Daily Prediction for May 5 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon begins her journey through Cancer today. Because the Moon rules Cancer, this is very auspicious. People become kinder and more agreeable, and emotional intelligence increases. People’s needs are provided for more easily. Dreams and intuitions become much clearer and more vivid.

The Moon forms a square to Venus today. Troubles arise regarding relationships and friendships. As Venus is in detriment in Aries, arguments can be common. People’s desires can become disconnected from reality.


Your energy and focus will turn towards matters of home and family as the Moon moves into your 4th house. Family members will be more supportive of you, and you will feel more comfortable at home in general.

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While the Moon squares Venus in your 1st house, you may find your desires distracting you. Women in your life may respond negatively to your own fiery impulses.


Local community and immediate personal relationships are greatly supported today as the Moon moves into your 3rd house. You will find a lot of support in any time that you spend being social and with friends.

While the Moon squares Venus in your 12th house, you will find success and good fortune coming to you in solitude.


Resources and money matters will become a priority today as the Moon moves into your 2nd house. You will devote a lot of time to mastering your domain and managing your resources. Work can be very successful today.

While the Moon squares Venus in your 11th house, you may experience fleeting disagreements amongst friendships, particularly from women.


As the essentially dignified Moon moves into your 1st house of identity, self, and health, good fortune and favor will come to you today. This is a good day to prioritize self-care and personal practice.

While she squares Venus in your 10th, you will find success and good fortune coming from work after much strain, stress, and effort. Disagreements are common.


You will experience more solitude today as the Moon moves into your 12th house. Sometimes the day can be chaotic and have a frantic, rapid feeling-tone, so it will be beneficial for you to prioritize taking care of yourself.

As the Moon squares Venus who has just moved into your 9th house, you will find stressful situations and disagreements arising with other people related to any travelling or studying you are currently doing. The frenzy that develops will ultimately bring a lot of forward momentum and positive development, even if it is stressful at first.


Friendships and communities flourish tremendously as the Moon moves through her essential dignity in Cancer in your 11th house. Bonds between companions and coworkers strengthen.

While Venus in your 8th house is squared to the Moon, you will find some events arising that trigger anxiety and fear. The frantic nature of Venus in Aries can agitate the Virgoan individual who prefers something more stable.


The Moon has entered in your 10th house, making career and reputation much more important to you today. Your sense of mission and purpose will clarify, and you will find support and success at the workplace.

While Venus squares the Moon from your 7th house, you may find sharpness and disagreements coming from romantic figures. Ultimately, the relationships will become more fruitful – they just need to go through a small calcination process.


You will find great support and success from your studies and spiritual practices as the Moon moves into your 9th house. This is an excellent day to prioritize activities that broaden your horizons and expand your consciousness.

While the Moon squares Venus your 6th house, you will find disagreements and stressful situations arising at work, but the challenges will ultimately lead to success and good fiscal fortune.


The Moon has entered into your 8th house, creating feelings of stillness and slowness in the energetic atmosphere that may be uncomfortable to your more yang, fiery self. This alignment can cause anxiety and difficult emotions to arise that would otherwise remain hidden behind your Sagittarian self.

While here, she will square Venus in your 5th house. Pet projects and creative pursuits will cause a lot of aggravation and stress, instead of the enjoyment that they normally would. But you will still put some time into them, and find some kind of reward coming from them.


As the Moon moves into your 7th house of romance and relationships, you will find yourself prioritizing the closest relationships in your life, and receiving a lot in return for doing so.

The Moon also forms a T-square with Venus in the 4th. Your home and living situation will cause some stress and aggravation, but it will ultimately uncover something that needs to be resolved.


The Moon has moved into your 6th house of work and labor – you will find yourself with a lot of work to do today, but the essential dignity of the Moon here guarantees that you receive a lot of success and compensation for your effort.

Venus is in square to the Moon from your 3rd house. Small disagreements and squabbles are common with neighbors, siblings, and people you live around. You may find good fortune coming to you from people in your local community, but only after you work through some hurdles and difficult interactions in order to get it.


The muses and graces are awakened in your life today as the Moon moves through her rulership in your 5th house of artistic inspiration, pleasure, and play. People who engage in creative or artistic pursuits will find a lot of success and favor today.

The Moon squares Venus in your 2nd house today. Financial stress can develop today, but it will be very transient. Don’t be too impulsive with how you use your money.

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