Daily Prediction for May 9 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon completes her celestial circuit through the temple of Apollo today, and the bright, emotive lunar season of Leo will give way to the pragmatic logic of Virgo.

What better overture to this Virgo period than the opposition to the dignified Saturn in his own sign of Aquarius. This dull, chill planet will smother and dampen our emotive Leonine illumination with melancholy, unclarity and ennui. Roadblocks, obstacles, and delays abound throughout the day.


Saturn is activated in your 11th house of friends and allies today. This will create tension and disagreements between yourself and your friends. Coworking relationships can experience a lot of agitation and blockages to clear communication. Ultimately it will create necessary interpersonal shifts in your life that serve you well.

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The Moon is opposing Saturn in your 10th house today, forming a T-square with your Sun. Career-growth will feel stunted today. You may feel discouraged with where your are in life, stuck and upset with what your next steps are. Just be patient – your career is in a putrefaction period which, though uncomfortable, will ultimately take you where you really want to go.


The Moon forms an opposition to Saturn in your 9th house today. Studies, research, and any consciousness-expanding or mind-opening activities or hobbies you are engaged in will fall flat and feel unfruitful. You may feel blocked in your question for new knowledge and new understanding at times today, and you may find yourself putting one study or interest down in favor of another.


The Moon opposes Saturn in your 8th house today. The mind can become very agitated and anxious. There can be generalized feelings of fear and concern that are often baseless. Sometimes dreams and one’s own emotional process can carry shadowy, unconscious undertones. If you pay attention, you will learn something important to clear it.


Saturn is activated in your 7th house of spouses, partners, and clients. Your personal relationships will cause stress and anxiety, making this a bad day for romance all around. You may feel discouraged by people who are close to you.. You will ultimately make some valuable assessments about your habits and behaviors in relationships.


The Moon is forming an opposition to Saturn in your 6th house today. Work will feel slowed down and bogged down. You may have to shoulder more responsibilities and exert more effort. In doing so, you will find good rewards for your efforts, and may find yourself re-evaluating dynamics at the workplace for your own ultimate benefit.


Saturn is activated by opposition in your 5th house. You will have blocks and obstacles in creative pursuits and personal projects and tasks you have at work. Pleasurable and leisurable activities outside of work will feel lackluster. You may feel lacking in inspiration today as well, as you ultimately let go of some interest you have that does not really suit you.


Your Sun forms a T-square with the Moon in Leo in your 10th and Saturn in your 4th. Saturn will create disagreements and upsets with familial relationships or any connections with the people at your home. However, in engaging in these difficult dynamics, you will ultimately find healthier dynamics and relationship emerging amongst these people in your life.


The Moon is forming an opposition to Saturn in your 6th house today. You have a lot of work ahead of you today, and you may be expected to shoulder more responsibilities than you are used to. Ultimately, Saturn will reward you for your efforts and provide you with a lot of clarity and self-awareness after you complete your work.


Saturn is activated by opposition in your 2nd house. This can create troubles with money and persistent, background issues related to your financial situation can rear up again. As you solve the issues that arise for you today, you will ultimately releases something that gets in the way of your master over your domain.


The Moon opposes Saturn in your 1st house. An old and false sense of self will die off today. You may find the experience to be quite disagreeable at certain points, but you will release insidious, persistent falsehoods that aren’t useful to you in the process. This process will make space in your life for more useful things to take up residence.


The Moon is opposing Saturn in your 12th house today. When activated like this, Saturn can cause a lot of chaos and confusion. You may feel alone at times today throughout this process as well. Saturn is putting you through a trial that will ultimately strengthen your spirit and refine your character.

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