Daily Prediction for May 8 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon continues her journey through the sign of Leo today, continue to bring more solar spontaneity, energy, and enthusiasm to our lives. Today, she forms a square to the Sun, which indicates general tension between our own agendas and the world’s agenda. Minor, consistent upsets and obstacles are common. The difficulties that arise, when worked through, tend to bring clarity more control and stability into one’s life.


The Sun is activated by Square in your 2nd house. This can create troubles with money and frustrating yet temporary experiences related to work and financial situation. As you solve the issues that arise for you today, you will be rewarded with more control and mastery over your personal kingdom.

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The Moon squares the Sun in your 1st house. You will question your identity and your perception of yourself today. You will let go of old images that no longer serve you, and release deeper aspects of the ego and false sense of self. They will be replaced by more helpful and accurate self-identity later on.


The Moon is squaring the Sun in  your 12th house today. Solitary experiences will be common today, and you will get some of your best work done on your own. This alignment can bring up destabilizing experiences that make you feel stuck in life, but the feelings of stuckness will highlight patterns and behaviors to change.


The Moon is activating the Sun in your 11th house today. You may find brief tension, struggles, and disagreements occurring with friends and allies. As you work through the relationships, you will ultimately find more support and deeper connections with your friends meeting you on the other side.


The Sun receives the square from the Moon in your 10th house of career. You will find more insight and clarity coming to you about your purpose today, as well as a deeper understanding of what you want out of life. However, you may find that work and job-related activities are more stressful and less smooth than usual.


The Sun has been activated in your 9th house by a square from the Moon. This is a good day for studies and research, and especially for engaging in any practical activities that would broaden your horizons and expand your consciousness. However, you may run into some obstacles that make you work for that knowledge.


The Moon squares the Sun in your 8th house today. Problems can arise that make you feel stuck, weighed down, and idle. It can be difficult to accomplish anything today; instead, you may just feel like you’re in the doldrums at times. However, when the Sun is in your 8th house it can shine a light on deeper, unconscious issues that you wouldn’t be aware of otherwise.


Your Sun placement forms a T-square with the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Leo. You may find agitation and stress coming to you today from relationships and romantic partnerships. People you are close to may challenge you more than you are used to. You will ultimately learn a lot of helpful lessons from one-on-one relationships.


The moon is forming a square to the Sun in your 6th house today. You have a lot of work ahead of you today, and you may be expected to shoulder more responsibilities than you are used to. Ultimately, the Sun will reward you for your efforts and provide you with a lot of clarity and self-awareness after you complete your work.


The Sun is activated by square in your 5th house. You will have success in creative pursuits and personal projects and tasks you have at work. While the square will create initial obstacles and frustrations to making any progress, the Muses will ultimately be able to speak to you quite a bit today.


Your Sun forms a T-square with the Moon in Leo in your 7th and the Sun in your 4th. While in your 4th house of home and family, the Sun will create minor obstacles and upsets with familial relationships or any connections with the people at your home. The issues that arise will ultimately lead to greater communication and group flourishing for everyone involved.


The Moon is squaring the Sun in your 3rd house of local community and close personal networks. Challenges and petty issues will arise in your immediate circles and communities and social circles. Small squabbles and disagreements with siblings and neighbors are common. They will ultimately create more closeness and connection with the people involved, and you will understand your place in the world much more as a result.

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