New Moon Libra 25th September – Harvest Time & A New Dawn

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

On the tail winds of the Equinox our new moon in airy Libra arrives on September 25th at 22.53pm BST.  In the first decan at only 3 degrees this moon asks for genuine new beginnings in the arenas of justice and legal developments on the global scale and within relationships on the personal.  Exactly conjunct our galactic centre it poses the question: “How would we govern ourselves from a multi-planetary perspective as multi-dimensional beings?”  The enquiry alone unlocks possibility.

The Sabian symbol for 3 degrees Libra emphasises the theme – “The dawn of a new day, everything changed.”  We’ve changed and are changing whether we realise it or not, whether we want it or not.  We can observe it everywhere in the 3D.  The UK’s long-time matriarch has passed. Much will change in the wake of her demise.  To begin though, it can seem as though all is as it was.  WE need to engage the dawn, engage with our personal power for growth.  Trust the cosmic wheel of fortune is turning whether we can see it or not.  With hindsight we will see the illuminated beacon of shift this moment actually was.

With the personal and transpersonal planets sharply in opposition this moon is honing a conclusion.  The windshield is clearing.  The mists are rising. The Moon and Sun in Libra and Mercury and Venus in Virgo are closely conjunct their laser focus piercing the veils of our personal relationships and our ways of communicating.  How can you communicate with more precision?  How can you open to deep listening?

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In trine to Pluto a powerful truth is delivered.  We are recognising our inner rising up.  The trick now is knowing where to focus this arrow of energy.  We’re getting clearer on where and with whom we want to share, collaborate and co-operate.  But Pluto insists we kill off what needs culling first.

This melding of the Virgo and Libra energies together between the 6th house of service and health and the 7th house of relationships provides the sacred container for a powerful transformation if we harness it.  We’re re-modelling our internal beingness.  Thereby transforming the way, we relate. Reflect upon your inner and outer circles.  Are there unspoken conversations that need to be had?  Where are you not feeling at peace? With whom? For what purpose? Can you let it go? Now? Don’t feed the duality.  Don’t feed the otherness.  Check in – do you really need to be right that badly?

Jupiter retrograde in Aries along with Chiron puts you in touch with what you really need for you. Where can you no longer compromise? It’s not necessarily the big break up but it is a re-negotiation.  Watch Libra doesn’t OD on idiots’ compassion and over please to appease.  True peace comes from both parties feeling the win/win, not from one side silently simmering in order to keep up appearances.  The pivot point between Aries/Libra is ‘into me I see’- intimacy.  Harmony in relationships comes from setting our inner compass to knowing oneself and the independence that breeds which creates healthy interdependence.

These are bold, brave choices.  But the peace from living your inner truth is truly the one that “passes all understanding”.  Own yourself fully, with all your delicious quirks and weirdness’s intact.

Across the horizon lie the rest of the celestial bodies, predominantly in retrograde motion inviting us to take one final deep pause to reflect on the last of the Squares between Saturn related to Earth, foundations, structure all that is solid, old, slow, dependable and controlled and Uranus, related to Air, eccentric, unpredictable, wild, fast and free.  This Libra moon asks us to marry the imbalances in our inner dichotomy between Virgo Earth’s solid, practical, pragmatic, logical solutions and Libra’s Air encouraging us to romance life, play hooky for the day and paint a picture, re-decorate your home or simply dance in rapture at being alive.  These inner and outer reflections will swirl around us faster than a Sufi master as Jupiter insists on magnifying all of these dual themes both personal and transpersonal

It’s all about relationship and Earth and Air are interesting companions.  We can employ the lightness of air, humour and laughter to shake up the staidness of earth.  We can catch and ground into reality the wispy tendrils of air’s inspirations.  Too much air can erode earth away.  Too much earth can suffocate air.

Libra is the champion of love, beauty, peace, harmony and balance. Spend pauses with those words, forest bathe with them and ask yourself How do I deny or embrace these elements in my life? Perhaps time to treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers? Or a mini home make-over. The changing of the season is always a prime time to add new elements to your home and de-clutter those that have served their purpose and no longer lift your Spirit.

Mars still in Gemini increases information overload as mental energy continues on overdrive. The mind is the emissary not the master. Use it wisely.  Currently it’s sharp, intolerant and irritable.  Be aware. Step back from the noise.  Let it flow past.  Let your inner tuition sift through the contradictory and sometimes confusing inflow caused by Neptune squaring up to Mars. Mine the inner depths for the resonance of truth.

Whilst Mars in Gemini rules the to-do list Saturn draws our Spirit to the wider horizon.  As Mark Covey said “begin with the end in mind” – how does your next step, however tiny, inform the outcome for future generations?  If we’re to create the world we dream of we need to ‘spell’ it into being by learning where our unconscious beliefs trip us up.  Where does ‘easy is good’ lead you in your heart?  We’re conditioned to believe it has to be hard, challenging, difficult.  What are you ready to do differently and in a new way?  Use the compass of the heart to navigate.  The only true North.

It’s past time for us to take responsibility for our powerful role in the collective dreaming.  As the last Saturn/Uranus square takes us through late September into early November alongside eclipse season expect startingly rapid change and drama on the 3D level.  Our role is to stay still in the eye of the collective hurricane.  Each of us is responsible for our own energy, our choices and responses.  Manage your energy well, you’ve been practising and honing all year for this grand finale.  Find the peaceful acceptance in what is.  Practise kindness. Focus on social systems that work for the future.  Where can you build or contribute to long term realistic pragmatic future networks.  Saturn in Aquarius asks us to get serious about the future- what are we choosing? How are we needing to change? What are we building for the long-term?  Take your place, step up, find your tribe and your voice.  The future is ours for the creating. Wishing you infinite full moon love.

September New Moon ritual

Davina Mackail

Honour your personal harvest.

There is always more…in our abundant Universe…more to learn, to achieve, to see, to be, to experience.  With so much MORE always snapping at our heels it is important to take time to appreciate the journey we have already travelled, the milestones we have already achieved.  To pause and reflect on how far we have come.

Take your journal on a nature date.  Find your favourite outdoor spot, in your garden, the local park, or nearby forest.  Make yourself comfortable and spend some time getting relaxed and dropping into just being where you are.  To do this bring your awareness to the dovetail point just at the apex of your ribcage where it attaches to the diaphragm and breathe in and out with your focus here.  Become aware of your senses, what can you feel, hear, see and notice.  No judgment or expectation just allowing all to be exactly as it is.

Now, reflect on the past year, since September equinox 2021.  List your achievements, your progress, new or changing relationships, friendships in and out, changes in habits, health and lifestyle, personal development etc.  On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is still on the starting blocks and 10 is off the scale brilliance where are you with each aspect of your life?

Relish and celebrate what you have changed; the personal challenges you have faced and overcome, the goals you have mastered.  Review those that are yet to be attained – are they still important?  If yes, then ask, “what’s stopping me?” and notice what emotion, thought or feeling arises in response to this enquiry.

When you feel complete, take some time to just be and truly honour and feel the sense of satisfaction in your body for all those milestones or challenges however great or small you have accomplished and managed this past year.  Thank your body, the elements of nature, the ground underneath you, your personal guides etc and give yourself time to fully absorb these good feelings of success…… to end find an acorn, a pinecone or some other natural seed available in your region and time-zone to bring back as a reminder of your infinite potential.

So mote it be…….

- - -