Full SUPER Moon in Capricorn – Release the Inner Victim

From Shadows to Breakthrough: The Cancer Full Moon's Role in Ending 2023 and Birthing Your Best 2024

Full SUPER Moon in Capricorn – Release the Inner Victim: The Capricorn full Buck Moon on July 13th dares us to deep dive into the internal abyss. The third of four supermoons in a row we can’t help but feel the squeeze on all levels of existence.  This one at 7.37pm BST is the closest to Earth this year. At 22 degrees of Capricorn, it is flirting with Pluto and opposing the Sun in Cancer.  

It’s a profoundly tender moment.  Expect deep waves of unbidden emotional release.  Enjoy them – it IS possible! Don’t resist, allow them to flow through, finding their own place of harmony and peace. Full moons bring completion and culmination. On the Capricorn/Cancer axis it will relate to the work/life balance.  

Full SUPER Moon in Capricorn

In close orbit to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction that kicked started the pandemic in January 2020 this moon shines its laser beam on that critical point once again.  The tightening of government controls, feeling dis-empowered and powerless, chaos and corruption, power struggles everywhere.   The question now? How is this going to play out? Are we going to own our power and accept our role as co-creators?  Are we moving on positively or allowing our victimhood to spin us into another cycle of the craziness?

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Opposite the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, we are being asked what needs our attention to bring our lives into balance and alignment. What has changed in your world since January 2020?  This Mercurial analysis requires us to be very clear and deliberate in our current life choices.  We are working through some intense power struggles.  There’s plenty of strong, masculine energy swashbuckling its way through July. Where are you on the victim consciousness scale?  Generations of abuse, inequality, repression, enslavement etc passed down through family lines creates distortion in the matrix.  

The ‘hereditary’ axis

The Cancer/Capricorn axis rules this hereditary stream for both the personal and collective unconscious.  We’ve been and are continuing to purge these old timelines.  To create the quantum shift we came here to birth we have to cleanse and forgive the guilt, shame and trauma of previous generations.  Feelings will arise – use them as locator sensors for balancing your core in the truth of love.  Release, allow, heal.  The microcosm always mirrors the macrocosm – the only job is the inner one.

The chaos is precipitating a lot of neediness in the world.  Not everything is yours to solve.  Overwhelm will ensue if you do not replenish yourself.  This moon takes us on a journey around the balance of giving and receiving.  Witness and evaluate the reciprocity in your relationships.  Do the review.  Heart open energy is where we’re headed but the road to harmony in our inner chambers can be challenging.

Capricorn invites us to balance the emotional intensity with earthy practicality.  Can you pull back from the extremes and look through your ‘reality check’ lens?  Can you pause before reacting?  Master yourself and do what helps you stay grounded.  True power is being centred in peace whilst the storm rages around you.  Yes, it’s a practise! These extreme energies can and will play out globally with potential for pockets of extreme weather and earth turbulence, food shortages and continuing financial meltdowns.  Use the creative high of Cancer to root and transform the insanity in homely practicality – create or tend to your garden, preserve jam, bake a cake, make something.  

The mountain goat

During July expect a new truth to emerge.  This moon is highlighting your inner delusions in a good way.  Connect. Don’t avoid this emotional reality check.  What’s happening to you in your home, your family, your immediate world?  The mountain goat is being aided and abetted by Uranus (surprise) and the North Node (destiny) and Neptune (intuition) in Pisces.  What is coming into your awareness will put you on a truer path for your life.  Capricorn puts you in touch with the real you and urges you to release what no longer satisfies. This can be surprising and liberating and also shocking and disruptive.  The old paradigm of ‘safety first’ no longer serves our evolutionary consciousness. Instead let that inner “YES” be your guiding light.  Even if you’re being invited into something very new and different, even if it rocks the boat.  If it’s right for you it will be right for others too.  We’re breaking our Cancerian co-dependent tendencies in favour of our sovereign selves.  There’s a sense it’s ‘all too good to be true’ – it’s an ancient, limiting programme – you can trust the emergent.

Just before the full moon, on 12th July we experience the second exact conjunction of America’s Pluto return.  The evaluation and redefining of America continues.  Particularly in the areas of finance and value systems.  A month of contrasting global energies teaching us better ways to navigate between the worlds. Stay focussed on True North – the bigger, bolder destiny of your life.  It’s easy to slip into something comfortable but stay in the discomfort to grow exponentially.  Allow who you truly are to be ever more present in your life.  Express all your flavours of truth.  Let go old patterns of failure and shine!  Your inner leader is being birthed.

A general accepting defeat gracefully

The Sabian symbol for Capricorn 22 degrees is “A general accepting defeat gracefully’ – Boris, take heed! Defeat seems wrong, yet it is the only thing that has ever inspired us to greater heights.  All we do in the 3D world we have learnt through overcoming defeat.  Our ability to stand up and try again after we fall is the true test of character.  Sometimes the wise decision is to pass the baton sooner.  The true leader knows to let go the personal accolades in favour of a greater, collective success.  This is the hive mind at work.

The upgraded human within us is being initiated. Spearheaded by Taurus and Uranus, incompatible bed fellows at best, a fixed earth, security loving, bull hanging out with erratic, innovative, speedy, planet of surprises!  Security will be a challenge for many of us as we get to redefine its terms.  Especially as major revelations of a shocking nature continue. 

Does your Story-birth need a re-write?

We can shrink in fear or we can move more fully into presence during these transitory times.  It’s a dance with a constantly shifting beat.  Our story births our identity and can keep us stuck.  Does yours need a re-write?  Don’t be alarmed by the sudden release of emotion or the shocking home truths that surface.  You know the score – let it go, let it flow. You’ll be surprised what you find yourself liberating. If you stay true to your core something new will birth.  Nature abhors a vacuum.  

The world continues to be dramatic. It’s a ‘tired and wired’ July. Disturbed sleep, anxiety levels rising and our inner critic on steroids. Navigate through grounded, daily self- care.  Submerge yourself in whatever raises your frequency. Stay in your heart, stay in peace, stay in balance.  Take the time to breathe in and out through your heart even if only for a minute daily.  You are honing yourself into a masterful, focussed, self-response(able) and self-disciplined human.  Wishing you all infinite full moon love.

Full Moon Ritual

Release your victim consciousness

Set your sacred space, find time to be and settle in with some paper and a pen.  You will also need a safe, fireproof bowl, fire or cauldron and a lighter.

Staying focussed on the Cancer (home) and Capricorn (work) axis reflect on your current life balance.  Where can you feel it is out of alignment?  The feel needs to be in the body.  

For example, when you think of your current paperwork you get a sinking feeling in your stomach.  Sit with that, tune-in, what’s the thought behind it: “I’m no good at that’; “I’ve messed up’; I’m overwhelmed’ ‘I can’t do it’…something else?  Write that thought down as a release statement on a small piece of paper you will burn later.  Eg “ I release my old limiting programme that ‘I am no good at xxxx’ on all levels of my being.  

In your journal write a new positive belief to replace what you are releasing.  Eg ‘I am brilliant at so many things including organising my paperwork.’

Continue working through these home/work mis-alignments until you feel complete.  This review may include projects; relationships, both personal and business, where and how you live etc. Ensure you create a new, positive, aligned statement for every release statement.  Remember, nature abhors a vacuum.

When you are ready light your sacred fire and read each release statement out loud before burning it and releasing it for good.

So mote it be….

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