Daily Prediction for June 1 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon begins her journey through the gentle tide of Cancer, where the emotional and intuitive lives in all of us become the priority. People become much more connected with their emotions and inner states. Dreams strengthen. As this is the moon’s own place of rulership, this is generally considered to be an auspicious placement.

Today the Moon activates the Mars-Jupiter conjunction by square. People’s desires will intensify and people will become very attached to their own agendas. Sudden spiritual insight and clarity can be common but feel extremely activating and overwhelming.

The Moon also forms a sextile to Venus in Taurus – this alignment makes people friendlier and much more considerate of each other. The arts flourish, and the voice of the muses becomes much easier to hear for creative types.

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While the Moon squares Jupiter and Mars in your 1st house, you will experience a lot of sudden developments regarding your sense of self and self-identity. You can make a lot of positive, rapid changes in your life, but you can also burn out by moving too quickly.

Venus is activated in your 2nd house. This brings positive financial developments and material success. You will feel more stable in your life today.


While the Moon squares Mars and Jupiter in your 12th house, you will find new insight and spiritual growth coming to you from solitude, though you may have to work through some chaos and instability in order to receive it.

Venus in Taurus receives a sextile from the Moon – this fills your first house of self and health with the blessings and good fortune of the Goddess of Love. Positive improvements to health and self-identity are common.


While the Moon squares Mars and Jupiter in your 11th house, friendships provide a lot of support, and you can work well with coworkers today. You will learn a lot from friends, though the fiery nature of this alignment may rub you the wrong way at times.

Venus is activated by sextile in your 12th house – make sure to spend at least a little time alone today, dedicated to your own process, as Venus will give you a lot of worthwhile benefits as a result.


While the Moon squares Mars and Jupiter in your 10th, you will find success and good fortune coming from work with some stress, and effort. Career can see a lot of growth, but the pace can be very uncomfortable at times.

Venus receives a sextile from the Moon in your 11th house. Friendships will also be a source of support and strength today.


As the Moon squares Mars and Jupiter in your 9th house, you will experience a lot of sudden developments and transformation to your areas of study and spiritual practice. Travelling is supported. The pace of this alignment can be so quick and sudden that it can be easy to overheat and burn yourself out.

Venus is sextiled in your 10th. Career and purpose-related matters in your life will see a small boost today.


While Mars and Jupiter in your 8th house are squared to the Moon, events and circumstances will arise that trigger fear and anxiety. This frenetic alignment can trigger and exacerbate your methodical Virgoan sensibilities, but you will ultimately find a lot of healing coming as a result.

The Moon sextiles Venus in your 9th house. You will that your personal studies and things that you are learning right now will afford you a nice break from the 8th house-related stress.


While Mars and Jupiter square the Moon from your 7th house, romantic figures, spouses, and partners will offer you a lot of growth and help to broaden your horizons today. However, in Aries these two planets will cause more impulsiveness and spontaneity than you are normally comfortable with.

Venus is sextiled in your 8th house. This is a good day for journeying and emotional alchemy – as it will be easier and fruitful than usual.


While the Moon squares Mars and Jupiter your 6th house, you will find disagreements and stressful situations arising at work. However, these challenges will also bring compensation and rewards for your effort. Leadership and increased drive and determination at your workplace are common too.

The Moon sextiles Venus in your 7th house – this is a good day for romance and engaging with potential romantic figures. Marriages and partnerships are also greatly supported today.


While here, she will square Mars and Jupiter in your 5th house. There will be a lot of forward movement and positive developments with personal projects and your creative process. The developments will be fast-paced and sudden.

Venus is activated by sextile in your 6th house. You will have hard work ahead of you today, but you will receive ample rewards for the effort you expend.


The Moon also forms squares with Mars and Jupiter in the 4th. Your home and living situation will see positive developments today too, though they will be sudden and somewhat abrasive at times.

Venus is sextiled in your 5th house. This is a good day to work on personal projects and focus on personal passion projects.


Mars and Jupiter are in square to the Moon from your 3rd house. You will see sudden growth and positive changes – especially of the financial and business variety – alongst your local community. People in your immediate networks will support you a lot today.

Venus is activated in your 4th house – you will find good fortune and positive connections with people that you live with and family members today.


The Moon squares Mars and Jupiter in your 2nd house today. Financial developments and positive growth to financial situation come with this alignment. You can expect to get a lot more control over your financial situation.

The Moon sextiles Venus in your 3rd house. Local community will provide you with good fortune. This is a good day to spend out on the town, keeping good relationships with other people.

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