Davina’s Predictions: New Moon in Virgo – August 27 2022

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Davina’s Predictions: New Moon in Virgo – August 27 2022. We’re entering the astrological crescendo of 2022. The tipping point of our Saturn/Uranus dance between control and freedom. Top-down hierarchies versus grass roots uprising. The past, structure, centralisation versus the future, decentralisation and innovation. Security and stability versus uncertainty and change. This has been the cosmic soup enveloping our Earth home for the past few years. It has purpose. It’s an evolutionary upgrade. It’s not here to destroy us but to crack our consciousness open. To shock our hearts into truth. This process will not complete itself without turbulence, instability, great surprising, earth shattering change.

Davina’s Predictions: New Moon in Virgo – August 27 2022

What and where has humanity outgrown and outworn itself? What have you outgrown? This is predominantly an inner evolution reflected strongly in the collective dreaming. As September progresses it can feel as though we’re going backwards collectively. Both Uranus and Saturn, huge galactic bodies, have ground their great gears to a halt and stationed retrograde. We will feel as though our freedoms and our options are more constrained than ever. Yet Uranus is the future, guaranteed to eventually supersede Saturn’s contained past.

A new continent rising out of the ocean”.

Faith in that unknown future lies in the Sabian symbol for this all important 18 degrees of fixed sign Taurus, where Uranus currently sits – “A new continent rising out of the ocean”. This suggests the emergence of a long dreamt new Earth. Perhaps the beginnings of ‘the Golden Age’ our ancestors have collectively prophesised for these times. But continents are slow to emerge and take tremendous pressure to form, just like diamonds or any of our precious Earth resources. Despite the lack of 3D evidence, trust the process. The evolutionary emergence is in progress.
But for now, we arrive at a small oasis of relative calm after a fiery and chaotic summer here in the Northern hemisphere. Our new moon in earthy Virgo arrives on Saturday 27th at 9.16am BST. It provides a window of solace. A chance to re-group and re-form. Whilst it is not the most productive lunation for planting new seeds it is an excellent opportunity for purifying and cutting out any dead wood.

Hermes (Mercury), God of Communication

Gemini and Virgo share Mercury as their ruling deity. The winged messenger recently arrived in Libra activating more of our mental body. It can bring a modicum of balance to our thoughts as the moon is in the first decan of Virgo. We are moving through a process. This is just the beginning. There is time for refinement and discernment. We’re still in the figuring it all out stage. Virgo will eventually demand the plan but for now there’s time and space to explore ideas and possibilities. Be wary of Virgo’s perfectionism. Life isn’t perfect but it is evolving, renewing and changing continually. Anything you are ready to change or do differently Virgo will help you test it out, improve and refine the outcome.

Fast changing Global events will contain more drama than the best Hollywood has to offer. The only way to surf these 3D tsunamis is to keep focussed internally to prevent being pulled in a hundred different directions. The entire year has been training you to own your sovereignty, to gain mastery of your mind and your internal processes.

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Retrograde Mercury

Our retrograde outer planets are allowing the space for internal integration. Sit with what’s there. Alchemise it, don’t be in a hurry to move on. Intentionally slow down and become more conscious. This quiet new moon offers the chance to connect to what sustains and supports you and gives you the strength to turn from what does not. Use this energy to bed in those new upgraded mindsets that Uranus insists on ushering in. It is upgrading our understanding of how we shape the Universe as the Universe shapes us. Wishing you all infinite new moon love.

Virgo arriving with the beginning of Harvest deals with our daily existence. The small habits that we continually practise that create our larger outcomes, good or bad, healthy or not. Use this weekend to review your lifestyle. Your daily rituals. What are your habits harvesting mentally and physically?

Take advantage of this cosmic pause by reviewing your self-care programme. Virgo is the energy that makes us tend to our own energy. It is analytical and discerning. It seeks health, purity and reliability. Your small everyday routines create the larger outcomes of your life. What are you ready to improve or change on a daily basis? Particularly in relation to the Virgin’s pet passions of health, diet and mind-set? Until we serve ourselves, we cannot serve another. Virgo understands the truth of this and encourages us to step up our inner discipline.

She gifts us the self- control and mastery to incorporate new mindsets. The continuing fixed energy helps our ability to stick with our new regimes and allows us to stay strong in our NO to temptation.

“A man dreaming of fairies”

The Sabian symbol for the new moon at 5 degrees of Virgo is “A man dreaming of fairies”. The purer our minds, bodies and hearts the easier it is to connect to the invisible realms. We are interconnected across species seen and unseen whether we choose to believe that or not. These refined human perceptions allow us to know and experience this truth.

Warrior planet Mars, squaring the Sun and Moon, is the main aspect affecting this new moon. It brings in the trickster energy. Mars is in Gemini for an unusually long 8 months. It gifts us mental speed and wit but also increases our irritabilities and frustrations. It energises our minds. But Mars likes to have single pointed focus and Gemini likes to diverge and create. The result can have us going off in a million new directions and finding it impossible to focus. Luckily the Sun and Moon in Virgo are the perfect cosmic reigns to bring a degree of convergence. Mars says, “no plan required” but Virgo insists “ok that’s what you want to do but HOW are you going to do it?”

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New Moon Ritual by Davina

Use the purification energy of this new moon to upgrade your healthy habits. New moons are perfect times to create new habits and a 28-day moon cycle is the perfect cycle of time to support your personal upgrades.

You will need a small fireproof pot for burning; 3 bay leaves; paper and pens.

Find time for you, set your sacred space, drop into yourself, breathe in and out through the heart centre and tune in to YOU.  What are three habits you would like to let go of moving forward.  Write one on each bay leaf in the following style; “I now completely release my old habit of…….. with love, grace and ease”.  Burn the leaf in your pot.  Continue with the other two.

Now choose 3 new healthy habits or rituals that you wish to incorporate into your daily self-care practise.  For best results make them small and sustainable.  Write them out in short, concise positive sentences.  Eg ‘I have a healthy relationship with food’ Create a magical Sigil from all three statements combined.

The power of the Sigil comes from your intent in making it.  It is your unique energy and design that informs its magic.  

Sigil Creation Process

  • Write your sentence’s out then go through them and cross out all the vowels.
  • Go through again and take out all the repeating consonants until you are left with only one of each. In the example above that would become: HVLTYNSWPFD
  • Use your imagination to create a single symbol from the lines of these letters.  You can break letters apart eg V can become two slanting lines or use them upside down or layer them on top of one another.  PLAYTIME!
  • You’ll know you’re done when it FEELS right when you look at it.
  • Once complete keep it where you will see it as a daily reminder to keep up those healthy new habits or mindsets.

So mote it be……

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