Full Moon in Aries Sunday October 9th – Red October

Full Moon in Aries Sunday October 9th – Red October

Full Moon in Aries Sunday October 9th – Red October : Great balls of fire arrive with the Aries full moon on Sunday at 21.54 BST.  Exacerbated by our heavily aspected winged messenger, Mercury in forward motion the flames of fiery rhetoric are blistering their way through our collective psyche.  Holding centre in this volatile playing field requires the heart intelligence of a Jedi. Aries, hot-headed, head butting ram that he is, also as the first sign, the zodiacal seed, if you like contains the potential of all. Just as the acorn carries within it the entire blueprint of the fully grown oak.

Full Moon in Aries Sunday October 9th – Red October

Within the unfolding global chaos, mired in murky lies and half-truths it’s worth remembering this Arian moon gift of seed potentiality.  What are you fighting for? What do you care enough about to make a stand? What is the seed you are here to envision into being? And what stands in the way? To whom or to what does your heart desperately want to say: “No, enough. No More. There is a better way. A more just way. A way that serves and supports life”?

Fire illuminates the dark.  Despite the challenges, this moon can bring piercing clarity.  With the Saturn/Uranus closing square in full force our ongoing battle between control and freedom fuels the Arian warrior Spirit.  Channel your inner Ghandi and become the peaceful warrior. Ashima.  Quietening the Mercurial monkey mind is key in these coming weeks.

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Mars square to Neptune make for deeply problematic bedfellow.  Neptune insists on befuddling the issues.  Mars trine to Saturn – provides the follow through required for the breakthrough 

Impatience and anger – it is Aries don’t expect miracles. But also, possibility of deep, collective healing as Chiron offers its salve.  Journaling or the ancient art of letter writing can create healing miracles. Healing the heart energy.  Moon conjunct retrograde Chiron.  Seeing old issues in a new light.   The aha moments can cascade like winning the slot machine jackpot.  Where has Chiron being teaching you to own more of your authentic nature? Learning to be more courageous, more you, more authentic.  Illumination of what you have understood about yourself.  Chiron in Aries removes the false ego 0- vulnerable making, knee trembling personal revelations but scary too.

Aries journey is an independent – it’s where you’re meant to trust yourself and be self-reliant.  Mars still in Gemini. But have you thought it through what you intend to act on.  Be mindful what you are choosing.  Action, consequence.  Cause and effect.

Grand trine of Air

Saturn trining the Sun brings stability and direction especially combined with the very active Martian energy.  The possibility of new emergent leadership on the global stage.  There is genuine direction emerging from the strong Air grand trine Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.  Throughout October.  Useful debate or hot air?  Full moons are generally about completing and crescendo – but this one is more about what is opening up on your path.  Air showing you more of what is possible.  Aries full moon wakes up the bigger picture of that seed you hold within.  People, connections, relationships. Venus in Libra wants a win win.  Mercury then grabs the baton and lights up the nueral network, the blue touch paper has been well and truly lit. New projects and ideas will be on fire.  Conjecture starts to manifest in almost faster than you can dream it into being.

Pluto ground its great cosmic gears to a halt on the 8th and trines Mercury in a forward trajectory.  This planet of death and re-birth, demands our attention on these end degrees of Capricorn.  This is a deep collective renovation of our 3D reality.

Opposed Sun in Libra 

We’re still in Libra season, her gentle mantra of ‘give peace a chance’ may yet be enough to balance the books but not without some serious wobbling of her scales especially in the arena of justice and health.  Another huge elephant in the room that is finally making its presence known in the courtrooms.  The energy of sharing. Allow yourself to be vulnerable it will give permission to others to do the same.

Has the support of Venus to bring in people we need and can trust in a new culture of sharing and support.  New perspectives are welcome here.


At 17 degrees the Sabian symbol

“Two prim spinsters” 17 Aries

Where have we allowed dysfunctional self-created gods (like materialism) to wreak havoc in our world?  How can we deconstruct what is not helpful? What would be good to weave in its place?

​Commentary from Mara
To truly know ourself we must spend time by ourself. Taking time out to reconnect with the self, allows us to connect deeper with others. Accepting the truth about yourself is essential for a peaceful life.


This symbol is illuminated 5:28 AM EDT Apr 5 (9:28 AM GMT, Apr 5)



Theme: Isolation


Inspiration: Click on click the needles go, crossing furrows row on row.


Today: The prim spinsters bring a solitary space to bear. removed, as it were, from the outside world, there is much to think about, fret over and possibly criticize. 


Withdrawing into your thought world sounds very much like knitting needles in an empty, silent room, especially if there are serious matters to consider.


In emotionally charged situations, watch assuming an air of moral superiority. You may not wish to speak much today, but rather keep to yourself. But the mind will be busy, actively building a charge that may be unleashed faster than a knitting needle falls to the floor.


Listen for sharp metallic clicks, the tink-tinkingsound of cup and saucer… but most of all do try to stay free from a web of judging others you might weave.



Keep opening into the closed spaces.  This moon marks a personal turning point.  You’re connecting to a deeper primal truth within yourself.  It’s your undeniable inner Amazonian YES! and conversely your fierce NO!  You’ll need to know when to engae which moving forward.  Aries is closing out the old and bringing in new ideas, new conversations, air grand trine happens in 3 times in October.  Plans, movement



Full Moon Ritual October 9th 2022


before the ritual

The potency of any ritual is intimately tied to the way in which you enter it. Initiates of the ancient mystery schools would perform detailed rites of purification before their rituals, including fasting, baths, anointing with the proper oils, dressing in the proper garments, and making prostrations or circumambulations as offerings.

Your preparation doesn’t need to be so elaborate, just sincere. Take a moment to cleanse yourself of distracting thoughts. Become aware of your body in time and space. Tune into your heart. With humility and honesty, offer yourself. Offer your time. Offer your attention. To the Moon and all that she holds.

 Feel the fire! Write an angry letter—and burn it (safely) instead of sending it to the person who pissed you off. You’ll be able to express yourself more diplomatically once you’ve unleashed the initial flare of rage.



Moon bathing

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