Full Moon in Gemini December 8th 4.07am BST – Time to Walk your Talk

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The Moon peaks on December 8th at 4.07am BST in mutable Gemini at 16 degrees.  Our cosmic twins are forcing us to flex and twist with the winds of change whilst simultaneously insisting we make clear choices.  Chaos can ensue if we don’t tread mindfully.  Remember Gemini also likes to play – with words, ideas, facts, fiction, creative expression.  Keep it light as this lunation forces you to dance the cosmic tango.

The Forces of the Moon

Full moons bring completion. This one feels like everything is coming to a head. Literally, as our minds ping from one thought to another in our desperate attempts to know truth, clarity, the right decisions to make.  Our programming doesn’t help. We are conditioned to believe there is a right way and a wrong way.  There is only the way that’s right for you.

The moon is exactly conjunct our warrior planet, Mars, which is currently on an extensive retrograde vacation in Gemini.  Mars and Moon together can aggravate our emotional body. Mars wants to take action now. The Moon wants to ponder how it feels.  In the mutable energy of the twins this creates a mental maelstrom that can spill over fast and furiously.  The danger here is to say something that you regret and cannot retract.

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This energy can be overwhelming.  Take a step back.  Is your struggle in alignment with or against nature?  Despite the 3D’s desperate attempts to disconnect us from Source, natural law will always usurp man-made law.  The feminine way is nature’s way – cyclical, rhythmic.  It exists in all of us whatever our gender and the twins symbolise this sacred weave of the masculine and feminine.

Full Moon in Gemini December 8th

Gemini is all about the choices we make.  Ruling duality those selections can change in light of new information.  Mars stationed retrograde is asking us to review the choices we’ve made in recent months.  Were they the right ones? How are they working out for you? Are they still true for you? Retrograde cycles always take us within where the real answers lie. You might also find yourself returning to work you wanted to publish, teach or write to re-consider it.  We’re being asked to find a new level of clarity. It will only reveal itself when we go within with brutal self-honesty.  

Our twin’s rule both the input and the output.  In this realm of duality be mindful of what you think AND what you say. From the casual text to your magnum opus. What are you energetically emitting? There is always an energy behind your words.  Is it congruent? Is it honest? Or passive/aggressive clown facing? 

Planetary Triggers

With Mars involved anger could arise over choices that involve others.  Triggers abound as your real thoughts emerge from the deep.  With Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, in the early degrees of Capricorn it behoves you to slow down and consider what you’re saying and how you’re saying it.  What conversations are really worth it? How might your thoughts be perceived and received?  

The Sabian symbol for Gemini 17 is: “A head of health dissolved into the head of mentality”.  This emphasises our thoughts at the expense of our physical selves.  However, it also suggests the need for maturing.  Only so much can be achieved with youthful exuberance. it’s time for a more considered approach.  We need to find our answers by taking responsibility and thinking things through.  This requires a state of stillness to recognise our changing mindset. 

How do you use time?

Mercury in Capricorn insists on calling time. Are you using yours wisely? Where are you wasting it? With whom and on what?  We’re being invited to structure and organise our time in efficient useful ways.  Realise the power the mind has.  When our mind is focussed it can cut through the polarisation and imbalances and find the pivot point of change.  Whatever we think will be so.  Pay attention to your inner magician, your imagination.  Is it creating a positive or negative external response? Be mindful of the need to search outside for the answers you hold within. 

With six planets still in mutable signs there is a myriad of details, plans and information flooding in.  All subject to constant flux and change. With so much mutability it can be hard to get a grip on reality as perceptual shifts abound. You can get distracted and miss the point or leave a trail of devastation in your verbal wake. Be mindful of what you’re saying YES to.  Is it in alignment with what you want and are choosing for your future?  Take the time to check in – is it true for you? Does it feel good? Ground your energy first.  Think before opening your mouth.  Does it really need to be said? Especially mind the written form that cannot be rescinded. 

Pay attention

Opposed the Sun in Sagittarius this moon is triggering the axis of the higher mind.  We’re being asked to pay attention to what we need to learn and where we need to re-write our narratives. With Mars in the mix, it can create a battleground within. Detach from the story to find the truth. The previous version of yourself no longer exists – often the mind is the last to catch up with the changes as it desperately clings to what it knows.  Be willing to see your own thoughts.  Be open to changing them when they don’t align with the new narrative.  Take regular pauses to assess whether there is a different perspective to consider.  Can you reframe your position? How much do you need to be right? Our thoughts create our reality, choose wisely how you communicate.  

Neptune’s aspect to this moon asks us to look at our choices from a spiritual perspective.  Take it out of the obvious 3D ‘right or wrong’ energy and embrace the mystery.  In this age of awakening, we also need to remember that Neptune’s psychic overloads need grounding.  Ride the highs by all means but understand that real growth comes from embodying these energies.  How are you bringing these forces down to earth? 

Map and instructions

Astrology is the map. We define the territory.  What are you populating your terrain with – valleys of bliss or craggy death-defying chasms?  On the 3D level we are in the horizontal bounce between thoughts and feelings. Instead move into the vertical axis of involution and evolution.

Underneath the chaos future seeds are being sown and a deeper trust in self is returning.  Big transformation is possible on all levels of being in the months ahead as we harness our creative juices.  Pay attention to your inner world.  Don’t get distracted by the external, it’s de-stabilising.  Flow comes from within.  Check your inner currents where your real currency exists.  What tunes you into your magic, your inner child, your playful fun-loving self?  Wishing you all infinite full moon love.

Full Moon Ritual for Gemini 2022

Gemini brings up our duality.  It’s all about choice points. Do I go this way? Or perhaps that? This can get messy if we’re not clear or are being influenced from external aspects. The following ritual is a great way to get internal clarity on the right decision/s for you. This works particularly well if you need to choose between two options.

Create your sacred space and spend time relaxing and using your breath to deepen into meditation.

Close your eyes and see yourself in a corridor.  At the end of the corridor are two doors.  On each door pin your choices, one on each door.  Now take the left-hand door.  Focus on it fully.  What colour is it? What shape? What is it made of? What kind of handle does it have.  Fully focus on the door and the choice pinned to it.  Now you are going to count down from 5 to 1 in your mind.  When you get to 1 the door will open and you will step through finding yourself 1 year from having made the choice pinned to the door.  Feel what you feel, hear what you hear, see what you see and notice what you notice.  Spend time looking around and exploring this world one year after making this choice.  Who are you with? How are you feeling? When you feel done come back out into the corridor closing the door behind you.  Open your eyes and give your body a little shake to clear the screen.  Now close your eyes again and find yourself back in the corridor and repeat this process for the right-hand door and the choice you pinned there.

Journal your results.  You should find this gives you a clear understanding of the best choice for you.

So mote it be…

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