Daily Prediction for June 4 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon begins her journey through Leo today. Leo is the sign of the Sun – the celestial king of the heavenly vaults. In this sign, the Moon focuses our energy and attention towards the kingly confidence and brightness that exists within all of us. People experience more joy, enthusiasm, and self-confidence. The mood is bright and the atmosphere is buoyant.

Today the Moon forms a trine to the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aries. Though this conjunction is starting to wind down, its energy is still present and continuing to make changes in our life. The Moon will activate it in a positive, supportive way.

The Moon also forms a trine to Venus in Taurus today – small tensions and troubles may surface in interpersonal relationships. The essential dignity of Venus guarantees that working through these challenges will be very worthwhile.

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The Moon trines Jupiter and Mars in your 1st house, for which reason you will experience more positive developments to your sense of self and self-identity today. These planets will afford you the opportunity to make quick, decisive changes in your life.

Venus is activated in your 2nd house by square. You may experience some stressors to your financial situation today, but they will ultimately create more opportunities for you to ground yourself and become more stable.


The Moon forms trines Mars and Jupiter in your 12th house today. With this alignment, you will find deeper insight and awareness coming to you from solitary practice and quietude. This 12th-house experience will be less chaotic – instead it will open doorways to new states of non-dual wisdom.

Venus in Taurus receives a square from the Moon – this brings positive developments and growth to your experience of yourself, self-identity, and even your health. However, some of the lessons you gain may come with stress and initial trials due to the nature of the trine.


The Moon trines Mars and Jupiter in your 11th house, bringing positivity and good vibes to your friendships friendships and coworking relationships today. You can get a lot done and be very successful by working with others today.

Venus receives a square from the Moon in your 12th house. This day will feature a small flavor of chaos and instability. However, this instability will ultimately guide you towards something more useful than what you originally had in mind.


While the Moon forms a trine to Mars and Jupiter in your 10th, your career and work life will see great growth and transformation. Your purpose will clarify, and your mission in life will make more sense to you.

Venus receives a square from the Moon in your 11th house. Friendships may hold some testy, tense energy at first, but this will be resolved very quickly and turned into interpersonal development and relationship-building.


As the Moon trines Mars and Jupiter in your 9th house, your personal studies and spiritual practices will see a lot of forward growth. This is a good alignment for cultivating relationships with mentors and teachers.

Venus is squared in your 10th. Career and purpose-related matters in your life will see some forward-movement that comes with work and effort. Energy expenditures regarding career will see positive returns.


While Mars and Jupiter in your 8th house are trined by the Moon, your world will produce events and experiences that trigger anxieties, fears, and other 8th house themes in a useful, constructive way. You will see lots of success by giving your inner process the time and attention it deserves.

The Moon squares Venus in your 9th house. Your studies and spiritual practices will see positive changes, and you will reap rewards from your spiritual practice. You may have to work through some initial friction in order to receive these rewards, due to the nature of the trine.


While Mars and Jupiter trine the Moon from your 7th house, you will see fast-paced growth and change to your relationships with one-on-one partners and spouses. Romance will see a lot of positive developments as well.

Venus is squared in your 8th house. This alignment heralds triggering sensations and old wounds rising to the surface. Fear and anxiety are common. However, Venus is a benefic planet with strong dignity in Taurus, so there will be ample rewards for working through your process today.


While the Moon trines Mars and Jupiter your 6th house, your workplace will be busy and stressful. You’ll have a lot on your plate, but you’ll be amply compensated for your efforts and see a lot of positive developments as a result. Leadership at the workplace is common with this alignment.

The Moon squares Venus in your 7th house – this is a good day for romance and engaging with potential romantic figures. Marriages and partnerships are also greatly supported today.


Today, the Moon will trine Mars and Jupiter in your 5th house. Significant growth and forward movement will occur with personal projects and your creative process. The muses speak loudly and suddenly, and you feel filled with the energy that you need to enact your visions.

Venus is activated by square in your 6th house. Hard work and effort are asked of you today, and it won’t be easy to cross everything off your to-do list. However, Venus’ promise is a lot of success and good fortune for the work that you do.


The Moon forms squares with Mars and Jupiter in the 4th. Your home and living situation will see tremendous growth and good fortune today. Relationships with family members and people you live with can see a lot of forward growth and healing if needed.

Venus is squared in your 5th house. You will see success with personal passion projects and creative pursuits, but it will only come after you work through initial writers block.


Mars and Jupiter are in trine to the Moon from your 3rd house. Local community and close personal networks will provide you with good fortune and interpersonal success. Financial abundance and business developments with local people are common with this alignment.

Venus is activated in your 4th house by square – home and family situations, though initially stressful, will conclude with a lot of support and help today.


The Moon trines Mars and Jupiter in your 2nd house today. This is a strong placement for financial success and abundance – especially with the Jupiter trine. Some of the changes can be quite fast-paced and hard to keep up with.

The Moon squares Venus in your 3rd house. Local community will continue to support you, but at certain points the support may feel less available and forthcoming than previously due to the nature of the square.

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