New Moon in Leo – It is NOT business as usual – this is DESTINY calling

The Dreamweaver’s of Pisces: New Moon March 10th - Birthing Celestial Revelations

New Moon in Leo – It is NOT business as usual – this is DESTINY calling ¨On July 28th at 6.54pm BST the new moon arrives in fiery Leo. A fixed sign conjoining a host of other fixated, sizzling energy.  The result is inspirational, creative, relentless, passionate and highly combustible. It’s riotous. Sudden, ‘out of the blue’ change and earth-shattering events will test us all.  Save yourself from discombobulation by keeping the breath consciously centred in and out through the heart.  Flashes of original brilliance, lightbulb moments and revelations can jump start our personal genius.  Where are you ready to be more radiant and courageous?  What are the gifts you passionately want to share with the world?  

It is NOT business as usual – this is DESTINY calling

As the Sun and Moon cosy up together in the Lion’s den, love and passion positively shimmer in the field.  Courage mon amie, expand your heart, devote your attention wholly to love. Leo asks you to ‘shine your light’. Trining Jupiter, stationing retrograde in Aries, it has its full beam focussed on this issue.  What do YOU ‘really, really’ want? What is true for YOU? What do only YOU know? What can only YOU do? What are YOU ready to change and evolve?  This moon demands our boldest intentions and commitments to self.

With so much fixed energy our will power and tenacity will be ramped up but be wary of stubborn, entrenched beliefs that create discord rather than creative union.  This will come to a head by the end of July as we enter an extremely rare triple conjunction between Mars, Uranus and our North Node of destiny.  The last occurrence happened at the time of Alexander the Great over 2000 years ago.  This one is squared Saturn opposing Mercury bringing yet more shocking secrets to light with Saturn trying his fatherly best to keep a lid on it all.  Take a ring side pew and watch from a distance. This may be a public spectacle the likes we’ve yet to witness.  

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New Moon in Leo Symbol

The Sabian symbol for 6 degrees Leo perfectly sums up our current cosmic dilemma, “An old-fashioned lady and a flapper”. There is friction between the old and established and the new and up-coming.  The current paradigm believes it has all the answers and the new kid is just a young punk, wet behind the ears.  If, and it’s a big if, we can learn to listen to what’s being revealed then new perspectives can emerge.  It is in this space of deep listening without judgment that creative genius emerges.  With an extra cosmic boost from Mercury conjunct Chiron powerful healing conversations can be initiated.

This conjunction is electrifying, a peak state moment. An ignition point for the collective.  Yet we may barely notice the powerful seed that germinates during this celestial tryst. It will blossom during the eons to come.  Essentially, it’s about the past versus the future, control versus freedom, the individual versus the State.  Julian Assange could be the poster boy for this moment.  Check out his Ithaca documentary.


Right now, we’re still in the breakdown to breakthrough phase giving rise to more than a few white-knuckle rides on the 3D level.  Extreme fixedness creates a pressure that eventually has to combust.  Uranus is insisting our awareness takes a quantum leap.  Our human bodies may feel the strain as we prepare to onboard new and different energies. Innovative healing technologies and other evolutionary advances of a technical nature will also be birthed at this time.

Uranus conjunct north node in Taurus make for unhappy bedfellows. Taurus enjoys the status quo and Uranus wants to rebel.  We can see it clearly playing out on the Global stage.  Mis-aligned collaborations will naturally collapse under this cosmic spotlight. It is NOT business as usual this is DESTINY calling. A cosmic opportunity to step beyond our current limitations.  As we do this within each of us individually, we will begin to witness the seemingly miraculous transformation in our external reality. 

We’re evolving!

We have extraordinary human gifts, and the cosmos wants us to wake up to them.  Are you brave enough to follow what is opening up even if it is entirely different from anything you have previously considered? We’re evolving, new parts of us are birthing through.  It can be daunting, and exciting simultaneously.  It’s okay to go beyond…your comfort zone, your self-perceived limits, your “I couldn’t possibly (even though I’d love to”).  

Conjunctions of this nature are not single moments in time but phases of energy and this one’s influence will be with us until October.  You have time on your side. You can pause and consider despite the sense of speed and pressure you’ll feel.  It’s more important that you do what’s right for you than accept second best. Think of a giant human jigsaw – only your perfectly shaped piece will fit precisely into the one uniquely shaped slot that contributes to the completion of the whole puzzle.  

more shocking announcements?

The cosmic purpose of such shocking announcements, plans, ideas, news is to break us free of our locked perspectives.  Breathe.  Stay open. Allow the new understandings that are tumbling in fast and furiously.  What you’re choosing right now is really powerful so own it.  Leo wants us to journey through life feeling good about who we are and how we show up. We all ultimately want to be ‘Free to be Me’.  How much do you really love yourself? How much do you really bet on you?  Find your own internal love groove and stick to it.

In an undoubtedly challenging time this moon brings us the resilience and strength to make it to the promised land with panache. Energetically charged, it’s encouraging and self-empowering bringing a sense of inner sovereignty.  If all the fixedness is making you feel like a caged lion initiate change yourself. But invest your energy where the muse takes you.  For divine inspiration tune-in to the Unified field. Your unique creation is a gift and you ARE the co-creator of it all.  Dare to let your inner star shine. Wishing you all infinite new moon love. 

New Moon ritual for July 28th

Davina Mackail

Feeling the feels.  If we’re going to get clear enough to download the cosmic inspirations on offer during this moon cycle, we need to ensure we ae not blocking our energy with unexpressed emotions and old beliefs.

You’ll need a stone for this practise that you will get rid of afterwards and of course your journal and pens for downloads and insights.

Set your sacred space and take some time to just be. Relax, breathe, maybe lie on the floor and just keep letting go with each exhale.

When you feel ready.  Ask yourself “what is it I know, in my heart of hearts, that I am here to do?” – Just allow the answers, no judgment, no expectation.  Maybe it’s a feeling, a word, an image, a colour that doesn’t make sense yet.  Maybe nothing at all. 

Keep focussed on the question for some minutes than pick up your stone in your right hand and ask, “What’s stopping me from doing it?” – stay out of the Mercurial mind and stay fully focussed on the body. Scan it as you keep asking “what’s stopping me?”.  Wherever and whenever you feel tension, pain, holding, any other uncomfortable symptom bring your attention fully to this place and just breathe with your full awareness on the exact spot and imagine smiling inside this area. Allowing it to open, relax, soften, dissolve.  Allow any excess energy to travel through your body into the stone you are holding. Continue breathing and scanning until you have dealt with all the stuck places that were ‘stopping you’ and let all the energy flow into the stone.

When you have completed your healing, ensuring you keep the stone in your right hand. Go straight outside to somewhere safe and simply throw the stone away and feel the release of all those blocks as you do so.

So mote it be……

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