Daily Prediction for May 11 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon continues her journey through the earthy, reliable sign of Virgo today, continuing to bring a strong emphasis to pragmatic and material concerns. Work and accomplishing tasks become much easier.

Today, the Moon trines the Sun, which will bring more harmony and support to our own agendas and desires. She also opposes Mars, which can create arguments with other people and intensify people’s emotions. However, it can also provide more dynamic energy to make change in your life.


The Moon’s trine to the Sun today will provide a lot of support between your 2nd and 6th houses. This is a good day for working, making money, and getting control of your finances. Mars’ opposition may aggravate situations and heighten emotions, but it won’t get in the way of success.

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The Moon trines the Sun in your 5th house today. Self-awareness and noticeable personal growth is common. You will gain more clarity about who you are and what you want out of life. Friendships may experience some temporary roughness or tension while Mars is activated in your 11th house.


While The Moon activates the Sun in your 12th house, you will find a lot of personal clarity and growth through solitary retreat and solo time. This is a good day for journaling and inner reflection. While Mars is activated in your 10th, experiences may arise at your job that push you out of your comfort zone and drive you to succeed.


While the Moon activates the Sun in your 11th house, friendships, alliances, and coworking relationships will provide you with a lot of support and success today. You will get a lot done alongside other people. Your personal studies and travels will be a source of frustration today while Mars is activated in your 9th house.


The Moon is trining the Sun in your 10th house. You can expect a lot of success to come to you at the workplace or in tasks that push your career forward. Work will be fruitful today. Mars is activated by opposition in your 8th house. Feelings of stuckness and generalized anxiety are common with this alignment.


The Moon activates the Sun in your 9th house today by trine. This is a good day for consciousness-expanding and horizon-broadening activities. Travel and studies are supported, as well as spiritual practice. The Moon also opposes Mars in your 7th. You may find difficulties and disagreements arising with romance and relationships today


Activated in your 8th house, the Moon’s trine to the Sun in Taurus will stir up some uncomfortable, unconscious emotions and patterns for you to deal with you. You will ultimately uncover a lot of gems about your personality and spiritual connection if you choose to engage in this work. Mars is activated in your 6th house today by opposition, agitating people and situations at your workplace. Your job will be busier than usual today.


The Moon is lighting up the Sun in your 7th house of partnerships and relationships by trine. One-on-one dynamics will be very supported and successful today. This is a good day for romance. Creative pursuits, however, will not be as fruitful with the Mars opposition in your 5th house. Personal projects will be a source of stress, but you will still get a lot done with them


The Moon trines the Sun in your 6th house. This points to hard work and a greater-than-average workload. More will be asked of you at the workplace. You will be rewarded   both spiritually and materially for your efforts today.


Your Sun-sign forms a grand earth trine with the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Virgo today. This isa  great day for creative pursuits, working on personal projects, engaging in studies and mind-opening activities, as well as spiritual practice. Mars is opposed by the Moon in your 3rd – petty squabbles with neighbors, siblings, or people in your local community are common. Small upsets during your commute and about town are commonplace.


The Moon is trining the Sun in your 4th house. You will find solace and peace with family members and people you live with. Home and family life provide more support and success. You may find sudden, brief agitation arising related to finances and money as Mars is activated by opposition in your 2nd house – don’t  take anything that comes up to seriously, as it will resolve itself on its own.


The Moon is activating the Sun in your 3rd house of local community and close personal networks. You will find a lot of success and good fortune out on the town today, embedded in the local village life. Sibling relationships are also supported and strengthened today. You may experience a lot of self-directed frustration and irritation as Mars is activated in your 1st. Don’t be too hard on yourself, and make sure not to push yourself too much today.

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