Full Moon November – 8th – Something’s Gotta Give….

Full Super Moon in Aries predictions!

Davina Mackail

The total full moon eclipse arrives at 16 degrees of Taurus at 11.01 BST on October 8th in bed with both maverick futurist, Uranus, and the North Node of our collective destiny. Opposite a Mercury cazimi in Scorpio, Square to Saturn, with Venus in full diva mode this is a full power, cosmic portal with the potential to create mass awakening through collective revelations.  Secrets have nowhere to hide under this cosmic onslaught.

It arrives on the same day as the US mid-term elections and COP27. Expect plot twists galore as the cosmic lie detector goes head-to-head with the 3D in its demand for radical truth.  The potential for unsurpassed breakthroughs is possible but not without collateral damage to the collective psyche.  Sometimes the truth hurts. The big one here is the dawning realisation that we are all individually and collectively responsible for the mess we’re in.  

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The surging chaos from Uranus demands the truth. It seeks the fault lines with unrelenting pressure bringing endings and new beginnings on a personal and global level. This is an electric storm creating seismic activity in the political, financial and social arenas.  Something’s gotta give – the future’s calling. More equality in our financial structures will eventually emerge. The status quo will do it it’s damnedest to quell the squall as Saturn squares up like the uninvited ‘bad’ faery determined to ensure nothing goes according to plan. But our 3D defences are crumbling, and our safety nets are proving faulty.  

Eclipses stir our deepest inner oceans as they seek completion and closure of our unconscious traumas. This final eclipse of the year brings season two of what began with the new moon on October 25th.  The Scorpio (water, emotions, shared resources)/Taurus (earth, security, personal resources) axis brings into balance the personal and the shared. It also brings rigidity. 

The current sky reads like a Mexican stand-off with 6 planets in fixed signs.  With the South Node, Mercury, Venus and the Sun all utilising the Scorpio energy to force us to look where we’d rather not.  Knowing that the future cannot be born until the past is fully composted.  Versus Uranus, the Moon and the North Node in Taurus igniting our passion for change. We want the future we dream of now! We’re impatient and thirsty for what we can see is possible just over the horizon.  Ruler of the past, Saturn has chosen to referee this cosmic tug of war, whilst Venus holds court reassuring us that with love, we can traverse these riotous waves with aplomb. 

Scorpio taps into our existential fears.  Confront this darkness within and you will ultimately find the light.  Closure, culminations, endings – scary but essential.  This full moon asks us to complete what remains unresolved.  Go beyond the chaos to find the simplicity of the new. Uncomfortable in the break-up, trust this unnerving time. Enjoy the mulching. The alchemy of intensity polishes the inner diamond allowing new facets to emerge. Utilise the positive of Saturn’s influence to embed some healthy habits and disciplines to see you through the storm.  Persistent consistency is the tortoise that wins this race. Find your core stability. Don’t be pressurised by the external. Celebrate the present.  Celebrate yourself for exactly where you are in this moment.  No judgment. No expectation.

The cosmic intelligence is laser focussed on our emotional core and what we need to radically shift.  The North Node is activating this collective shift point around our personal values.  These are the foundation we need to carry us forward. Uranus, the sacred trickster, commands change, and demands it now. He reveals where you’re out of alignment.  You’ll be forced to get down and dirty with your deepest unmet needs.  This will mine the gold of permanent changes in your life.  

Taurus craves our sensual return to the simple pleasures – nature, intimacy, shared connections – the riches that money cannot buy.  If we’re on the right path this lunation can bring us power and a way to harness resources for progress. If still lost expect the breakdowns that will inevitably precede the breakthroughs.  We find our hearts when we face the darkness within us and shine the light fully into every crevice.  Cosmic intelligence is asking you to have awareness of what is rising up to be spoken.  What has changed in you?  What fears have you faced and owned?  It doesn’t always make them disappear, but it does make them known and manageable.

Venus brings deeper understanding as she rises like the phoenix from the ashes at the end of Scorpio.  Supported by a trine to Neptune followed by a trine to Jupiter both in Pisces she brings remembrance to our soul of the true force Love is on our planet.  Not the corrupted romantic type but the Love that powers all of creation.  

The Sabian symbol for Taurus 17 is pertinent: “A battle between the swords and the torches”.  Swords remind us of our powers of discrimination and the ability to cut through to the truth. Torches symbolise the passion and fire of the Spirit which, in its enthusiasm, over complicates matters with messy emotions. Such complexity can be severed with a sharp, decisive cut of the sword, often coming from an external force.  It’s uncompromisingly ruthless but effective in managing change.  As Elon demonstrated this week axing half his Twitter personnel.

 Till the Winter’s Solstice…

Jupiter provides a salve, retrograde in dreamy Pisces until December 20th.  This farewell tour won’t return for another 12 years.  Cast your most potent spell far and wide. Breathe fire into your greatest dream. The rubber won’t hit the road just yet.  For now, be fully focussed on the ‘What’ and let the ‘How’ take care of itself. This way you’ll be way ahead of the curve come 2023. 

Mercury slid into Scorpio on October 29th adding depth and spice to your conversations.  Enjoy exploring the edges. No taboo is banned from the debate. It’s not all fun and games but if you mine the depths genuine, game-changing insights are the reward.  Fortune favours the brave.

Practise radical honesty with yourself first. The message will bubble up and over from the inner cauldron.  The magic in the cooking pot? – an epiphany from the deepest depths of your psyche.  “Oh – I get it -THAT’s what I really, really, want”.  THAT something will engender heartful bliss at the very thought of it.  Mercury in Scorpio craves the kind of vulnerability that births true intimacy and deep conversation.  Avoid the temptation to look for hidden agendas where there are none.  Diving deep doesn’t mean you have to wallow in unnecessary drama.  Such complexity creates dissonance within us.  Seek the simple. Seek the spaciousness. Push the boundaries of your spell casting discussions with nearest and dearest but keep it heart-based for true wisdom to emerge.  

Nothing can stop this cosmic transmission.  It’s a revelatory feast and ultimately healing. but it’s initial exposure will be a medicine that’s hard to swallow.  We’ll need time to integrate this powerful month of rapid change.  What needs to be spoken can no longer be hidden.  The collective purge of our darkest secrets continues to spew out in every direction.  Uranus, the great awakener, is banging his drum, dragging us kicking and screaming into our future selves.  

Resistance is futile.  This eclipse won’t let you off the hook. You can collapse under the cosmic onslaught gasping for air or see the opportunity in this non-ordinary event.  A sliding doors moment for your soul.  An invitation to your inner truth to speak out for itself.  Only then can full response(ability) be re-claimed.  A total eclipse can bring permanent changes and all work on a 6-month window. Let’s choose changes that serve the wellness of all sentient beings and future generations to come.  

The push/pull energy will magically dissolve when we pause long enough to acknowledge our blind spots, breathe through our deepest fears and reclaim our courageous hearts.  This moon is liberating us from our stuck emotions. Change creates chaos and mess. Stay grounded in your core.  You’re being brought home to simplicity. Easy is good. Connect to nature. Allow radical acceptance of the now to flow through you.  Open your heart and simply LOVE – all of it. Wishing you all infinite full moon love.

Ritual for Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Davina Mackail

Lunar eclipses are intense, and we can feel the need to take more rest.  This one, offering more upgrades than usual, requires you to take the time to receive and integrate the transmissions.

Wrap up warm, if your climate dictates it, and head to your nearest woods for some forest bathing.  The clue is in the name – For Rest.  In Japan forest bathing is given by doctors as a prescription for stress.  It’s the perfect location to simply sit by your favourite tree or introduce yourself to a new one and deeply receive the cosmic transmissions.

When you reach your spot, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and simply breathe with the tree.  Merging with the symbiosis of your outbreath being the tree’s inbreath and your inbreath being the tree’s out breath.  No judgment, no expectation.  Simply relaxing and opening your channels to receive.  Continue until you feel complete.  You may have received profound insights or seemingly nothing.  Trust that in the opening to receive the transmission has been invited. The actual message may come later in your dreams or through other synchronous occurrences – stay tuned.

So mote it be….

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