New Moon in Pisces 20th February 2023 – Dreaming the Impossible Dream

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New Moon in Pisces 19/20th February 2023 – Dreaming the Impossible Dream

New moon in watery Pisces arrives at 7.05am BST on February 20th, the 4th of 5 new moons at the first degree. It demands we surrender the rational mind and yield to the divine flow of life. Get dreamy, sow seeds, set intentions for peace, love and harmony.  This is a significant turning point.  The Sun and Moon in Pisces are conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn is holding our cosmic fish to account. Neptune, ruler of Pisces, is the dreamer and Saturn is the realiser of dreams. Be awake to what you are dreaming into reality.  Partner with Spirit and dream the impossible dream. Ignite the spark of your most beautiful, magical and mystical creative expression.  

This last new moon of the astrological year is sweetly potent. As we enter Pisces season, we are absorbing the energies and lessons of all the signs as we complete this latest turn of the astrological year.  Allow yourself to bathe in the great Mystery. In this submergence open to receive the enchantment and higher wisdom on offer.  Under the influence of the cosmic fish our empathy expands. As we allow ourselves to drop and flow, our consciousness soars, our inspirations gain a vital vividness and our creative expression demands an outlet.  Where could you use a cosmic revelation or two? 

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The shadow of the Piscean mind, at sea in a mush of empathy, forgets where it begins and others end and in the maelstrom of confusion falls prey to addiction and self-sabotage. This is where reaching out towards the axis point with polar opposite Virgo brings balance.  Earthy Virgo brings strong earth banks (good daily routines) allowing the Pisces rivers to flow in right relationship with Spirit.

Navigate the emotional rapids by embodying the hermit archetype.  Create alone time.  Go inward. Embrace this cycle of yin, receptive, feminine energy.  Find the bliss within. Meditate, breathe, forest bathe especially near water. Guided by the intuitive, empathic, and sensitive water sign of Pisces, this is a powerful moment for inner reflection, introspection, and spiritual connection.

We are moving from fixed Aquarius to mutable Piscean energy.  The more flexible and malleable we can be, the easier our journey. We’re working with the imagination (I magic nation). But conjunct Saturn this lunation gives a taste of what’s coming when Saturn moves fully into Pisces on March 7th.  This is the embryonic start of a new generational cycle.  Father Time adds a serious note to what we’re dreaming into being.  Open up to what you truly want for yourself.  Pisces brings your attention to what you’re developing spirituality whilst Saturn supports its physical manifestation in the 3D reality.  Saturn means business. It will be back at this exact degree point when it moves into Pisces at the beginning of the new astrological cycle next month.  

Pisces loves to procrastinate but Saturn says it’s ok, here’s a road map of bite size pieces to success. What needs to be cleared out to make space for the new?  What dream of lasting value are you building? This new moon shows you the higher values of your life and what’s truly important.  There’s no more space or time for compromise.  This is karmic clean-up time as Venus sits at the very last degree of the zodiac as we come to the last new moon of the astrological year.  

Activated by the Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune all cosying up in the Piscean Lake of infinite possibility this constitutes a cosmic summit destined to crack open your 3rd eye. Expect a tsunami of epiphanies during both waking and sleeping hours. There will be big completions and equally huge new beginnings. This moon is birthing new parts of our spiritual growth as we master our soul lessons. This allows next level choices and manifestation possibilities to arise. Matters that were once top of your list no longer do it for you.  You know it.  It’s safe to let go.  With Chiron and Jupiter becoming conjunct in Aries you’ve healed something deep within.  Trust yourself.  You’re ready for these changes you know you need to make.  

With Mercury in Aquarius trine Mars in Gemini we’re being flooded with new information. All manner of fascinating conversations are green lit. Square to Uranus they will be speckled with flashes of inspired genius.  Tune your inner antennae to radio Cosmos and keep your inner ears open.

Pluto and Saturn are both at the 29th degree of Capricorn and Aquarius respectively. This last degree is the great resistance before the breakthrough. Expect the 3D stage to offer some compelling illustrations of power mongering grasps for control. The wave breaks in March when both these huge outer planets move house.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is “A squirrel hiding from hunters”.  It speaks to our need to evade some of these more insane control tactics that are likely to be imposed as we come up hard against these last zodiacal degrees of resistance.  It lends us a heightened sensitivity and awareness of when to retreat and when to advance.  We would be wise to heed the cautions we’re being alerted too but don’t fall prey to paranoia – a favourite Piscean shadow.

With Neptune conjunct Venus in Pisces in a Chinese rabbit year this is romance on speed dial.  Use this delicious nectar of the heavens to romance your soul, your life, your friends, your family and your special other. Allow your inner grail cup to overflow with love for all life, embracing forgiveness and compassion. Love is courageous and infectious – spread the contagion with this divinely joyful energy.

All mutable signs hold a degree of duality and this lunation brings a deeper merging of the soul and human self. The dichotomy between this ending of an astrological wheel and a new moon gives rise to innovative insights allowing us to view old issues from a different perspective.  The Pisces fish know how to ride the waves of higher cosmic intelligence to birth spiritual awakenings and possibility.  But keep those dreams grounded by daily, practical steps towards their realisation. 

We can feel ‘moony’ and overwhelmed by the tidal wave of emotion this moon brings. Pisces is THE most sensitive of the water signs but it is also closest to Source and that sense of oneness.  Drugs, delusions and magical creative expression are all up for grabs. This is a powerful moment of completion and release, signalling the beginning of a new astrological cycle. Reflect on where you’ve journeyed during this last turn of the wheel.  How are you trusting and partnering with yourself? With others? With Spirit? With life? Embrace this opportunity for growth and transformation, connecting to the Divine through your inner self.  Wishing you all infinite new moon blessings.

New Moon Ritual

To honour the upcoming new moon in Pisces, let’s get watery.  Any body of water will allow you to tap into the potent energy of the Piscean consciousness – soak in a bath, paddle in the ocean, dance in the rain or daydream by a river.  

To take it deeper do this moon’s ritual:

Create a sacred space outdoors near a body of water, such as a lake, pond or river. Bring a small bowl and a candle with you. Fill your bowl with water from the river, lake etc. Find a quiet spot. Place the bowl on the ground and light a candle next to it.

Close your eyes and take some deep breaths to centre yourself. Call upon your spirit guides and ancestors to join you. Ask for their guidance and support as you connect with the energy of this potent new moon in Pisces.

As you gaze into the bowl of water, take a moment to reflect on your intentions and desires for the upcoming lunar cycle. You may wish to visualize these intentions as images in the water. Once you have a clear vision of what you want to manifest, you can use a feather or other natural object to stir the water in a clockwise direction, infusing it with your intentions.

As you stir, recite a mantra or prayer that feels powerful and resonant to you. This could be a simple phrase such as “I am ready to receive abundance and love,” or a more elaborate invocation to your spirit guides or the energy of the new moon in Pisces.

Once you feel complete, offer gratitude to your guides and ancestors for their support and guidance. Snuff out the candle and pour the water back into the river, lake etc where it will become one with the waters of life. Take a moment to ground yourself and connect with the natural world around you before returning to your daily life.

So mote it be…..

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