New Moon May 30th in Gemini – The Twins are in the Driving Seat Davina Mackail

New Moon in Gemini June 6

New moon at 9-10 degrees of airy Gemini on Monday 30th. The reverberations of eclipse season ricochet off the cosmic pin ball machine as this lunar renewal brings in a breath of fresh air.  Closing the eclipse cycle this moon reveals the green shoots of what our future holds. You’ll feel the energy shift – as the total lunar eclipse severed what no longer serves your highest purpose.  As further waves of awakening wash over you, tune into your breath, the wind, self-expression, language.  Use it as a gift to all those with ears to hear.  So let’s see more about the New Moon May 30th in Gemini!

The Symbol of this New Moon

A Gemini moon has a lot to say.  Its twin symbol is key – this is an internal AND external dialogue.  This sign rules self-talk, the monkey mind, the incessant internal chatter.  It also rules ideas, stories, information and communication.  The greater cosmic push is towards mastery of our thinking.  As we believe so we see.  Gemini’s insatiable thirst for knowledge, like the air everywhere and nowhere, has the tendency to become side-tracked, distracted and scattered. Linked to social media, Twitter epitomises Gemini’s Mercurial ruler spouting off for the sheer curiosity of what response may be provoked. Watch the obsessive phone scrolling with this moon. 

We need to consciously focus on what we’re choosing to create in these pivotal moments of human evolution.  The Mercurial twin’s energy can create mental schisms. We can sense, smell, even taste, the new horizons yet we don’t have all, or even some of the answers yet. Where are the new ideas bubbling up? Where do you feel clear and strong? What new stories do you want to create? The tendency will be to overthink. The way through is to let go, let it flow.  Observe how you manage your mind.

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New Moon May 30th in Gemini

Gemini also rules our playful natures.  Get curious. Play. Explore. Learn. Discover. What empowers your youthfulness?  Who do you want to be when you grow up? Feel this essence of youth, vital life force, in the body. Feel its power to regenerate and rejuvenate with every new breath. Keep it light. Saturn is still applying pressure.  Square to Mercury, it asks us to think first, act second. Thought precedes matter. Jupiter and Neptune, have it figured out if you can slow down long enough to hear their message.  In the 3D realm this tight square brings more censorship and gagging of the truth. Issues with voting systems and continued cyber chaos. Equally it provokes more social media backlash.

That bustling, busy, energy is exacerbated by Mars returning home to Aries. This igniting of cosmic fighter planes is contradicted by the go slow pull of Mercury in Taurus continuing its retrograde path until June 3/4th. It’s forcing us to slow down the mental frequencies.  We’ll find it hard to make quick decisions.  Instead use the energy for some deep contemplation and reflection.  Mercury is trine Pluto – the power of influence.  What is influencing your mind right now? As we interact with others, we merge thought forms. Are yours empowering you? Are you empowering others?  It is a contradictory, tricksy, active yet contemplative energy.  We need time to process.  Take that time, despite the inner urge, there’s no rush. Instead investigate what will really work for you.  

Become embodied.

With our over adrenalized nervous systems spouting endless mental sparks ground back into Taurus.  Become embodied.  Feel the feels through the tissue of your physical being.  Overwhelmed? Pull back into your body consciousness, get practical. What feels grounded and embodied?  Allow germination of the inner seeds until Mercury goes forward.  As our winged messenger moves away from Saturn next week clarity comes.  Mercury has support from Neptune, to see beyond the obvious and the known.  You don’t have to be certain, but you do have to trust the inner ‘yes’.  

The Sabian symbol for 10 degrees Gemini is – ‘an aeroplane falling’.  It can seem ill aspected yet it challenges us to test the fundamental force of 3D life – Gravity.  Are you brave enough to go beyond yourself? To truly face death?  We may lose (Boris Johnson?), yet the attempt, the possibility, the scent of success is what drives us.  What drives you? Doubt is more damaging to our psyches than fear.  2022 is a year of decision.  Who are you? Why are you here? Buckle up, summon the life force, take the nosedive and defy gravity. 

Planets can become fanatical.

Mars is conjunct Jupiter in Aries during this moon.  Its energy pushes you to surge forward, take action.  It’s fiery, expansive, volatile and takes no prisoners. With emotions running high, especially anger, Mars and Jupiter can become fanatical. Watch your obsessive potential. Aries invokes passion, freshness, new initiatives. Jupiter in Aries loves finding a cause to fight for.  Just ensure it’s one that aligns with the truth of you.

Jupiter, Mars and Chiron are all partying in Aries creating this impulsive, inspired energy.  We can use it to experience quantum leaps in understanding and personal healing.  Chiron activates our insecurities. That victim part of us that says ‘I can’t……(do whatever it is we want to do for whatever reason we are creating’).  Where do you need to be more independent? The strong ‘Yes’ energy says go for it. But Gemini’s ruler Mercury is still retrograde so take it slow. Reflect. Consider.  Contemplate before rushing in where Angels fear to tread.

Jupiter is also crossing this axis point ramping up the shock and revelation factor.

All month Uranus is in hard axis to the world axis.  Shocking events continue – what more can I say? It’s the nature of this cosmic trickster to brings us into balance by paradoxically knocking us sideways.  Jupiter is also crossing this axis point ramping up the shock and revelation factor.

Venus (love and money), Saturn (patriarchal control and time), Mars (initiating warrior) and Neptune (imagination and dreams) have currently returned home. Resting in their natural residences gives rise to a feeling of rightness and empowered choices.  It makes life feel easier to trust.  There is a significant cosmic shift in what our planet is currently receiving.  Something deeply influential is coming through – are you in alignment with what life wants to live through you?

With Gemini’s ruler Mercury aspected by every outer planet there is hurricane of information downloading onto the planet. What do I choose? What will work? What won’t? This push/ pull energy can be paralysing. The bigger picture cannot emerge until we process it through the personal.  Mercury finds the magic in the mundane. The answers in the minutiae, the everyday. Until we change it won’t change.  Links and patterns are emerging.  We’re discovering new ways of communicating.  It’s time to say it like it is. Speak your truth with conviction, depth and power.  

step into the truth!

Mars and Venus coming home is sexy, powerful and juicy.  It requires us to step into the truth of ourselves – to embody the sacred alchemical marriage of our inner twins, the masculine and feminine within.  The yang and the yin. The doing and the being. Can you show up as your true authentic self?  Is it enough? Is it ok for? You’re not here to please anyone. You’re here to serve your purpose – your unique piece of the collective human design. Use the sword of Gemini’s sharp tongue to make your thoughts clear.  The masculine penetrates. It cuts, clears and hacks, bringing structure and clarity. In this cleared space the feminine can crack open and reveal, life’s delicious inner mystery.  

To navigate this moon, read the wind.  As the winds of change blow through is it an ill wind? Or do you have the wind in your sails?  Are you full of hot air? Or like a breath of fresh air? Mercury and Gemini are ruled by the air element. Our breath is under our conscious and unconscious control – if we commit to mindful breathing we can balance the excessive mental stress of Mercury.

Handling more possibilities all at once!

Busy, busy, more, more. Chores, words, organisation. Multidimensional downloads, intergalactic messages, multi-tasking master classes.  Luckily Gemini can handle endless possibilities at once.  Use its power to clear the deck.  Delayed gratification can be an overlooked superpower.  Practise consistency.  A five-minute daily habit hits, a once-a-month guilt binge, out of the ballpark.  Get friendly with the air element. Prioritise time for daily breath or meditation practise.  

Pluto, in the last few degrees of Capricorn until 2024, is dealing with the death throes of our old, outmoded structures. Kill off the fear and focus on the good, the kindness, the love. Especially with those we don’t agree with! It’s juicy this new energy. There’s a deep rightness and finality to it.  Practise mindfulness and presence.  Learn, explore, discover, invent.  With presence all can be manifested divinely.  Revisit and renew your intentions. Each new moon, as each new breath, gives us the chance to begin again. Focus on what you want to create. Be unrelenting in this arena. Mars has moved into Aries giving us all a rocket fuelled kick start. Gemini wants to tell the world but with its ruler still retro, cool the jets at least long enough to fine check the small print.  Wishing you all infinite new moon love.

New Moon Gemini Ritual

Davina Mackail

What better ritual for our Mercurial New Moon than a set of probing questions to deepen into.  Set sacred space for yourself, prepare your journal, get comfortable, make time to really explore the questions – the answers may surprise you.  They will certainly guide you towards more of what you love and less of what you don’t.

  • What would both your nine-year-old and 90-year-old self-feel good to have achieved?
  • What’s important to you? I mean what do you REALLY care about? And what else is important to you?…and what else?
  • What does your perfect day look like? (Do this for a working and non-working day)
  • If you could change something about the world, what would it be?
  • If you could invent something to solve a problem what would it be?
  • What kind of people do you feel good surrounded by?  Who do you simply love to hang out with?
  • As the coffin lid closes on your long and healthy life what would you regret not having done?
  • What kind of person do you want to show up as? What do you want people to say at your funeral?  Write your own epitaph for fun and keep it close as a guiding Star.

Revisit whenever you feel called.  Are the answers the same? Have they changed as you change?

So mote it be…..

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