Daily Prediction for June 12 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon finishes her journey in the sign of Scorpio today. The emotional realm continues to receive the most attention in our lives. Work and other mundane matters don’t function as effectively.

Today the Moon opposes Mercury and Venus in Taurus. This will create difficulties with communication, as well as frustrated desires. Misunderstandings and interpersonal friction are both common.


The Moon opposes Mercury and Venus in your 2nd house of finances and resources. Difficulties and challenges related to finances today will surface, and it will be easy to make minor mistakes or pursue desires that aren’t going to help you. Don’t do anything impulsive, and you will find better ways to use your resources as a result.

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The Moon activates Mercury and Venus in your 1st house of self. Confusion can arise related to personal identity, and you can start desiring things for yourself that won’t actually serve you at all. This alignment will ultimately allow you to release desires and self-images that aren’t useful to you anymore.


Venus and Mercury are activated in your 12th house via an opposition from the Moon. This can make for a wild ride today, with all kinds of desires, ideas, and perceptions pulling at you from all sides. Backlash can occur if you act on them, so just take it easy today and focus on whatever needs to be accomplished in your life.


Mercury and Venus are opposed by the Moon, lighting up your 11th house. Misunderstandings and disagreements with friends are common and to be expected. Friends and coworkers may try to pull you in the wrong direction today, so make sure that other people’s desires are truly in alignment with your own.


The Moon forms an opposition to Mercury and Venus in your 10th house. Career, purpose, reputation, and other 10th house themes will become agitated today. Miscommunications at work are common, and false promises and offers can be expected as well. Focus on accomplishing your work today, and you won’t be bothered.


The Moon is opposing Mercury and Venus in your 9th house of studies, travel, and spiritual practice. Your research and learning will become stressful and tense today. It will take longer to learn and understand things, and topics that previously excited you may sour. Don’t give up – pain is an essential part of the learning process.


The Moon opposes Mercury and Venus in your 8th house. Fears and anxieties can arise today that are completely ungrounded. You may want to get to the bottom of them, and may genuinely desire some kind of emotional catharsis and insight, but it’s not necessary. Just let the intensity pass on its own.


The Moon activates Mercury and Venus in your 7th house of spouses and partners. Misunderstandings and disagreements with people close to you are very common. Desires for romance are easily frustrated and blocked. If you don’t feed or indulge the miscommunications that arise today, you will survive it just fine.


Venus and Mercury are activated in your 6th house via an opposition from the Moon. Work and job will be a source of stress. Miscommunications and misunderstandings are common, and promising work-related opportunities may not bear fruit today. Focus on completing the tasks ahead of you, and you’ll be rewarded.


Mercury and Venus are opposed by the Moon, lighting up your 5th house. Personal projects and creative pursuits will be a source of frustration today. Writer’s block and other feelings of creative stuckness are common, but will resolve themselves fairly quickly without turning into anything major.


The Moon forms an opposition to Mercury and Venus in your 4th house. Disagreements with people at your home and living situation are very common, but temporary. Desires to simply be comfortable at home can become frustrated and unfulfilled. Don’t put too much effort into trying to make anything particular happen today.


Your 3rd house has become activated by the opposition that the Moon makes to Mercury and Venus. Troubles with the commute and any time spent around town are common – roadblocks, traffic issues, etc. Disagreements with neighbors and siblings are also common. However, the issues that arise today related to the 3rd house will blow over fairly quickly.

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