New Moon in Capricorn December 23rd 2022 – Completion and New Beginnings

The Dreamweaver’s of Pisces: New Moon March 10th - Birthing Celestial Revelations

New Moon in Capricorn: Hot on the heels of the seasonal solstice our last new moon of 2022 arrives December 23rd at 1.32 degrees Capricorn at 10.16BST.  A supermoon (closest to Earth) and the second of five new moons on the creatrix degree produces a powerful push forward into 2023.  Before we respond to the clarion call of the new, we need to ask ourselves what do we still need to complete. It’s our goat’s mythological mermaid’s tail that carries the answers to this completion.  Dive into the depths and reflect on the past year.  Where are you still feeling triggered by people, events, your actions or inactions?

Square to wounded healer Chiron, stationed direct in Aries, this holiday season offers the opportunity for deep family healings.  This may be the first time you’ve gathered round the festive table since the pandemic created untold mayhem, division and judgment amongst our relatives.  Maybe those disagreements still exist. Rather than scratching old scabs creating lifetime scars can we find compassion, forgiveness and common ground? 

Last New Moon of the Year

Squares can be gnarly and cantankerous as they demand action. To find peace we need to embrace our wounds fully.  Where are you hurting? Where have you hurt others? Where have others hurt you? Who do you need to forgive? Where do you need to kiss and make up?  Do the hard work, bury thosefamily hatchets to find joyous celebration in the aftermath.

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We’re turning the page on a healing journey that began mid 2021. Healing takes time. It can’t be rushed despite Aries impatience. We’re learning to be gentle with our deep wounding.  Understanding it and making new commitments to ourselves going forward. There is a sense of relief. That old wound doesn’t hurt quite as much. It remains tender but we intrinsically know the crest of the crisis has passed.  With Mars retrograde in Gemini, trining Chiron the story continues to re-write itself through January and February. But we can sense we’re close to the last chapter.

our inner being calls out

This Capricorn season invites us to finalise the puzzle of our being. We’re moving through layers of old programming to our true calling.  Old goals seem pointless and new ones are emerging.  Listen to what is resonating with your inner being.  What was once important may no longer be so.  The collective GPS is pointing firmly in the direction of our North Node of destiny.

What are you ready to shift and change?  This is an initiation into a fresh cycle.  In many Northern Hemisphere cultures, the winter solstice is celebrated as the beginning of the pivot, with the last new moon setting the scene for the year ahead.  In the first degree of a Saturn ruled earth sign it’s asking us to take a long, hard look at our physical reality.  Where are our commitments? Where do we need to show up? What business requires our attention? It’s serious for festive season.  But what we’re calling in for the next seven generations demands our full awareness.

Six planets are in earth signs and five in Capricorn itself (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto). Uranus remains in Taurusalong with the North Node. This practical, grounded moon wants things in order. Not the old, hierarchal, power over,order that is in its death throes. No, this is fully owning our own power in ‘relationship with’ through integrity and self-respect. This is a strategic building for the long term.  What are you working towards?  What will your legacy be? How are you in service to the greater whole?

Lord Saturn, Planet of Witches

Grand master Saturn, rules our mountain goat.  Father of Karma, his motto is; “what we sow, we reap”.  Not just actions but thoughts, intent, energy, frequency. He has been on our case all year in an endless battle with Maverick Uranus.  Uranus constantly disrupts the structures that Saturn builds.  The inconsistencies and shocking surprises have been wearing for all.  We’re finally moving out of this cycle. The great shake down is done.  Re-assess what’s remaining and what you’re taking forward.  The shift is from top down to grass roots or from hierarchy to synarchy.  It will take time. But this frequency of the new movement has already begun as collectively we shift from South Node karma to our North Node dharma.

Be wary of the shadow of stern Saturn.  You’ll recognise the signs feeling disconnected, wrung out, overworked and shouldering too much. It can feel heavy especially in the holiday season. Learn the art of delegation. Saturn in Aquarius brings elders, guides, mentors and authority figures that can show us the way.  Aquarius suffers information overwhelm.  Reach out and ask the experts for what you need solving or fixing.

Ties and attachments

Saturn in Aquarius also reveals the ties we have to other people. It clarifies whether the group, alliance, community we’re involved with is true for our future.  Where you’ve been invested might not be where your internal compass wants to continue.  Saturn demands you get your ducks in a row to achieve your aims in 2023. What’s the plan that will take youfrom the Solstice to March equinox?  We feel better when we follow through on our inner disciplines despite our urge to rebel. What new structures do you need to implement and what ones are best eliminated? Work with your limits rather than rebelling against them.  Simplicity generally proves to be a better companion than complexity. It requires a Saturnian attitude to use our shortest words ‘yes’ and ‘no’ with aplomb.  Acting with integrity, without fear, takes courage. The results are inner peace and regained energy.

Jupiter at zero degrees of cardinal Aries, square the new moon is the ultimate cosmic cheer leader. This warrior goes where angels fear to tread. Find the courage to take the leap of faith and follow your inner truth for a better future. What we broadcast, think, visualise, believe and feel– these are the frequencies that create our world. When the 3D fear porn starts to seem a little too real, pause and say ‘not my reality’ as you shift your frequency from fear to love.  We are sculpting the future, together, one gorgeous, loving, thought at a time.

Three Rose Windows in a Gothic Church, One Damaged by War

The Sabian symbol for this new moon offers encouragement; “Three Rose Windows in a Gothic Church, One Damaged by War”.  Hold fast to that strong sovereign self. Stay focussed on the goodness in the world whilst the powers that be bombard us with warring narrative and terrorism in all its forms. In the wise words of Leonard Cohen “There is a crack, a crack in everything.  That’s where the light gets in”.   Hold the faith.  Believe in better.

Mercury is bringing a shift of perspective on what we’ve lived through individually and collectively over the last three years.  As it enters its shadow preparing to retrograde on the 29th it gives time for this considered review. The fear machine is on overdrive as we near the tipping point. Despite appearances to the contrary, we’re in the evolutionary shift our ancestors foresaw. Stay focussed on the frequency of heaven on Earth. The antidote is not to fight, so old programme, instead create a tsunami of love. Get your house in order, complete the year well and know where you’re headed in 2023. The bigger celestial picture is positive. There is increasing momentum since the cosmic big guns shifted forward and all planets will be direct by January 22nd.  Wishing you all a blessed festive season and infinite new moon love.



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