New Moon in Cancer – “There’s no Place like Home”

Seeking Expanded Horizons Under Sagittarius Skies – New Moon December 12th

New Moon in Cancer – “There’s no Place like Home”. Written by Davina Mackail. New moon in Cancer June 28/29th depending on your time zone.  The Moon is at home in Cancer – here it feels cosy, safe and potent – making this the most influential moon of the year. A cardinal water sign, Cancer asks, ‘What wants to flourish and grow in our heart and hearth spaces?’  What’s intuitively flowering inside in deep trust?  Changes in home, how, where and who we live with are surfacing.

With the new moon in tight square to bountiful, expansive Jupiter in Aries expect your life to be tense and activated in those areas governed by Cancer, home, family, fertility, Mother!  For a tight square this energy is surprisingly positive, but Jupiter can activate our blind spots and cause us to overcommit.  It will also amplify and intensify the emotional body.

Rabbits dressed in clothes and on parade…

The Sabian symbol for 8 degrees Cancer is “Rabbits dressed in clothes and on parade”.  There is a positive in the pretence.  This is not denial of reality but rather embodying possibility to allow it to become manifest.  Our masked selves can embody dreams and potential that our unmasked ones are currently unaware of.  Rabbits are symbols of fertility. We’re birthing new futures, new dreams through embodying make-believe.  

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Venus and Jupiter are igniting cosmic dreams on June 28th. Use the energy of this generous celestial tango to cast potent spells.  Listen within to what is rising up within you.  Let your mind roam further than before in terms of the concept of family.  Can you imagine what it means to be part of a Global lineage? Can you dream of tribe beyond blood and genes? Stretch beyond the lethargy that may prevail at this watery lunation.  Reach out, raise each other up and call each other to account in defence of our shared values .  We need the soul food of human company.  We fade without it.

Perfect scenarios

The flavour of our assessment this new moon is the foundation and emotional stability on which our lives are built.  Time to get our cosy on – where is it that you feel truly safe? With whom? What allows your nervous system to idle happily in neutral? Let yourself indulge in the touchy-feely sensation of imagining your perfect living scenario.  How are you coming home to yourself this new moon? Remember emotions are the fuel for our manifestations. Just ensure you detach from the expectation, allowing the Universe to deliver in its inimitably perfect way.

With the new moon conjunct Black Moon Lilith (the Kali of astrology) expect stirrings of an inner rebellion.  Imagine defying societies norms of how and where to live.  We’re exhausted from our disconnection and isolation.  If we listen to our inner heart(h) space, we crave connection and conscious community.  We’re seeking the cuddle puddles of messy humans that make our hearts sing with bliss.  If we stay true to our inner hearths, we will thrive. It may involve a few mutinies on the family balcony as we push through outdated traditions that no longer serve our highest good.

Smelling the promised land!

Conjunct, the Sun and Moon are ahead in the Cosmic schedule, leading us to pastures new. We can smell the promised land.  Despite these fertile beginnings there are some swamp creatures to navigate before we reach safe shores. Check in on the parts of you that need some care – the exhausted parts, the burnt-out parts, the hurt parts.  Be tender and nurture that inner self.  Cancer energies can be uncomfortable until we learn to “feel the fear and do it anyway”.  Our hearts can feel fragile and self-protective.  We can feel the need to retreat into our Crab shell. We don’t feel quite ready. Jupiter in Aries encourages us to take off before we’ve undertaken our safety checks.  Cancer never leaves home without a thorough review of the ‘doom list of potential danger’.  Between the two the energy balances in our favour.  Take the plunge.  We’re inspired to progress effortlessly just make sure you’ve pressed cruise control to save wasted energy.

Although one of the more blessed astrological moments of the year expect triggers as we take this deep dive into our inner watery cracks and caverns.  Newly retrograding Neptune insists there are some untapped inner seams where deeply buried emotional layers can finally be released into the light.  We need this reality check  on offer until December 3rd. When fast forward Neptune’s oversized dream can lead us into delusion and temptation.  Separating fact from fiction is the new game in town.  It can feel shocking to discover just how deep our feelings go when dreams burst, but trust you know how to ride the undercurrents back to the light.  Change is a constant to be embraced not resisted.  Let it go, let if flow.  Be pleasantly surprised when you let the Universe take the reins for a while, especially with Venus in Gemini forming a sextile with Jupiter.

Chaos & More

On the 3D level power plays between the masculine and feminine continue.  With Mars conjunct Ares, the goddess of chaotic creation and Black Moon Lilith (Kali) also activated global matters demand the attention of the fierce grace of the wild feminine. These are uncompromising, formidablefeminine archetypes that respect natural not man-made law.  The result of America’s Supreme court decision today “there is no constitutional right to abortion in America”, arriving atthe darkest point before our new moon dawn smacks of Handmaids Tale coming to life.  Cancer rules motherhood and fertility.  This moon will activate the Mother’s response. This will be America’s darkest hour or the impetus for the dark Goddess to rise in rebellion.

Mars exact square with Pluto on July 1st brings a wilful, impulsive, hot energy. Watch the power plays.  Individuals versus governments, David versus Goliath plays out on the global stage.  Explosive 3D reactions will abound. Inflammatory and frustrating – look at timing and the bigger picture.  Ego check time.  Are you serving the greater good or simply yourself?  Pluto insists on the collective over the individual.  Watch the global drama as you would a bad Netflix series i.e. turn it off!

Step Beyond comfort zone

Strong cardinal energy wants to ignite new initiatives in July.  Particularly ones that make our heart sing with possibility and potential. We’re being blasted open towards the north node of our collective destiny.  Step beyond your comfort zone, trusting you carry the ultimate well-being zone within yourself.  As Saturn and Mars converse matters are coming together in more ways than you might imagine.  Progress, new solutions, release where before there was paralysis or stagnation is all on offer.

More and more of us know the system and the systems have to change at this juncture in humanities evolution.  That road to transformation can seem and be terrifying.  It’s easier to check out instead.  Yet it’s also exciting and life affirming.  The time is ripe for us all to re-wild ourselves at least a little, preferably a lot.  Develop skills to deal with emotional volatility.  We need to resource ourselves with being able to hold, transmute and deal with our triggers.  Honest conversations are key.  Upgrade your ability to say how you feel in a non-violent way.  Ditch the blame and shame.

Who are we collectively becoming?

Where does our power lie?  Who are we collectively becoming? The North node is our collective destiny. With Uranus residing there it will inevitably involve technology; quantum leaps are necessary and inevitable.  Resistance is futile.  Embrace the potential benefits embedded in futuretechnology, new, sustainable forms of energy; ways to clean up our pollution; deal with plastic; climate change etc.  We can create a healing balance for our planetary home if we choose well.

New moons are pivot points that keep us on track giving us the opportunity to revise and refine our greatest visons and dreams for people and planet.  This one in compassionate caring Cancer teaches powerful lessons around home.  Reminding us not just of our personal space but also our collective planetary home.  Ultimately, the crab reminds us that we carry ‘home’ with us.  Feeling ‘at home’ within ourselves is the path to peace.  It’s a lucky time for new opportunities and projects.  Your mantra for the month ahead “I am positive, potent and prolific”.   

Enjoy the homey vibe of Cancer with a little crabby sideways shuffle.  Instead of pushing, practice the sacred art of alignment. Celebrate the Earth’s beauty, keep connected with each other, and have purpose.  This will accelerate you through the swamps. Wishing you all infinite new moon love.

Midsummer New Moon Water Ritual

Davina Mackail

As we welcome back the goddess, the feminine in the sign of Cancer let us remember to pay attention and honour the waters.  All waters.  As Masaru Emoto and others have proved to us water can be imprinted. It’s molecular structure changes for good or bad simply through the quality and resonance of our thoughts.

For this moon cycle become mindful of every drop of water you consume.  Give thanks in advance, send love and gratitude to your water before drinking it.  With each turn of the tap offer appreciation.  As you bathe be grateful for this life-giving elixir that purifies and cleanses you.  Tape words of Love on your taps and water filters.  Water circulates and connects, through our sweat, tears and urine.  Through the precipitation, clouds and waterways.  The oceans and the seas.  We CAN make a huge difference to the cleansing and purification of our global waters through our sustained intent of love and gratitude.

If you have a special way of praying or caring for our Waters please do share….

So mote it be…..

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