Full Super Moon August 11th in Aquarius

From Shadows to Breakthrough: The Cancer Full Moon's Role in Ending 2023 and Birthing Your Best 2024

Full Super Moon August 11th in Aquarius : We passed through the Lion’s Gate on the 8th of August. Now we arrive at our fourth and final supermoon in a row on the 12th August, 2.35am BST at 20 degrees Aquarius.  The Leonine portal marked the rising of Sirius and an influx of new cosmic energy.  With the moon opposed the Sun in its natural lair of Leo, what honours your individuality?  How are you showing up?  Venerate each moment of courageous opening where you find yourself brave enough to be fully you. 

Full Super Moon August 11th in Aquarius

The moon, ruling our emotions, conjunct Saturn tempers our Leo exuberance.  At 22 degrees retrograde it can find us feeling staid and repressed.  Take your new directions seriously but avoid taking on more than is yours to own.  It is a strong moment.  We remain under the influence of the rare triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus and our North Node of destiny now clashing with a grand cross in fixed signs.  There is an inevitable seriousness to this lunar cycle.  A maturing process is underway.  An inner commitment matched to external action.  Grandfather Time doesn’t rate flash in the pans.  He seeks solid foundations, construction and structure.  But in this cycle that initiative is arising at the grass roots level.  This movement is about the People for the People.

Use this energy to boost your networks, build communities, communicate.  It favours projects with long legs, ones built for future generations. This is a master ignition point for whatever happens in the months to come.

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Taurus brings a rare and powerful opportunity to break old habits.

Amidst the obstacles and turbulence of the triple conjunction, Taurus brings a rare and powerful opportunity to break old habits. The fixed nature of the grand cross focusses our will on the heart of the matter. We are gifted with the determination to overcome difficulties and challenges – whatever you need to face now you have power to do so.  Take a reality check. What do you do no matter what? Good or Bad. What are the good habits you wish to cultivate and the bad ones you are choosing to release now? If it helps, make yourself accountable by sharing in the comments below.  

The Sabian symbol for 20 degrees Aquarius is “A big white dove, a message bearer”.  It heralds an extra-ordinary awareness.  An ability to commune and receive messages from other realms.  To do this we must listen to the silence between the words.

This moon is bringing your attention to tribe.  Those that work and those that don’t.  Cut ties.  Be complete. You’re ready to change track.  The triple conjunction is squaring sun, moon and Uranus meaning we are revisiting something from 2021 that is in its final death throes.  This is breaking us out of previous understandings of self that are growing and changing.  This isn’t an easy process, and we need to make our emotional needs and personal responsibilities a priority. 

Saturn is helping us make a deeper knowing clear.

It could manifest in a feeling of inner conflict between a deeper ‘rightness’ opposing parts of your reality that have yet to catch up.  This is exacerbated by the turbulent, dynamic grand cross in the fixed signs.  Saturn is helping us make a deeper knowing clear.  Yet it feels pressured. There’s a tightness.  Stay with it.  Follow the inner breadcrumbs.  This is an old wounding you need to consciously shake off allowing you to make the bold, big moves that you feel arising.  Override the tendency to become entrenched. Use the sustained energy to focus on where you need to employ tenacity and discipline.

We’re at an important choice point.  The tapestry of humanity is re-configuring to create a new wholeness.  People will fall and others will move into the limelight. There is enough retrograde energy present to ensure we have time to move slowly, deliberately, with precision and focus.

Don’t blindly accept

On 20/21st August singular Mars vacations with double jointed Gemini for an extended period – 31 weeks. It’ll draw attention to our dualities good and bad.  Especially the spells our words create. The twins rule all forms of expression.  What are you choosing to express love or hate?  A double-edged Mars means there’s always more than one answer.  Focussed will can change anything.  Yet more people than ever are experiencing brain fog?  Question, question.  Don’t blindly accept.  Check your motivation underlying all actions.  Trust you know how to make good choices within.  Or as my dear friend Puma puts it, “listen to yourself first AND last”.  

Our attention can get pulled into the 3D drama fast.  THIS is what we must become resilient against.  To keep our focus on what we are creating not what is falling away.  If we choose to turn our attention towards it there is plenty to feel grateful and blessed for in our world. We are being asked to live from the inside out not the programmed way of living outside in.  Focus on breath and frequency.  Here’s where the work to change the world exists.  It creates the centred anchor and focus.  Don’t allow your state of being to be robbed by the external purge that is creating drama and bilge everywhere.  Focus on creation rather than destruction.  Optimize the new frequency energies that are coming in.

it is the fractal nature of our Universe

Aquarian energy is about friendship, kindness and community.  It also asks the question “How do we express our unity in a way that creates synarchy rather than hierarchy?”  We are meant to ripple like the tides – it is the fractal nature of our Universe.  Yet, we meet with restriction and boundaries at every turn.  A paradox we can only collapse within ourselves.  Constantly expanding into the closed spaces.  Opening to resistance.  With six planets in fixed signs, they’ll be endless opportunity to practise!  

On the 3D level the People versus the State continues to build to a crescendo in a myriad of ways.  We may witness radical changes in our food supply.  We’re upsetting and unsettling the supply train. Old ways are no longer functioning. Its volatile, chaotic and turbulent.  We’re also experiencing increasingly unstable geomagnetic forces leading to potential quakes and volcanoes.  Yet with Uranus trine Mercury in Virgo, we can also be inspired by brilliant, original solutions to these same issues.

Uranus is the planet of awakening.  Shaking up the density, shocking the collective heart awake. Uranus takes us beyond the restraints of Saturn and pushes us up against our boundaries and edges. New values are birthing. Community and sharing resources are the new kids on the block. It requires laser focus and new ways for tribe to understand each other. With Mercury in Virgo, we have the discernment required to make good choices.  There is infinite power in our coming together.  It’s a fast moving few months reaching a crescendo in the last quarter of 2022.  

We are upgrading our consciousness.

This is a time of accelerated evolution for humanity.  We are upgrading our consciousness.  But such powerful shifts require patience.  Creation takes time to unfold.  Requires perspectives that stretch into view.  We have to learn to trust that what is not love will naturally fall away.  Protect your well-being like the lioness protects her cubs.  If you won’t who will?  Honour your limits and lean into your renewal.  

Our Aquarius Moon provides the perfect energy for grounding into who we are. No masks. No pretence.  Check your costume dramas. What are you projecting out to the world?  North Node in Taurus is a chance to align with humanities collective destiny. It also thrives on occasional indulgence and oozes sensuality.  Prioritise self-care.  You’ll need naps and downtime to integrate and process.  Soul growth is hard earned.  It’s becoming increasingly important to own your “no’ when it comes to what no longer serves you. Wishing you all infinite full moon love.

Full Moon Ritual

Davina Mackail

The portal is open. The cosmic highways are abuzz. There’s plenty to tune into and download right now.

Make your sacred space.  Light frankincense, a candle.  Bring your journal. Make a Mugwort infusion (steep the flowers and leaves for at least 10 minutes if not longer – a cafetiere works well for this).  If it’s your thing you can even smoke her.  Mugwort is the plant goddess of dreams and all things feminine.  She is also lesser known for her ability to magically sort out the structures in our lives.

Take advantage of this rare morphogenetic field to tune into your heart’s desires with the assistance of Mugwort.  What problem in your life do you want to solve? What relationship do you want to heal?  What do you need a creative solution for?  Take the key issue and simply write it in your journal.

Sip your tea and start to meditate by breathing in and out through the heart centre.  Keep your awareness and breath focussed here.  Be open to what comes.  At the end of your session write in your journal whatever comes in response to the question you posed earlier.  Pay particular attention to your dreams in the next few days as they will gift you valuable additional information and potentially innovative solutions.

So mote it be…

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