Daily Prediction for May 3 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Today the Moon moves further through the sign of Gemini. While here, focusses our energy and attention on reasoning, discourse, and the use of the linear mind. Today, she will form a square to Mars in Pisces, which can aggravate and intensity people’s emotions and moods. People’s tempers will be shorter today.


Today, Mars is activated by square in your 12th house. This kind of aspect can be destabilizing and isolating, and you may experience several stressful situations today that try and keep you off course. Make sure to move mindfully and slowly today, as it will be very easy to act impulsively.


As Mars is activated by square in your 11th house of friends, you may experience friends, coworkers, and partner disagreement with you and challenging you. However, as Mars is in a water sign, the stressful situations that arise will create a lot of persona growth and inner clarity.

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The Moon squares Mars in your 10th house, so matters related to work, career, and reputation will become agitated. This alignment generally indicates stressful situations at work. However, it also pushes people to succeed and accomplish quite a bit. Your energy reserves and endurance can develop a lot.


School and travel can both cause a lot of emotional upsets and turbulence today as the Moon squares Mars in your 9th. Anything that you are currently studying may cause agitation – in general, schoolwork and personal spiritual practice can be triggering today.


The Moon squares Mars in your 8th house. This can make people feel stuck and trapped. It contributes to feelings of anxiety, especially for Leos who have a lot to do and a lot that they want to accomplish. However, this is a good alignment for meditation and spiritual practice, especially using those skills to uncover and heal past wounds and traumas.


As the Moon will activate Mars in your 7th house by square, romantic relationships and close partners will frustrate you and cause aggravation. Disagreements and tension with people close to you are common during this period. This is a bad day for romance and intimacy.


The Moon squares Mars in your 6th house. You will continue to learn lessons related to hard work, discipline, and responsibility today, in keeping with the lessons coming from all the planets that have been transiting through Pisces the past few weeks. You will begin integrating new capacities for work and for pushing yourself.


The Moon-Mars square will be happening in your 5th house today. This alignment can create stress an aggravation when you’re just trying to enjoy yourself. Activities done just for fun – reading, writing, artistic pursuits, etc. – tend to be more frustrating than anything else.


While the Moon continues her journey through Gemini today, she will activate Mars in your 4th house. This will create stressful situations and tension at home and with people you live with. The water-sign nature of Mars right now ensures that any interpersonal drama that arises can be sorted out in an intuitive, emotionally intelligent way.


The Moon activates Mars by square in your 3rd house. Local community and people you live around can cause aggravation. Petty quarrels with neighbors and siblings are common, but extremely fleeting and ephemeral. Your local commute and time spent out on the town will bring frustration.


As Mars is activated by square in your 2nd house, financial stressors may arise today. You may be given a lot of responsibility and tasks to do today. This placement will ultimately provide a lot of stimulus to get you to bring necessary changes into this part of your life. The work you do will ultimately pay off.


The Moon will square Mars in your 1st house of self. This can create a lot frustration and irritation with yourself.  Emotional fluctuations and some volatility are common with this alignment, as Mars stirs up stagnant emotions to be processed and cleared. Though uncomfortable at times, the fire that Mars will bring to your life is very valuable, as it can encourage your gentler, Piscean self to make changes that would otherwise be uncomfortable.

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