Daily Prediction for May 31 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon finishes her stay in the discursive, social sign of Gemini today. Our priorities will continue to remain in the world of language, communication, and rational discourse.

The Moon forms an air trine to Saturn in Aquarius today. Whenever Saturn becomes activated, there are roadblocks, obstacles, and the pace a life becomes a little slower and ponderous. However, the nature of the trine and the fact that Saturn is essentially dignified in Aquarius indicates that these challenges will ultimately turn into something very fruitful.


While the Moon trines Saturn in your 11th house, your relationships with friends and coworkers may feel blocked, stifled, and awkward. Conversation and relating with other people can be challenging. This alignment is trying to teaching you harder lessons today that will ultimately make you a more social, friendly person.

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The Moon trines Saturn in your 10th house. Work and career will feel heavy and blocked today. Career and sense of purpose may feel constructed and dampened. At work, things won’t go the way you think it should today, but you’ll ultimately be happier because of it.


As Saturn is activated in your 9th by trine, the pace of your travel and studies will be slower today. The practices that you engage in to open your mind and expand your consciousness will feel blocked and stuck. This is an alignment in which doors close and opportunities come to and end, but allowing them to end other opportunities will come in to take their place.


Saturn is activated in your 8th house. This can create tension and anxiety, as well as an overactive mind that can start racing unnecessarily. It is harder to sink into a sense of flow and alignment with your surroundings. Ultimately, this stuckness is just slowing you down so that you can receive something better than what you are currently pursuing.


The Moon activates Saturn in your 7th house of partnerships and relationships. Spouses and partners will get in your way, and romance will be disagreeable. Doors will close today, but Saturn will ultimately open up brighter, better doors after you let these ones go. In the long run, your relationships and modes of interacting with other people will improve tremendously.


Saturn is activated in your 6th house of hard work, duty, and responsibility today. You will find doors closing and opportunities not working out at work. You may have more asked of you, and be given more responsibility today as well. The work that you do today will teach you a great deal of character and provide you with a lot of personal growth. You will receive noticeable returns for the work you do today.


Saturn is activated in your 5th house by the Moon today, so you may experience challenges and struggles with relaxing and enjoying yourself today. Creative pursuits are blocked and stifled, and you may have to release attachments to things that you are working on so that they can develop in a different direction. Don’t be too attached to results.


The Moon trines Saturn in your 4th house. Home life may be tense and closed off today. There can be awkwardness and obstructions to relating with people you live with. Ultimately, Saturn will bring you a lot of improvements to your home and living situation in the long-term by working through these issues today.


The Moon forms a trine Saturn in your 3rd house. You will find obstacles and challenges arising related to local community and immediate surroundings. Your mundane, day-to-day schedule will feel stifled and dull. Disagreements with neighbors and siblings are common. As Saturn obstructs these topics in your life today, you will ultimately find other benefits coming from unexpected places.


Saturn is activated in your 2nd, pointing towards stressors and obstacles arising related to finances. This indicates blocks and stuckness to your financial situation and the management of your resources and dominion. This alignment can indicate a lot of mundane work that ultimately makes you much more grounded, solid, and stable in your life.


The Moon trines Saturn in your 1st house. You may feel anxiety and stress today. Self-awareness can feel blocked, and fogginess may develop at times too. You may feel disconnected from yourself at times. Saturn is pointing out aspects of yourself that are no longer in service to you. Ultimately, Saturn will help you to release an image of yourself today that is not serving you.


While Saturn is activated in your 12th house, your day may feel chaotic and agitated. You can feel disconnected from you environment. Solitude is more common with this alignment, but Saturn will use this energetic to provide you with more spiritual insight and wisdom. You can reach deep nondual states in your spiritual practice once the chaos starts to wind down.

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