you live with, though Mercury’s square may make conversation stilted and awkward at times. Mundane misunderstandings are common.


The Moon activates your 3rd house of local networks and personal community. You will be more social today, and spend more time out on the town. Your mind may play tricks on you today as a stationing Mercury is activated in your 12th house of solitude and destabilization. Make sure to spend time with other people, and don’t listen to anything fear-based or panic-based that your mind throws at you.


The Moon has entered into your 2nd house of resources and finances, bringing more grounding and stability into your life today. You will get things crossed off your to-do list and gain more mastery over your life. Mercury activated in your 11th house by square will create temporary misunderstandings and disagreements with friends.


Activating your 1st house, this lunar placement will bring new clarity and insight into your life about your self and well-being. New insights about personal health are common. While Mercury is activated by square in your 10th house, stressful, confusing situations related to work and career are common.


Solitude and quiet, contemplative time with become the norm for you today as the Moon moves into Virgo in your 12th house. Difficult emotions may be stirred up. Mercury is squared by the Moon in your 9th house. It is normal for your studies and personal development practices to be a source of frustration today. Disagreements with teachers are common.


Friendships will provide you with comfort and ease today as the Moon in your 11th house. Friendships and kinship relations will deepen. However, the Moon also squares Mercury, which can aggravate fears and anxieties. The mind can easily start spinning. Staying social and embodied will be your best remedies for this.


You will find a lot of success with career and work today as the Moon enters into your 10th house. Grounded developments and successfully meeting goals are both to be expected. However, miscommunications with romantic partners could arise as Mercury is activated by square in your 7th house. Confusion and small quarrels about nothing are common.


A lot of learning and insight will come your way today as the Moon moves into your 9th house. This is a good day for engaging in any activities the open your mind and expand your consciousness. While Mercury is squared by the Moon in your 6th, you will find that your work-load is much heavier and your workday much busier than usual.


The Moon has moved into your 8th house today. This can create feelings of stuckness, dullness, and lethargy. Anxiety is also common as life starts to move at a slower-than-comfortable pace. The Moon also squares Mercury in your 5th house. You may experience confusion and obstacles regarding personal work projects. You may have difficulty enjoying yourself when not working today.


Romance, partnership, and relationships become the focus as the Moon moves through your 7th house. This is a good day to spend extended periods engaged in one-on-one dynamics. While forming a square to Mercury in your 4th, disagreements and misunderstandings with members of your family can become commonplace.

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