Full Moon in Pisces September 10th – A moment to Surrender to the Dream

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Full Moon in Pisces September 10th: As the Stars ramp up for the grand finale to 2022 it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Especially if you have not yet mastered management of your own energy.  Owning your sovereign self and prioritising self-care has been a central theme of 2022.  With the Sun still in Virgo, sign of health and service, you have a second chance to get those important rituals and lifestyle habits that support you bedded in.

Full Moon in Pisces September 10th

Meanwhile, our full moon in Pisces on the 10th at 11am BST gifts us with the opportunity to dive deep, let go and let it flow.  Known as the Harvest or Corn Moon, cultures across the globe have traditionally celebrated under the bright luminosity of this early rising celestial body.  Giving gratitude for abundant harvests and plentiful seeds for next season’s crops.

With Neptune, ruler of Pisces and chief commander of intuition and dreams, relaxing in his own home, conjunct the moon, use this weekend to surrender. Detach from the intense mental pressure that Mercury and Mars in Gemini are currently creating and trust that easy is good.  When we stop trying to figure it all out, stop seeking answers to impossible scenarios, we create space for genius solutions to miraculously arrive.

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You will feel it physically. You will find yourself craving downtime. More space to tune in to your intuition.  Let the right brain connect to higher realms and solutions outside the sphere of the logical.  Pisces is mutable water taking a break near a babbling brook, the seaside, a thermal spa or even long, lingering baths will help this energy flow.  

Energy Forecast for the Full Moon in Pisces

If you gift yourself this space, Neptune, guardian of our higher self, will be able to download his greater message.  Neptune encourages us to listen to our deep inner knowing.  To hear those whispers, we need to allow stillness.  These bigger understandings may not arrive in a perfectly wrapped parcel.  You may find yourself sensing the solution, powerfully understanding something at an energetic level or seeing the vision of a completed future as yet unimaginable to your current being. There’s an awakening. A new pathway opening up in your inner forest.

The Sabian symbol for 18 degrees of Pisces is “A gigantic tent…” It symbolises the need to gather with likeminded tribe and share a special purpose.  It is a sign of the evangelist, those that occupy the edges, the threshold points, the unusual and the deeply spiritual.  Those with compelling visions and inspirations that want to share the message. Perfect for a weekend festival, alternative workshop or retreat.  It points to getting away from the norm, the mainstream and allowing yourself to explore what speaks to your soul, where you feel ‘at home’ in a commonly shared dream.

Moon in Pisces is not known for its clarity. But it allows us to become aware of where we need to release what is emotionally or energetically draining us.  Use this Pisces altered state of consciousness to access your inner artist and sing, paint, dance, write your downloads and visions into manifested expression.

All life on Earth encompasses duality and the dark side of our celestial fishes loves toxicity, drugs, pollution and our addictions.  Full moons amplify energy so you may find yourself yearning for your ‘go to’ bad habits more intensely.  Be prepared.  Forewarned is forearmed. Seek help if you need it. Deceits and delusions will also come to light at this time.  Use the discrimination and balancing act of Sun in Virgo to check what’s true for you. Virgo trusts the body, what’s earthed. Can you feel the truth in your physical self?  Can you pause long enough to feel the pain you are desperately wanting to ignore or suppress?

A Powerful Opportunity

The rare triple conjunction earlier in the year provided a powerful opportunity to break destructive habits.  Currently the Moon and Sun are connecting favourably with the North Node and Uranus allowing us the chance to integrate any shifts that occurred. New directions are continuing to evolve, synching body, mind and soul giving rise to a more refined state of being.  The psychic highways are open and toll free allowing us to access messages from beyond the veil as we upgrade our Spidey senses. 

With five planets in mutable signs prepare to flex and adapt to the changeable, scattered energies. Tune in to what your soul wants at this time. All change ultimately happens on the inside first. Check in.  Is the lake at the bottom of your heart quiet and still or a raging, roiling tempest? This is a time of forgiveness, release and letting go. Don’t repress or supress, tears are purifying and healing.  When we allow our heart aches to be fully felt, we create an expanded capacity for love. 

As old ideas and beliefs get shattered, we engage with the world in a different way.  We’re suffering from an (id)entity crisis. Who are we? What are we?  This can create feelings of being outside, separate, FOMO.  As we mutate our internal consciousness shadows arise and inner turbulence bubbles up.  Do what you need to regulate your nervous system, walk barefoot, breathe through the heart centre, forest bathe. This moon can be highly productive if you allow these new habits to take root. 

Practise softening and speaking words of kindness. Listen deeply and allow others space to express in this sea of healing.  With Mercury, our winged messenger, retrograde until October 2nd wait a little if tough conversations are needed. For many of us healthy detachment is becoming easier allowing us to give without loss and exhaustion.

Many planets are retrograde during this full moon. A time to pause, review and integrate. Look back over 2022 and beyond. What do you believe now?  How are your choices shaping up? Evolution takes us from Matter to Spirit – this is our ultimate human journey. This moon cycle asks us to re-affirm our relationship with the benevolent invisible realms.  Work with it intentionally. Ask for the support you need.  

Get grounded. Release the pressure to know the solution.  The mind is the servant not the master.  Spinning minds need to settle. The clarity arises in the silence between the words. Only in the emptiness can Uranus bring the solutions, the innovation, the lightbulb moments of genius.

Do not immerse yourself in the death rattle of a dying world, act as if the new dawn has already arisen.  Find your tribe, find the magic. As our 3D world descends further into chaos choose to focus on finding peace in your heart.  We are extraordinary in our capacity to forgive, to create, to inspire, to LOVE.  Harvest these miracles of choice, create space for the new and the inspirational to emerge. Choose to open into the closed spaces and together we will birth the Earth home we dream of.  Wishing you all infinite full moon love.

Full Moon Ritual for the Full Moon in Pisces

Davina Mackail

Pisces, a mutable water baby, is all about romance, creativity and dreams.

Make the most of this energy by creating a dream bath to romance your own soul.

You will need: candles; Mugwort and/or Blue Lotus flowers; flowers of your choosing, frankincense incense, your favourite inspirational music and time for yourself, at least an hour of undisturbed me-time.

Choose an evening before bed and make your bathroom a sanctuary. If you don’t have a bath you can do this ritual using a foot bath.  

Set an intention.  What is it your heart most desires right now? A new relationship? Better health? More joy? More abundance? More love?

Run your bath and add a few handfuls of Mugwort and/or Blue Lotus flowers.  You can also make a dream tea using 3g of each steeped in hot water for 5 minutes to sip during your bath.  Once the bath is run add the flower heads. Light the incense and candles and put the music on.

Relax in this watery cocoon for at least 20 minutes.  As you bathe, begin to dream. What does your heart’s desire feel like, sound like, look like? Use your imagination and enjoy dreaming up this delicious future for yourself.  Now imagine yourself in that picture – who do you need to become to fulfil the dream? – what do you sound like? How are you dressed? How are you acting etc?

Once your bath is complete, go to bed with your dream journal and pen at the ready to capture any exciting messages your night-time musings may offer up to assist you in attaining your heart’s desire.

So mote it be…..

- - -