Daily Predictions for May 7 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon leaves her tranquil home of Cancer today and moves into the fiery, passionate, and theatrical, sign out Leo today. People become more extroverted and expressive. Everyone will be given more energy to act and work their will in the world today.

The Moon sextiles Mercury in Gemini and trines Venus in Leo today. Speech, conversation, and dialogue are all strengthened. Working with other people will be easier. Problem-solving and decisions made through dialogue and discourse will be very successful.


The Moon has moved into your 5th house, placing a strong focus for you on creativity, pleasure, and play today. You will be able to devote your time and energy towards personal projects and interests, and find a lot of support from other people in doing so.

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Mercury is activated in your 3rd house, and Venus is activated in your 9th. You will find a lot of support from other people for what you choose to focus on today. With Venus activated in your 9th, studies and spiritual practices will also offer you good fortune today.


The Moon has moved into your 4th house, placing a strong focus for you on home and family. You will be spending more time at your house, and engaged in conversation with family members and other people who are very important to you.

Mercury is activated in your 2nd house of finances – you will make useful, important financial decisions today. Venus is activated in your 12th which points towards a quieter, more solitary day today.


The Moon has ingressed into your 3rd house of community and local networks. Current relationships with people around you will deepen and strengthen. You may make new connections and new friendships too.

The Moon activates Mercury in your 1st house of self. Your sense of self and self-identity will clarify. You will learn something new about how to take care of yourself. Venus is also activated in your 11th house – you can expect support to come to you through friendships today.


The Moon is lighting up your 2nd house, putting a focus on resources and financial management for you this day. Positive developments with money and managing one’s own resource and estate are common with this alignment.

The Moon also forms a sextile to Mercury in your 12th and a trine to Venus in your 10th. Both of these alignments may stir up anxiety and cause a little chaos and confusion, especially at work. The positive nature of the aspects and planets involved will ensure that everything works out for the best.


The Moon has moved into your 1st house of self and health. This brings tremendous good fortune and growth. Personal awareness and self of self develops quite strongly. You will gain more insight about who you truly are and what you really want out of life.

The Moon sextiles Mercury in your 11th house – expect good conversation and dialogue with friends. Coworkers will be agreeable. She also trines Venus in your and a trine to Venus in your 9th house. You will gain new insights and deepen your knowledge today. This is a good day for spiritual practice too.


Activating your 12th house, this Leo moon may create a lot of hubbub and anxiety that is uncomfortable for your Virgoan, grounded, even-keeled self. You may have a chaotic and somewhat destabilizing day ahead of you.

Mercury is activated in your 10th house, indicating that career success is on the horizon despite the difficulties with the Moon and Venus. Similarly, Venus is activated in your 8th house, which can compound anxiety and fears of losing control.


The Moon is lighting up your 11th house of friends and allies. You will be more social and much more connected with people you care about today. Coworking relationships with run smoothly, and you can get a lot done at work today alongside other people.

Sextiling Mercury in your 9th house, you will find yourself learning more information and deepening your studies. Venus is also activated by trine in your 7th, bringing support and grace to you from positive, supportive relationships and close friends.


The Moon has moved into your 10th house of career, purpose, and reputation. The active, fiery Leo Moon will drive you to work hard and ultimately succeed at your career today. Your sense of purpose and mission with clarify.

The Moon sextiles Mercury in your 8th house – your mind may become overactivated and agitated today. Don’t let it distract you from what really matters. Venus is activated in your 6th – this also points to hard work today, but ultimate rewards and good fortune coming from them.


Lighting up your 9th house, this Leo moon will bring renewed enthusiasm and excitement for studying, learning, travelling, or doing anything that expands your horizons and opens your mind. You will find a lot of good fortune and success in your spiritual practice today.

Mercury is activated in your 7th house. Conversations will abound with romantic partners and one-on one relationships. Venus is activated in your 5th house – this is a good day for creative pursuits too.


The Moon is in your 8th of fear, anxiety, and loss. You may get easily stressed out and overwhelmed by this activating, fiery Moon. This stirs things up much more than is comfortable for your Capricornian nature.

Sextiling Mercury in your 6th house, you may be pushed to work hard and expend a lot of effort today. Venus is activated in your 4th house too. Your respite from stress and work will come from home and family this day.


The Moon has moved into your 7st house of romance and romantic relationships. Your partners and close friends will be much more important to you today. You will spend a lot of time with them and get a lot out of it in return.

The Moon sextiles Mercury in your 5th house. This is a good day to brainstorm new creative projects and apply your mind towards personal interests. Hobbies and pastimes will see positive developments. The Moon also trines Venus in your 3rd house – you will find support from local community today in addition to partners.


Activating your 6th house, this Leo moon may create a lot of hard work and stress at your job that pushes you out of your comfort zone. You will, however, also find the strength and energy that you need in order to accomplish everything asked of you today.

Mercury is activated in your 4th house of home and family. Much of your mental energy when not at work will be directed towards dialoguing and engaging with people at your home. While Venus is activated by trine in your 12th house, you will find comfort and good fortune in solitude, when you are not at work or speaking with people at home.

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