Daily Prediction for June 2 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon continues her travels through the gentle waters of Cancer. Emotions, intuitive, and empathy strengthen in all of us. We all become more connected to the unseen realms and more attuned to the ways in which our actions and attitudes ripple out and affect everyone else. As this is the moon’s essential dignity, this is considered a very auspicious placement, especially for connected with our own emotions and deepening our relation to non-linear realms of life that are less goal-oriented.

The Moon forms no aspects today.


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Home and family life will be prioritized as the Moon moves into your 4th house. Family members will be more supportive of you, and you will feel more comfortable at home in general. This is a good time to engage emotionally and intuitively with people that you live with.


Local community and immediate personal relationships are prioritized for you today as the Moon moves into your 3rd house. You will find a lot of support in any time that you spend being social and with friends, especially if you can find opportunities to relate to people in less linear, discursive ways and prioritize the intuitive instead.


Resources and money matters will become a priority today as the Moon moves into your 2nd house. You will devote a lot of time to mastering your domain and managing your resources. Work can be very successful today, though it may feel very mundane and rote at times.


The essentially dignified Moon moves into your 1st house of identity, self, and health, good fortune and favor will come to you today. This is a great day for self-care and personal-development practices. The Moon can draw a lot of attention to the nature of your own inner life and moods, and you will gain a lot of personal clarity through reflectivity today.


As the Moon moves into your 12th house, you will experience more solitude and alone time today. Sometimes the day can be chaotic and have a frantic, rapid feeling-tone, so it will be beneficial for you to prioritize taking care of yourself and keeping your inner life from getting too volatile. The Cancer Moon can bring a lot of insight about your personal process through this 12th house stillness.


Friendships and communities in your life will flourish today as the Moon moves through her essential dignity in Cancer in your 11th house. You can find a lot of success and support in your friendships and alliances, and you will find that your friendships can help you deepen your own awareness of your emotional life today.


The Moon has entered in your 10th house, prioritizing career and reputation in your life today. Your sense of mission and purpose will strengthen, and you will find support and success at your job. Questions of purpose will clarify as the watery, compassionate nature of the Moon in cancer bolsters your own instincts towards kindness and tact.


As the Moon moves into your 9th house, your studies and learning will see a lot of forward growth and movement today. This is an excellent day to prioritize activities that broaden your horizons and expand your consciousness. You will be able to integrate what you learn on a much deeper, intuitive level.


The Moon has entered into your 8th house, causing the feelings of stillness and slowness in the energetic atmosphere that can be uncomfortable for a Sagittarius. Anxiety and fear are common, and old wounds will resurface more readily. The strong, watery placement of the moon hear can provide you with ample resources to engage in this work successfully and genuinely build character in the process.


As the Moon moves into your 7th house of romance and relationships, spouses and one-on-one relationships will be your priority. You can find a lot of support by spending more time with people one-on-one. This is a good day for romance. The people you choose to spend your time will draw you out of your Capricornian shell into more sensitive places.


In your 6th house of work and labor, the Moon will put a lot of work and responsibility on your plate today. However, the essential dignity of the Moon here guarantees that you receive a lot of success and compensation for your effort. By listening to your body and emotions, you can deepen your capacity for work and pushing yourself.


The Moon moves through her rulership in your 5th house of artistic inspiration, pleasure, and play. Creative inspiration is very common, and you will see a lot of developments to your personal projects. The muses will speak strongly to you through your own emotional life.

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