Daily Prediction for June 8 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon finishes up her stay in virgo and then enters into the sign of Libra today. While here, the queen of heaven will offer more grace, stillness, and peace. People become friendlier and more considerate. Diplomacy and mutual respect are emphasized more greatly.

Today the Moon forms a trine to Mercury in Taurus, which will greatly strengthen our mental and verbal faculties, especially when it comes to material, earth-based matters. After the Moon moves into Libra, she will oppose Jupiter in Aries, which can bring difficult but ultimately fruitful lessons from teachers and spiritual guides.


Entering into your 7th house, your energy will focus on partnerships and one-on-one relationships. You will spend more time engaging and interacting with other people, and may find other people challenging your Aries-esque independence

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While the Moon trines Mercury in your 2nd house, you will get solid work done with your financial situation and managing the resources of your life.. The Jupiter opposition in your 1st indicates points towards hard lessons and from teachers and challenging relating to them.


Entering into your 6th house, the Moon will turn your attention towards mundane matters of work, managing duties, and tending to your responsibilities. The day can feel heavy and burdensome at times, but you can accomplish a lot as well.

The trine the Moon makes to Mercury in your 1st house will also provide a lot of insight and clarity about your self-identity and path in life. Jupiter in your 12th house activated by opposition will also provide you with new spiritual wisdom and insight through time that you spent in solitude today.


The Moon has moved into your 5th house, activating your creative impulses and your connection to the muses. This is a great day to throw yourself into personal passion projects, writing exercises, and any activities that you do just for fun or pleasure.

Mercury is activated by trine in your 12th house, so you wil find new insight and wisdom coming to you through time spent in solitude committed to your personal process. While the Moon opposes Jupiter in your 11th house, friends will push you to succeed and grow.


The Moon has entered into your 4th house of home and family, which will create more opportunities for connection and relating with family members and people you live with. You will get a lot of nourishment by spending time at home.

While the Moon trines Mercury in your 11th house, you will have good conversations and social exchanges with friends, allies, and coworkers. The Moon opposes Jupiter in your 10th house – your career will see positive change and growth today, though it won’t always be smooth and easy due to the nature of the opposition.


The Moon has moved into your 3rd house of local community, sibling relationships, and village life. You will spend more time out on the town investing in local relationships and connecting with people you live around.

The Moon trines Mercury in your 10th house today. You will be more communicative and expressive at work. This is a good day for problem solving and being proactive with the things you have to get done. Jupiter is activated in your 9th house today. This alignment can bring a lot of spiritual insight and awareness from your studies and spiritual practices.


The Moon has moved into your 2nd house. This will turn your attention towards managing your resources and gaining more mastery and control over your material circumstances.

The Moon trines Mercury in your 9th house today. This is a good day for studies, research, and spiritual practice.  The mind will voraciously devour anything you throw at it. Jupiter is activated in your 8th as well – you will find spiritual insight coming to you through the examination of your own shadow. Other people may push you to do inner work today.


The Moon has entered into your 1st house. This placement opens up windows of opportunity for engaging in personal development and self-care. You can make forward strides with your health and wellness today.

The Moon trines Mercury in your 8th house – your mind will focus on difficult topics, and it will allow you to process old wounds and traumas in a new way. While the Moon opposes Jupiter in your 7th, romantic partners and spouses will push against you but ultimately help you tremendously.


The Moon is activating your 12th house of solitude, chaos, and dark nights of the soul. Though not the easiest lunar placement, the emotional upsets and wildness that you experience will open doorways for deeper spiritual insights.

The Moon trine Mercury in your 7th house. You will be very conversational with romantic partners and one-on-one relationships today. Jupiter is also activated in your 6th house by opposition. Work and authority figures at work will push your more today, but you will receive a lot of compensation and personal growth for your efforts.


The Moon is now moving through your 11th house. You will find a lot of good fortune and success with friends, allies, and coworkers. Other people in your life will help open doors and lift you up into your own purpose and destiny – be open to what others have to offer you.

The Moon trines Mercury in your 6th house today, so your job will be very busy and active, and you will exert a lot of mental effort today. While Jupiter forms an opposition to the Moon from your 5th, you will receive new understanding about your personal projects and creative pursuits, as well as the direction you want to take them in. Some of this process may feel stern and disagreeable at times, though it will ultimately be worth the struggle.


The Moon has moved into your 10th house of career, destiny, and reputation. The Moon will provide more doorways for you to accomplish a lot at work and make grounded steps towards advancing your career.

The Moon trines Mercury in your 5th house today – personal creative projects will see a lot of forward movement as your mind actively engages with them. The Moon also opposes Jupiter in your 4th house. Family members and people you live with will have a lot of good input and abundance to offer you today, but due to the nature of the opposition it may rub you the wrong way.


The Moon is moving through your 9th house today. You will have a lot of success through studies, creative pursuits, and personal spiritual practices today.

The Moon trines Mercury in your 4th house. You will have good conversation and connections with family members and people you live with. The Moon also opposes Jupiter in your 3rd house. People in your immediate surroundings and local community will challenge you and push against you today.


The Moon is moving through your 8th house today. Life will feel slow, heavy, and won’t move at a comfortable pace today, and so stuck, difficult emotions will have the opportunity to arise in order to be healed.

While the Moon trines Mercury in your 3rd house, you will find good conversation and discussion with people in your immediate community. Jupiter is opposed in your 2nd house, so you may experience some fleeting financial stressors today while Jupiter continues to push you to grow in this area of your life.

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