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Daily Prediction for May 14 2022

The Moon enters into the sign of Scorpio today, which is her fall. As a water sign, Scorpio places more emphasis on the emotive and intuitive realms. However, it oftentimes stirs up uncomfortable emotions and compels us to examine things in our lives that can be hard to look at. Sometimes events can arise that make life feel unstable.


The Moon has entered into your 8th house. While here, the Moon will make the atmosphere of your day much heavier and slower. The 8th house can also create anxiety and nervousness – you may have to do a lot of clearing and emotional releasing today.


The Moon has moved into your 7th house of spouses and partners. You will prioritize one-on-one relationships more today, and will spend more time developing relationships. Sometimes the interactions can stir up uncomfortable emotions and difficult thought patterns.


The Moon has entered into your 6th house today. You will engage in a lot of hard work and put a lot of effort in at your job or career. Along the way, challenge emotions and thought processes will come up for you to integrate.


Your 5th house has become activated by the Moon in Scorpio. Your energy will become wrapped up in personal projects and creative pursuits. This is a very good time for artistic inspiration, but the energy of Scorpio make the process of receiving that inspiration more challenging.


The Moon has entered into your 4th house today. You will spend more time prioritizing home and family life today. In the process, unconscious, buried emotions and thought patterns that need to be released may surface. This is a good day for healing old wounds.


The Moon has moved into your 3rd house of neighbors, siblings, and immediate surroundings. Your focus and attention will turn towards the affairs of your local community, either spending more time out on the town or interacting with other people. Due to the nature of the Scorpio Moon, not all these interactions will be easy.


The Moon has entered into your 2nd house today. Finances and personal resource will become much ore important today. With the Moon in Scorpio, you may have to make some very candid assessments and directed improvements to how you use your money.


Your 1st house has become activated by the Moon in Scorpio. This placement allows you to focus on personal health and self-development. This is a good day to take care of yourself and engage in as much inner reflection and processing as you desire.


The Moon has entered into your 12th house today. You may experience solitude and loneliness, and the Scorpionic nature of the Moon may stir up uncomfortable feelings in addition to the solitude. Like can feel chaotic at times today.



The Moon has moved into your 11th house of friends and coworkers. You will get a lot done today alongside other people in your life. You will find a lot of good fortune by spending time with friends and allies, though sometimes these interactions may make your independent, Capricornian nature feel uncomfortable and vulnerable.


The Moon has entered into your 10th house today. Mission and sense of purpose in life with clarify and strengthen today. You will find a lot of new growth coming into your career. The nature of the Scorpio Moon will cause some of this new transformation to be uncomfortable and stir up negative emotions, but it will ultimately be worth it.


Your 9th house has become activated by the Moon in Scorpio. This placement supports spiritual practice, studying and reading, or any other practice that opens up your mind and expands the boundaries of your awareness. With the Moon in Scorpio, you may experience some growing pains along side this expansion.

Matthew “Merlin” Kenney is a practicing traditional astrologer, a trained philosopher, and a translator of Ancient Greek and Sanskrit. He is a dedicated practitioner of astrological magic, meditation, Hatha Yoga, and Tai Chi.

As an academic and a scholar, he utilizes intellectual rigor to restore the worldview and astrological prowess of the ancient world and apply it to the modern day. As a spiritual practitioner and dedicated hermeticist, Matthew uses these techniques to guide his clients on their paths towards wholeness and spiritual flourishing.

Matthew runs the blog where he provides astrological predictions, as well as articles and webinars on astrology, philosophy, spiritual practice, and more. Matthew also offers natal, horary, and electional readings to his students and clients.

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