New Moon in Scorpio 25th October – Buckle up – Eclipse season is here!

New Moon in Scorpio 25th October – Buckle up – Eclipse season is here!

A powerfully penetrating Scorpio new moon arrives with a partial Solar eclipse on October 25th at 11.49 BST.  Kicking off cosmic crazy season with a deep dive into our murkiest depths activating new levels of emotional awareness.  Great celestial forces are at work to pierce the deceits of our personal and transpersonal psyches.  This South node eclipse is forcing us into the underbelly of our past – actions, memories, thoughts, stories.  How are you moulding your future through the compost of your past in this moment of NOW?  Are you creating barren plains of ‘same old, same old’ or fertile fields of endless possibility?  Scorpio is on a mission to reveal all our unconscious manipulations used to desperately ensure our inner safety needs are met.  

Great celestial forces are at work

What skeletons need evicting from the wardrobe for you to begin? Where do you need to let go, of grudges, outworn dreams, and pointless guilt?  Where has your power and truth been denied you? Where have you felt repressed or held back?  Be your own parent. Stop seeking outside validation. Own the old habits and patterns that no longer serve you. 

There’s purpose in this autumnal mulching of your inner world.  It’s not to prolong suffering or bury the unresolved but rather to mulch the baggage and extract the nutrients that will feed the re-birth.  Between now and the full moon on the 8th this internal spring clean will be in full throttle.  It takes downtime to do this work and radical honesty.  The power is in the pause not the action.  Rest, allow, open, feel.  Surrender to the personal power outages and only make moves when the muse carries you.  There’s creative juice to be explored once the inner engine’s been defragged.

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It helps to remember Scorpio brings death not to cause pain but in order to birth new life.  Everywhere exists this eternal cycle of continuous transformation of one form into another.  When we fear death, in all its myriad forms, we contract and resist causing ourselves greater suffering.  But if we can soften and surrender into the loss, we can use the grief as fertiliser for what will be birthed from the ashes.  This is an opportunity to compost paranoia and old stories into new life.

Eclipses always play out on a larger scale and a Solar eclipse activates global issues.  So, whilst the personal tempests may appear immense, they will be as nothing compared to the global ones.  Particularly with the continuing square between Father Time, Saturn and Maverick rebellious, Uranus.  Our meta themes of control versus freedom continue to roil and broil for dominance in this great cosmic joust. A place where ‘trickle down’ policies do find root in our more personal power battles.  

With so much star power focussed on Scorpio and the South Node the darkest of global secrets look set to be revealed.  These can create shock waves of turbulence as utter disbelief opens into the grief and pain of the inalienable evidence of the truth.  Deep collective beliefs can be smashed with a new perspective in seconds.  

Jupiter at the zero degree of Aries and Venus in Scorpio ensures plenty of financial drama on the world stage.  Stock markets, investments and old financial institutions better have their ducks in a row or will find they have nowhere to hide.  With a Pluto square, permanent schisms in old rivers of wealth will create cracks in the fabric of financial ‘normal’. Uranus in Taurus, the eventual victor of Saturn, ensures it will be a grass roots, de-centralised, financial future.

Venus steps into her full power starting on the 22nd at 29 degrees of Libra.  She’s calling in Soul love. What have you been experiencing within relationships that you’re no longer prepared to tolerate? Only when we are de-armoured and vulnerable do we truly experience the fullness of life.  The Sun and Venus travelling through Scorpio seek this deep love. Find a way to open into and penetrate each other’s realities in order to access a wider collective reality.  The love goddess is in deep embrace with this solar eclipse in Scorpio.  So yes death, but also sex.  Sizzling encounters of old soul meetups are hovering in the ether.  Call them in by donning your best glamour spells and accepting the invites that your Spidey sense roars “YES please!” too.  Learn to ‘live and let live’ though as scorpionic possessive jealously is so closed heart.

“A house-raising”

The Sabian symbol for this new moon eclipse at 3 degrees Scorpio is “A house-raising”.  It reminds us that our saving grace is community.  Common union in diversity.  When we master that we’ll have it made.  Many hands make light work. Together we can truly ‘get sh** done’. Death in Scorpio is letting go of the self in favour of the urge to merge.  A wide collective energy of unification. Perfecting the technique is a tough master class. 

Samhain, Celtic new year, arrives on 31st hot on the heels of Mars stationing retrograde ensuring the day of the dead will be slightly less incendiary.  Always remember after death comes the re-birth.  See beyond the crumbling views to infinite potential. The dream of what could, can and will be.  Take a stand this solar eclipse you may find yourself birthing many different flavours of new.

the celestial maelstrom

Transverse the celestial maelstrom with aplomb by remembering your practises.  The pauses, that softening of the belly, that cultivated deep trust in your core groundedness, your sovereign self.  You were born for these times.  You’ve got this. Dis-embark from the emotional merry go round. Step away from the provocation you don’t need to engage with.  

Planetary aspects are mightily volatile. Take the reins. What is wasting and draining your energy? What is reviving and replenishing it?  Distractions – where? when? with whom? Keep in the power of the pause.  What’s arising in that space? Feel the feels. BREATHEEEEEEEE. Set your GPS firmly on your inner truth and use this exquisitely passionate lunation to ignite that spark within. Whatever you dream of, now is the moment to sow a big fat, juicy seed of grateful anticipation that it is already manifest.  Wishing you all infinite new moon love.

New Moon Ritual celebrating Samhain, Witches New Year on October 31st

Davina Mackail

Samhain, a liminal space, a time when the veil thins.  A time to remember and honour those on whose shoulders we stand.  A time to walk and talk with our ancestors long passed.

A beautiful ritual for this time of year is to create an Ancestor Altar of remembrance.  The creation of an ancestor altar can offer solace and healing to old ancestral wounds and honour the power and support that can come to us through our bloodlines when the way is open, clear and honoured.

Set your altar up in a way that inspires you. You will need a cloth, some candles to light in remembrance and honour, some photographs if you have them, if not write their names on some paper or large autumnal leaves. Add any items given to you by your ancestors. If you can, find or cook a little of their favourite food and leave a dish on the altar on Samhain eve.  Add some flowers, or seasonal items of nature and anything else your heart inspires you to add.

Create a ritual by attending your altar every day from Samhain until the following new moon (Nov 23rd).  Safely lighting a candle when you are in attendance and announcing yourself to your ancestors eg “I jane, daughter of ……., granddaughter of….. am here to honour and remember you.”  You can follow this with anything you feel to say or ask or perhaps if you know a favourite song, poem or story from or about your ancestors you could share that.  You can also share your dreams for your year ahead and ask for your ancestor’s support.

So mote it be…..

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