Daily Prediction for May 12 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon begins her journey through the sign of Libra today. While here, she promotes partnership, conversation, dialogue, and addressing issues and problems interpersonally. People are friendlier and more diplomatic.

Today the Moon forms a trine to Mercury in Gemini, which will greatly strengthen our mental and verbal faculties – speaking, reasoning, and problem-solving all become much more fruitful. She also forms an opposition to Jupiter in Aries, which can bring difficult but ultimately fruitful lessons from teachers and spirits.


Moving through your 7th house, the Libra moon will prioritize partnerships and romance for you today. One-on-one relationships will have a lot to offer you, and will balance our your individualistic, Aries-esque self.

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While the Moon trines Mercury in your 3rd house, you will find a lot of support and favor from people in your local community. The Jupiter opposition in your 1st indicates that you may receive some persona, hard lessons from people you respect, or may even make realistic, personal assessments about what you can improve. Either way, this alignment brings a lot of spiritual growth.


The Moon is moving through your 6th house today. This creates an atmosphere that prioritizes work and job-related tasks. You will have more responsibilities laid at your feet today.

While the Moon trines Mercury in your 2nd house, you will find some financial developments and progress with personal resources occurring. You will also receive new spiritual wisdom and insight through time that you spent in solitude today while the Moon opposes Jupiter.


The Moon has moved into your 5th house, opening up doorways for creativity, pleasure, and play. The muses speak loudly, and any Gemini’s engaged in artistic pursuits will find a lot of new inspiration coming today.

While the Moon opposes Jupiter in your 11th house, friends may have some stern but ultimately helpful input for you. The trine the Moon makes to Mercury in your 1st house will also provide a lot of insight and clarity about your self-identity and path in life.


The Moon has entered into your 4th house of home and family, placing a strong focus for you on relating to family members and people you live with. You will feel more home-bodied than usual today.

Jupiter is opposed in your 10th house – your career will see developments growth today, though it won’t always be smooth and easy due to the nature of the opposition. While Mercury is activated by trine in your 12th house, you may find new insight and wisdom coming to you through time spent in solitude committed to your personal process.


The Moon has moved into your 3rd house of local community, sibling relationships, and village life. You will spend more time out on the time investing in local relationships.

Jupiter is activated in your 9th house today. You will gain a lot of insight from spiritual practice and any activities you are devoted to that open the mind and expand your horizons. While the Moon trines Mercury in your 11th house, you will have good conversations and social exchanges with friends, allies, and coworkers.


The Moon has moved into your 2nd house. The noetic nature of the Moon in Libra will allow you to apply your mind towards managing your estate, making money, and gaining more mastery over your kingdom.

The Moon trines Mercury in your 10th house today. Career will be very busy, but also very fruitful. This is a good day for problem-solving at work. Jupiter is activated in your 8th as well – you will find spiritual wisdom and insight coming to you through some difficult lessons and confrontation of unconscious patterns and behaviors.


The Moon has entered into your 1st house, affording more opportunities for personal growth, inner clarity, and improved health. This is a good day to prioritize take care of yourself and meeting your own needs.

The Moon trines Mercury in your 9th house today. This is a good day for studies, research, and spiritual practice. Devote some time to expanding your consciousness today. While the Moon opposes Jupiter in your 7th, you may experience push-back from romantic partners and spouses, but the input they offer you will ultimately work in your favor.


The Moon is activating your 12th house of solitude and destabilization today. This can make the day feel chaotic and stressful. You may be very busy and feel you like are spending the whole day just trying to keep up.

The Moon trines Mercury in your 8th house today. The chaos of the 12th house Moon will allow you to excavate intrapersonal gems about your emotional process – you can heal and clear a lot today. Jupiter is also activated in your 6th house. You will have a busy day at work and be pushed to succeed by authority figures. You will be rewarded amply for your efforts.


The Moon is now moving through your 11th house. You will find a lot of good fortune and success with friends, allies, and coworkers. Other people will be able to help you a lot with your career today.

The Moon trine Mercury in your 7th house. You will be very conversational with romantic partners and one-on-one relationships today. Client-work is very supported as well. While Jupiter forms an opposition to the Moon from your 5th, you will gain new insights related to personal projects and creative pursuits, but they will be initially stern and come with an edge.


The Moon has moved into your 10th house of career, destiny, and reputation. You will have more opportunities to throw yourself into the tasks and jobs that are most important to you today. You will see a lot of career growth.

While the Moon trines Mercury in your 6th house, your job will be very busy and active, and you will exert a lot of mental effort today. The Moon also opposes Jupiter in your 4th house. Family members, people you live with, and people who are in general very close to you will have a lot of good input and abundance to offer you today, but due to the nature of the opposition it may rub you the wrong way at times.


The Moon is moving through your 9th house today, forming a grand air trine with your Sun-sign and Mercury in Gemini. You will have a lot of success through studies, creative pursuits, and personal spiritual practices today. The muses will speak loudly to you, and you will in general experience a lot of grace and ease today.

The Moon also opposes Jupiter in your 3rd house. You may experience small squabbles and petty disagreements with neighbors, siblings and people you live with. If you can work through the initial tension, Jupiter will ultimately use these people to provide you with wisdom, insight, and even abundance.


The Moon is moving through your 8th house today. Feelings of anxiety and generalized ennui are normal and nothing to worry about. You will find new spiritual insight common through the discomfort.

The Moon trines Mercury in your 4th house. You will have good conversation and connections with family members and people you live with. While Jupiter is opposed in your 2nd house, you may experience fleeting stress with finances that ultimately transforms into blessings and good fortune.

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