Full Wolf Moon in Cancer January 6th 2023 – Stepping Sideways into the New Year

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Full Wolf Moon in Cancer: A soft, slow full moon arrives on January 6th at 11.07pm BST.  In Cancer, it’s inviting us to look under the bonnet of our hard shells and feel into our gooey underbellies.  Overall, 2023 will be a rapidly moving year of mesmerising changeability, fast-forwarding our evolutionary trajectory.  But for now, we have a pause.  Appreciate languishing in this quiet, reflective beginning.  It won’t last. We’ll feel the quickening before January closes.

look under the bonnet of our hard shells

Mars and Mercury still retrograde create this leisurely start.  Pay heed, the sap is not yet rising. New year resolutions and manic to-do lists will fail to satisfy.  Whereas afternoon naps and conscious day dreaming will reap untold rewards. Perhaps even bypassing the delays, setbacks and re-dos, these two retreating planets create when we try to push faster than the current cosmic timeline decrees.

Ruled by the Moon Cancer brings our emotions to the fore.  Under her silvery rays we instinctively understand what others need. She activates the mothering vibe in all of us. Our intuitive, nurturing, touchy feely selves get an airing.  Be mindful. Be honest. Predominantly about what’s going on within and what you need for yourself.  We all need more love, compassion and kindness in the world but don’t over care for others to avoid your own feelings.  Self-care first, then you can really show up when called.

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Father and Mother quarrel?

Opposing the Sun in Capricorn ruled by Saturn (father), this Moon (mother) falls on the parental axis.  What is your relationship with your adult/child self?  How can you be a better parent to yourself first and foremost? In the ideal world Dad tends to offer discipline and structure whereas Mum wants to nurture and nourish.  Check your own inner relationship to these energies. Balance them for greater health in 2023.  Cancer will highlight what your inner child needs whereas Capricorn wants you taking care of business.  

Full Wolf Moon in Cancer

Right now, we need more time to catch up with ourselves. With Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun you’re seeing things you missed the first-time round.  What you haven’t dealt with is also highlighted.  In Capricorn it is practical realism. Are you wasting your time?  Is where your focus lies productive? Input equals output.  Is yours nourishing?


If you’re feeling overwhelm or confusion step back to discover where your energy really wants to flow in 2023.  Where do you still need to say “NO” that’s not for me.  Conserve energy by focussing on what really matters and what doesn’t.  Hone the arrow of your work/life balance and resist following Capricorn season’s ‘get it done’ energy. This will allow deep realisations regarding what you’re prepared to continue working with and what you’re not to rise from your depths.

At the end of January, we enter the Chinese year of the Water Rabbit a gentle fertile energy.  Compost now ready to plant new seeds in this fruitful soil. Numerologically we’ve entered a seven year.  Symbolised by the major arcana card of the Chariot.  This number is considered spiritually significant in many cultures from the seven days of creation to the seven chakras.  From the seven colours of the rainbow to the seven days of the week.  This number seeks just as our initiate chooses to ride his chariot out into the wider world on a quest to discover the mysteries of life.  2023 promises to be a year of seeking deeper truths.

What’s the Symbol of this Full Moon?

The Sabian symbol for this moon sums it up: “The germ grows into knowledge and life”.  The seed holds the code, but to germinate it requires the right nourishment.  Once sprouted the tender sapling gains strength and resilience by encountering and overcoming obstacles in its environment.  If we stay true to our essence, despite the difficulties we meet, we too gain fortitude and will eventually prevail.

The Sabian symbol: “The germ grows into knowledge and life”
The Sabian symbol: “The germ grows into knowledge and life”

Both the Moon and Sun are squaring Chiron in Aries which recently stationed direct.  It highlights where we haven’t quite found our groove.  You’ll feel it powerfully without being able to articulate what you’re feeling.  Allow it to flow through. Stay in the now.  Take time to contemplate and re-group.  Sometimes just letting it be is how we heal best.  

With Uranus sextile to the Moon and trine to the Sun, you might surprise yourself with what arises and what you suddenly decide to do with your life.  The Moon trine to Neptune adds a highly creative power masterful at dissolving previously indestructible boundaries.  Allow yourself to go beyond previous limits.  Change is the only truth. 

Reign of Water

Astrologically speaking this year, the water and earth elements dominate.  The unhealthy balance can lead to stagnation and emotional diarrhoea.  When harmonious the river of our lives flows powerful and true due to the strong earth banks.  Create the structures that best support your flow.

It can seem like the world is still a huge mess but internally a great shift is occurring. We don’t believe the old narratives that have kept the world in place any more.  We’re questioning the programmes.  The cracks are appearing everywhere.  Truths and toxins continue to seep through the cracks. It can be scary. The temptation is to patch up the old, hide, pretend it isn’t happening or isn’t our problem. Instead turn your focus inward to the dream of a better future.  What does it feel like, sound like, look like to you? Whilst we’ll see big endings during 2023 the Astrological compass is firmly focussed on the beginnings of the new.

Seed of Potential

What do you want to initiate? More importantly what state of being do you want to embody?  Can you trust the invisible? Can you dream the new into being? Can you believe it without first seeing it? Humanity is an unstoppable, miraculous force when it comes together in love for a common purpose. Astrology gives us the pattern what are you going to use it to create in 2023?  

Enjoy slow January.  Loosen the self-imposed regimes.  Where are you being too hard on yourself?  Where are you overindulging?  Find the balance.  Fortify yourself. Focus on building your inner reserves. Are your current resources optimal or do they need a refresh? Choosing what works for you is an act of sovereign power.  It enables you to show up as your authentic self.  If you feel depleted pay attention to changes that will nurture you more.  One size doesn’t fit all, tune in to what will work for you.  Making conscious decisions about these matters is the key to an optimal 2023 and beyond.  Wishing you all infinite full moon love.

Full Moon Ritual for January 2023

One of my favourite new year rituals is the ‘letter to future me’.  It re-captures the magical, increasingly ancient art of letter writing, a powerful way to ‘spell’ our world into being.

Set aside enough time so that you do not feel rushed.  You will need some sheets of plain paper and an envelope and a pen you love to write with.

Set your sacred space, light a candle, some incense and play soft background music if it helps you get in the mood.  

Spend a few minutes meditating and grounding yourself into the present.

Date your letter 6th January 2024.  Now write yourself a letter starting Dear ‘your name’ as though you were writing to your best friend telling them what an extraordinary year you’ve just had.  Fill it with detail and colour and all the things you would love to have happen.  For example “Dear …. Wow! I have just had the best year of my life.  So many extraordinarily miraculous events occurred.  It all started just after the full moon in January when I met a new group of friends whom I just clicked with instantly….. etc etc.  When you’ve finished sign the letter, put in the envelope, seal it and put on your altar, where it will stay until the date on the envelope next year.  Happy manifesting.

This process works far better than writing an intention list or wish list because as you write the letter you get emotionally involved in what you are creating and it is thoughts AND feelings that create our reality.

So mote it be…..

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