Full Supermoon in Sagittarius June 14th – Follow Higher Guidance Davina Mackail

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June Full Supermoon in Sagittarius, June 14th: Full moon in fiery Sagittarius on June 14th. A supermoon due to its close proximity to Earth exerting a greater influence on our planets magnetic field.  Affecting tides and human emotions equally profoundly.  Freedom, truth and justice are the key themes of the Sagittarius playbook.  But in the search for truth be aware that everything is not as it seems.  This full moon is asking us to expand beyond the mind. To invoke our inner adventurer, seeker, student of life.  Seek the Universal viewpoint. What do your current hopes and dreams look like from the perspective of being a global citizen?  

June Full Supermoon in Sagittarius, June 14th

Sagittarius demands the TRUTH.  The Archers arrow is poised ready to pierce the heart of the matter.  But are we ready for the revelation of the darkest secrets of humanity?  Can we witness without turning away?  Can we hold space for the raw pain to pass through?  Can we dive to that level of feeling it, to heal it?  The collective purge our conditioning requires is not pretty.  It feels easier to turn away, to ignore, to numb out rather than face the unpalatable truths of the mess we’ve collectively created. 

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Yet this supermoon empowers the truth tellers with compelling evidence to support how we’re being man-handled in more ways than we currently choose to understand.  People will resist, because these truths are hard to believe.  Trust in the love that you feel.  Love is the mathematics of a sustainable Earth – practise your sums. Know what you know but allow others to find their own reality.  Don’t waste precious energy trying to convince those who are not ready to hear.

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What to expect in June Full Supermoon

With this supermoon Natural law is making its presence known. Rising against man-made law that is out of integrity – created to conceal rather than reveal.  At 24 degrees of Sagittarius the Sabian symbol is “A Bluebird standing at the door of the House”.  The Bluebird invites us into opportunity and possibility.  Its seductive call is enticing.  It needs to be – it has to overcome our human tendency to stay within the comfort of the known.  This is the clarion call of the pioneer.  We can sense the opportunity in the unseen, and we need to gather our courage to cross the threshold.  The bluebird is issuing the invitation but only we can choose to take the leap of faith. What long-standing skills and tools do you need to take with you into the new? 

This supermoon invites completion and closure of the old and lures us forward into a golden opportunity. One that will require us to re-discover our inner trailblazer.  

Sagittarius reveres curiosity, movement, travel, exploration, discovery.  Wisdom comes from right action – the trademark of the centaur.  We hit the target when we enter Universal mind.  The moon opposed the Sun in Gemini brings the ways we process, communicate and think under the Archer’s fiery glare. Our centaur demands the elevation of our thoughts into the Sagittarian realms of broader and all-encompassing.  Are we brave enough to go beyond the mind’s limitations?  To choose the Eagle’s view, the higher perspective? To walk the path of faith and trust in the unknown? The Mystery?   

With three planets in Aries, we remain in the energy of new beginnings. Forging ahead, the wagons are advancing.  The difference is we’re no longer running away but moving forward with determination, trust in self and our new belief system. Our values having been refined in the Cosmic fires over recent months.

Fire energy is on the loose

Cosmically Mars is currently ‘out of bounds’ – this lends us the assertive courage we need to move towards fresh horizons and perspectives.  To be warriors of the new and innovative. Following the overarching need to shift our global paradigm from consumption to restoration.  Mars expands our future vision. It brings us an optimistic, jaunty attitude.  With Sagittarian ruler, Jupiter still in Aries this new crusade will be around issues of justice, truth, freedom.  

However, with Mars conjunct Chiron at the time of this supermoon be careful.  Chiron demands we heal our unconscious programming. Tune-in, be mindful. Where are you heading?  What are you doing? How are you being?  You are being asked to be courageous on your own terms, in your own way.  You are new. It is not a delusion. You have profoundly shifted your value system.  Don’t unconsciously repeat old patterns.  Pay attention to how you are showing up and the thoughts governing your outputs.  The new energies require a more conscious expression.  What new ways of being are you beginning to embody?  

With the North node in Taurus being strongly activated over the next two months destiny calls.  It can’t be ignored.  Anything heavy or complex needs releasing in favour of simplicity.   Personal and collective revelations are becoming clearer, faster.  We are being en(lightened). The more we lighten up inside the easier we can flow with the unfolding story.  This moon can help you see the bigger picture. In this short earth walk what are you going to do? Who are you going to be? What are you waiting for? What’s stopping you?  Ignition is imminent. Get clear.

Where have you been dis-illusioned?

Easier said than done with a T-square of Neptune Sun and Moon.  Neptune is the dream and the illusion.  Where have you been dis-illusioned?  Neptune asks you to imagine something new, unknown, unexpected.  Infinite possibilities await.  Time to unplug, de-program ourselves and find our sovereign identities. Neptune in Pisces is opening up new energies. But in that process Neptune creates doubts, confusion, questions.  All that is not sitting well.  It could be your own personal self-doubt but also feels like a collective purpose coming in.  We can find ourselves wondering what to say.  Not quite sure how to be clear in what needs to be communicated.   

Saturn will show you the steps but then the doubt hits.  It’s provoking our unconscious programming. Neptune brings in what can’t yet be seen. It wants to integrate the parts of us that have felt dis-connected or un-worthy.  Neptune can eradicate old patterns and programmes for good.  Use the Katie Byron statements to help you get clear.  Is that true? Is it always true? When is it not true? Who would I be without that belief?  Remember our thoughts and words have a profound effect further and wider than we might imagine.  They can create collective tipping points, the underlying theme of 2022. The death and re-birth of our structures can happen simultaneously.  Powerful re-generative energies abound amidst the current destruction.

News are expected!

This full moon is revealing information and insight for us.  Clarity of thought and decision making.  Write your thoughts, journal.  Saturn is the boss of our 3D reality. Its current retrograde influence is bringing key pieces into land.  This is a strong period of trusting in the unknown. If you’ve been struggling with the 3D recently, feeling the push back or delays suddenly you see why that delay was necessary. It was required to allow other information to be revealed.

Develop the resilience to evolve beyond the past. Historic roots can be seen in all the global events currently playing out.  It can feel overwhelming but look at the personal – your old behaviours and beliefs. It’s fast and furious as the collective purge of our conditioning continues apace.  There’s an acceleration of this energy in June with opportunities for deep healing during this moon cycle.  It’s a cycle of tough love.  We’ll feel a limit to how much empathy we can extend.  There will always be something calling your attention.  It’s your choice where you focus it.  

The Archer likes to move, looks beyond, explores, is curious. The centaur tries new things and develops relationship with the higher mind.  He’s a cup half full kinda guy. This is about re-connecting to your joy.  Life is an adventure, what are you doing with yours?  There will be a natural flow in June, but you can’t force or push it, be present and surrender to the moment for best results.  Just be without having to DO something about it. Wishing you all infinite full moon love.   

Full Supermoon Ritual

Daydreaming Vision Quest

Vision quests get us in touch with our Higher Guidance, our inner tuition (intuition).

They reconnect us to our inner self, allowing us to seek advice from the one person that counts – us! 

It works best in an isolated place of nature but a local park or your back garden can work equally well, provided you will not be disturbed by people you know. I would suggest the absolute minimum time you set yourself for this is 2 hours, but longer periods are better. We carry a lot of tension, stress and baggage with us and it tends to take a while for us to relax enough to unload this before we can really get into what’s underneath and what we’re really feeling.

Intent is key. This is the first step. What is your intention? What do you most want guidance or insight on by doing this process? Write down your intent on a blank page in your journal with the date and time.

Good preparation will yield best results.

Eat a light, healthy diet for a few days before your mini-retreat. At the very least, don’t have any alcohol, caffeine, salt, dairy, processed foods or sugar. This helps clear your energy channels and allows your mind to be clearer to receive the insights you seek.

Take yourself to your chosen space and make yourself comfortable and meditate or enter into a reflective state. The key is not to push the mind to seek solutions but to let it completely relax into the awareness that pervades everything. So just be in the space. Be a witness. Observe the signs in nature around you.

If you allow yourself to gently immerse yourself in the pure awareness that you can instinctively feel underneath all phenomena, you will become aware of how the natural world reflects the nature of your issues back to you. From these observations, spontaneous solutions and ideas will arise.

Journal anything significant that comes, even if, at this stage, it seems insignificant or you’ve yet to fully understand its meaning. 

We’re all connected to everything. Acknowledge this at the end of your retreat by putting your hands on the Earth and simply thanking the space for its insights and wisdom.  Leave an offering for the land of some flowers, tobacco, or a song or poem…

So mote it be…

- - -