Daily Prediction for June 5 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon continues through Leo today. The mood is bright, buoyant, and energetic. People are more excited about life and about interacting with one another. It is easier to find inspiration for one’s work today.

Today the Moon squares Mercury in Taurus. This will create tension and obstacles to the use of the voice, mind, and reasoning faculty. This is not the best day for clear, direct communication.


Mercury is activated in your 2nd house of resources by square. This creates challenges and obstacles to making money and managing finances, but these challenges will be very fleeting.

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Mercury is activated in your 1st house of self by square. The mind is not your ally today  – racing thoughts and a busy mind that is unnecessarily skeptical and cynical can be expected. Don’t indulge it, just wait for the mind to become more cooperative when the square is over.


The Moon activates Mercury by square in your 12th house. The mind can become agitated, frantic, and can focus on problems unnecessarily today. Don’t let it rule your life.


The Moon squares Mercury in your 11th house – expect challenges relating with friends. Coworkers will be less agreeable, and it will be harder to get work done alongside others.


The Moon squares Mercury in your 10th house – career may be a place of stress and frustration today while more problems abound and little issues arise. These issues are just for today – simply be patient.


Squaring Mercury in your 9th house, you will find your studies and any topics that you are currently learning about to be irritating and dissatisfying. Discouragement with the learning process is common.


The Moon squares Mercury in your 8th house – your mind may become overactivated and agitated today as fears and anxieties bubble up to the surface. Don’t let it distract you from what really matters.


Mercury is activated in your 7th house by square. Disagreements and arguments with romantic partners and spouses are common. Miscommunications about small, petty things are very common.


Squaring Mercury in your 6th house, you may be pushed to work hard and expend a lot of effort today. Work may cause confusion, and misunderstandings at the workplace are more common.


The Moon squares Mercury in your 5th house. Your personal creative process and personal projects will experience confusion and stress. Work of this kind will not be smooth today.


Mercury is activated in your 4th house of home and family by square. Much of your mental energy when not at work will be directed towards problem-solving and dialoguing with people at your home and with family. Miscommunications are common.


Mercury is squared in your 3rd house. There may be challenges and miscommunications with people in your local area. Neighbor and sibling relationships can be aggravated by this placement too.

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