Full Moon Virgo March 7th – Reality Checkpoint!

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Full Moon Virgo March 7th – Reality Checkpoint! A game changing cosmic month starts on March 7th with the last full moon of the current astrological cycle in Virgo at 12.40pm BST. The 6th of 7 full moons at the 16th degree, the archetype of The Tower – if we don’t choose to change the Universe will force the issue. 

What changes are the heavens calling for? Virgo, the healer archetype, is hot on purification. Time to detox your home, mind and life.  We’re embodying new identities.  The past is done.  Move on.  Don’t infect the future with old baggage.  Make space for the new. This cosmic upgrade wants us back in harmony with life and all of her creatures. Purify and simplify.

The highest expression of Virgo is pure divine love.  But it’s also an earthy practical energy that wants to improve, organise and manage.  Our Virgin loves details, she’s methodical and analytical. Where do you need new solutions or systems?  Particularly in relation to your self-care and daily habits.  This moon is out on a limb opposing super-powered Piscean energy so something you haven’t been heeding health wise is likely to require attending too.

Full Moon Virgo March 7th

Virgo discerns and discriminates what’s important to focus on.  But the finickity Virgin can also fall foul of judgment. Watch those hyper critical tendencies. We often judge others to avoid owning our own shortcomings.  Embody sweetness of tongue.  Virgo loves self-improvement make sure it also includes self-love, forgiveness and compassion.  

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Full Moon Virgo March 7th. Sun, Neptune and Mercury are all partying in Pisces with Saturn joining hours after the full moon peaks. These highlight the miraculous, particularly in relation to health and healing, which troubles Virgo – the virgin wants facts and spreadsheets.  Yet there’s something exciting to be uncovered here if you allow it space to be born. Right now, the Virgo details are in Pisces land meaning only the Universe knows the answers.  This may provoke a few crazy mind storms as you attempt to ground something that doesn’t fully exist yet.  With six planets in mutable signs change is the only certainty. Virgo loves to overthink.  Analysis can be healthy but not when it leads to paralysis.  Intuition and logic are currently in opposition.  Patience is the magic word.

Cosmic Vibes

Virgo’s ruler Mercury moved into Pisces on March 2nd, not it’s favourite haunt, but serves to slow the mental stresses and allow our musings to gain 3D momentum.

With Mars still traversing Gemini social media dramas can activate. On the 3D health related cover-ups and scandals are continuing to emerge and anger could rise. Don’t get distracted. Truth has a heart resonance. Feed the love, starve the fear.

Venus, Jupiter and Chiron are all visiting Aries supporting your deeper healing processes. They’re asking you to trust the dream that hides in your heart and believe it can be so. Jupiter will amplify what you’ve been avoiding too. 

Uranus trine the moon supports our crazy endeavours and wildest ideas. Expect technological innovations or breakthroughs in science and medicine, that could benefit us all. Think outside the box and approach problems in unique ways. Explore new interests and take risks in your personal or professional lives. This trine brings a sense of excitement and freedom, encouraging us to break free from old patterns and embrace new possibilities. 

Tough love

For this report the Cosmic headline is planet of tough love, Saturn moving into Pisces for the first time in 30 years on the same day as the full moon. Here it will leave its indelible mark on the headlines and our lives.  A vastly different energy to Aquarius and Capricorn where Big Daddy has been comfortably at home for the last six years. There’s no user manual for Saturn in Pisces.  We’ll all need to surrender to the mysteries as we navigate a two-year period of spiritual growth and evolution.

Earthy Saturn rules karma, restrictions, boundaries and limitations. What you sow you reap. Watery Pisces rules spirituality, creativity, and imagination. Saturn’s move will bring a sense of confusion and disorientation, as our beliefs and structures are challenged, and new perspectives sought. The ground will shift and shake as Pisces muddies and threatens to dissolve Saturn’s strong boundaries.  Maintain an open heart and mind to embrace the opportunities for growth and evolution available.

Saturn gets a bad rap but work with it and you’ll find its sweet spot. How? Self-discipline.  Saturn rewards come with kept promises and commitment. In Pisces we’re talking spiritual discipline.  Regular, daily practise doesn’t sound sexy but with Saturn in Pisces it can quantum shift your personal evolution.  Saturn is only malefic to the lazy and unfocussed.  Dust off your yoga mats, meditation cushions, long forgotten creative works, musical instruments, fishing rods and commit.  In the process you’ll learn one of life’s paradoxical secrets. True freedom comes from 100% commitment.

Light and Shadow

The shadow of this transit is sensitivity overload in a harsh world leading to feeling abandoned, hopeless and faithless. Seeking oblivion rather than enlightenment. Our desire for escapism seeks anything gratifying and repeatable, compulsive scrolling, gaming, binge series, drugs, alcohol etc. The list is long and compelling and Saturn takes no prisoners. Use the transit wisely – daily practise is your saving grace.

On a global level, Saturn’s move into Pisces will bring significant shifts in political, economic, and social structures. The disillusionment and dissatisfaction with current systems and institutions will grow. Sparking a desire for change and evolution as well as potential for revolution. The Sabian symbol for this full moon reinforces the message of our cosmic headliner: “A Volcanic Eruption Bringing Dust Clouds, Flowing lava, Earth rumblings”.  Yet this explosion could be of creative ideas and insights not necessarily anger and destruction.  More than anything it symbolises a great release of energy.  A cathartic discharge. Resistance has been building and now an outlet for the pressure is required.  Be mindful of explosive emotions and overreactions especially in relation to 3D news. New leaders will emerge. Up the ante on your inner discernment to detect the charismatic bullshitters from the real deal.

A conversation with your soul should have begun with the Pisces new moon. Use this efficient, organised Virgo moon to start making it a reality.  Whilst doing so embrace flexibility, curiosity and the mysteries of the next few years. Your inner guru is your GPS. Follow it wisely to discern flashy fads from sustainable movements.  Explore your inner realms and dream expansively but above all commit to daily practise.  Persistence and perseverance are the new games in town. These will keep your river banks strong when the Saturnian currents hit. Wishing you all infinite full moon love.

Full Moon Ritual

A powerful ritual for this Full Moon in Virgo is a shamanic journey to connect with the Earth and receive guidance from our spirit guides and ancestors. 

Begin by creating a sacred space. This could be a quiet room in your home, or an outdoor space that feels safe and nurturing. Use sacred smoke or incense to clear the energy of the space. You will need a drum or rattle for journeying. 

Set a clear intention for what you wish to receive guidance on. This could be a question that you are seeking an answer to, or a situation that you need clarity on. 

Take a few moments to centre yourself and focus your intention. Take a few deep breaths and visualize yourself connecting with the energy of the Earth. Imagine roots growing from the soles of your feet, anchoring you deep into the Earth’s core. Feel the energy of the Earth flowing through your body, grounding you.

Use your drum or rattle to enter into a trance state and connect with your spirit guides and ancestors. Ask for their guidance and support, and allow them to lead you on a journey through the realms of spirit.

As you journey, remain open and receptive to the guidance and insights that come to you. Pay attention to any symbols, images, colours or messages that you receive, and trust in the wisdom of your guides and ancestors.

When you feel ready to return to waking consciousness, take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to fully come back into your body. Thank your guides and ancestors for their guidance, and take a moment to reflect on the insights and guidance that you received.

After your journey, take some time to integrate the insights and guidance that you received. Journaling, creating art, or spending time in nature are all helpful ways to process and integrate the experience.

So mote it be….

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