Full Moon in Leo February 5th – Gather your Courage – Live from your Heart

Capricorn Full Moon July 21st 2024: Harness the Power of Ambitious Manifestation

Full Moon in Leo February 5th  Gather your Courage – Live from your Heart. At 18.28 BST on February 5th the moon peaks in fiery Leo at 16 degrees.  The fifth of seven full moons at that degree. In the tarot, the 16th major arcana is The Tower. At its core, the Tower represents the shattering of illusion and the breakdown of old structures and beliefs. Usually depicted as a tall, imposing building being struck by lightning it symbolises the collapse of the ego and the things we have held constant.

Full Moon in Leo February 5th

This includes our beliefs, our relationships, and even our sense of self. The sudden and catastrophic nature of the event shown can be deeply unsettling, representing a loss of control and a sense of disorientation.  Yet despite its ominous reputation, the Tower is a powerful symbol of growth, transformation, and liberation and THE perfect archetype for our current lunar axis of Aquarius/Leo.  

The new moon of the Water Bearer had us exploring the transpersonal, the collective, the wider issues of humanity and our role in community.  As the Leo Full Moon now illuminates the sky we are invited to tap into our inner strength and creativity, and to let our true selves shine. It brings us back to the personal.  

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Big Energy

Both are vessels for big energies and the full moon brings a culmination of some aspect of this particular polarity.  Leo is Sun ruled, making our Lions very radiant and aware of their one-of-a-kind character. Whilst Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of evolution and collective innovation. As fixed signs, these two can get stuck, creating explosive pressure as their fiery air seeks an outlet and space to breathe.When they dance the cosmic tango, we learn to love who we are and invite change that’s beyond what we can currently imagine. Where are you discovering a new balance between these two?  Together they combine big heart and big mind. The crème de la crème is a playful, generous spirit, embodied in heart intelligence.

Where to focus on

Get creative and don’t fall prey to inertia.  Focus on the relationship between your solar plexus(will) and heart(love) chakras.  Breathe into any resistance in these areas and check in with your inner child. How are they faring in the mayhem?  Are you making time for play, laughter, love, passion and fun? These Leonine attributes are the great antidote to the 3D fear porn.

Leo, fixed fire, is the sign most connected to the heart.  From a Chinese astrological perspective, we are in a sixty-year cycle, meaning this decade resonates with the 1960’s, the era of the ‘peace and love’ movement.  As every great teaching reveals, love is the answer.  Our heart is the organ that connects us to the entire cosmos through its toroidal field.  Make decisions from here and use the mind to execute them. Leo is a leader, as the Lion rules the savannah with pride, courage and integrity.  Leo radiates and its light is infectious helping us all toshine brighter.  This is true leadership, in service to the greater whole. 

Last days of Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn is in its last month in Aquarius. It’s been here for the last 3 years.  As this planet of constriction, discipline, rules and regulations visited our freedom loving Water Bearer it coincided with the world going into lockdown.  In March the cosmos shifts gears as Saturn moves into Pisces revealing a new cosmic flavour which will carry us through to 2026.  We can’t move into expanded consciousness if we’re out of integrity.  Saturn in Pisces will root out ourdelusions and spiritual bypassing. We’re in the midst of deep ecological change.  We need new direction at the highest level.  As life has become increasingly digitised, branded and mem-ified Saturn will introduce ethics back into the equation.  Purveyors of puerile, meaningless tech will be held accountable and the terabytes will shift their focus towards innovative usage in service to all sentient life.

Activating the Great Awakener

This Moon is activating Uranus, the ‘Great Awakener’ in Taurus. It demands the breaking of the old and unworkable to create space for the new. Our genetic hardware is programmed for awakening it’s our software that needs a radical re-write.  Currently in tight T-square to the Sun and Moon Uranus brings a sense of urgency and restlessness amplified by all planets currently moving forward.  We can all feel the evolutionary leap taking place below the surface.  The trick is to maintain our equilibrium when the disruptions and distractions hit. It’s deeplyuncomfortable as the road ahead is not yet clear.  

We’re getting into the subtlety of the shifts.  What are the new chapters of your life that want to start?Be willing to evolve even if you have no idea what that looks like right now. If you’re not feeling it in your heart don’t do it.  The power of change is necessary.  Connect with your courage to push through. The shadow of Leo wants to run – we all know the story of the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz.

a bright and fiery Light

Mercury is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn ensuring our global leaders and their secrets have nowhere to hide. Pluto demands transformation, Leo will shine its fiery light of integrity on anything less than that and Mercury loves to dig deep and find the truth.  Our consciousness is evolving to the era of transparency where our telepathic abilities will leave no room for hidden motive and lies.  The view out of your inner windows has changed. The internal shifts that perhaps do not have a shiny external manifestation – YET! It takes time to absorb and integrate the new frequencies. Retain a confidence in yourself.  Honour who you are.  

A Church  Choir

The Sabian symbol for Leo 17 is ‘A non-vested church choir’.  This gives permission to relax orthodox rigidity.  A non-vested choir can bend the rules, just as we can inject our personal uniqueness into our gatherings.  Boost people’s spirits by gathering in song.  Singing from the heart is a high frequency activity that boosts our immunity and brings joy and laughter. Don’t save your tunes for the shower cubicle, share them and lift the spirits of all.  On a more serious note, this symbol is a reminder that ALL voices need to be heard not just the ones currently holding power.

With Venus in exaltation in Pisces softening the hard, dry energy of fixed fire this full moon brings an enormous creative surge. A chance to fill our sad hearts with optimism.  Romance yourself, focus on pleasure and try new experiences. Use this power of the heart (Cour -age) to radiate love and light to the world. Tap into your inner strength and creativity, and let your true self shine. Trust in your abilities. Dissolve the doubts or fears holding you back, and fully embrace your authentic self. Reflect on your relationships and connections with others, and consider what you need to feel truly fulfilled and connected. Open willingly to new possibilities and embrace inevitable changes with flexibility and grace. Wishing you all infinite full moon love.

Full Moon Ceremony for Leo. Feb 5th/6th 2023

This full moon is a perfect time for a ‘prayer fire.  You can do this on your own but it is infinitely more powerful if you invite friends and family to join with you.  Having your prayers witnessed amplifies their power.

Whether you create your fire on the ground, in a fire pit or bowl or even in a small fire proof dish this fire is sacred.  Nothing is added to this fire except wood that has been prayed into and honoured. This ritual not only carries your prayers to Spirit it strengthens your relationship to the fire element.  Therefore, cleanse the ground or bowl first by using a fragrant,sacred smoke.  

fire energy at work

Feed the ground itself with tobacco, rice or seeds.  With each log, you use to build your fire breathe a prayer of gratitude into it. Logs, when burnt are releasing the sunshine that they absorbed to grow.  Fire allowed our survival and thriving on this planet.  Come into right relationship with it.  Useincense to feed the fire once it is lit.  Have a pile of small logs ready by the fire for when your ceremony begins.  When you have gathered together, light from the East, the direction of the rising sun accompanied by an opening prayer or song.

Once the fire has become established people simply come up to the fire whenever they feel called, (popcorn style) take a log and speak a prayer out loud before adding it to the fire.  Each prayer is witnessed in silence and respected.  These prayers can be for anything from healing for a family member, to a call for our world leaders to stop war, to praying for clean water, or simply thanking nature, whatever you feel in your heart in the moment.  Remember to become the prayer for the moment of praying.  Walk sunwise round the fire to collect your prayer log and continue in that direction after your prayer has been offered.

Afterwards you might like to share songs, food and stories round the fire as is your desire.

So mote it be….



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