New Moon in Aries – New Astrological Year – New Era for Humanity!

Seeking Expanded Horizons Under Sagittarius Skies – New Moon December 12th

New Moon in Aries – New Astrological Year – New Era for Humanity! An astonishingly powerful new moon arrives in Aries at 17.22 BST on March 21st.  Hitting just hours after the peak of the equinox it’s flooding our cosmic consciousness with fresh starts and initiations.  This isn’t just the start of a new astrological cycle we’re entering a new era for humanity.  A new consciousness is emerging.  The fruits will take time to become evident but the seeds are germinating and deepening their roots.

New Moon in Aries – New Astrological Year

This is the last of five new moons at zero degrees perfectly timed with the new astrological year.  The Cosmos is initiating us into a whole new beginning. With 5 celestial bodies in Aries (Sun, Moon Chiron Jupiter and Mercury) this is warrior spirit on steroids. We have a choice. We can use the Martian power to propel ourselves forward and execute a quantum upshift in our lives. Or we can waste the jet fuel on anger and warring amongst ourselves. With the Sun and Moon square to Aries ruler Mars, the energy is dynamic, incendiary, impulsive and trigger happy – use it wisely.  War, death and poverty is so OLD paradigm.  When do we choose to change the narrative? The heavens are calling us to account.  The time is NOW.  Choose love, collaboration, equal opportunity, co-creation of a better world for all.

The cosmic signature everywhere is NEW for this moon. The question is; “How well are you trusting this new beginning?’  How do you respond to change?  How are you able to move your life forward into foreign territory? Aries is the ignition key of the zodiac introducing you to a new part of yourself you’ve never seen.  Time to remove all self-imposed limitations.  No more victim.  Utilise the passion and urge to act, to birth your unique genius.  We need you! This moon is meant to set your soul on a new course of advancement.  The new you is demanding a new path, a new chapter, perhaps even a whole different book.  Aries can feel fast and furious.  Breathe into it. Trust your process and act, the heavens can’t wait.  

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The Martian Power

Mars is at the end of his long sojourn in Gemini where he’s been on a deep investigation of our internal duality.  He has strengthened our ability to speak our truth with discretion and discernment. He’s also super charged and supportive to these five planets in Aries emitting profound personal understandings. Finally, we can break through our resistances. Our daily battle with our inner inconsistencies and choose a life we love. 

You’re ready.  Begin. New adventures, new starts, initiations, perhaps simply believing you’re a new person.  This is a deep energetic drive within you.  What is calling to you that feels unfamiliar and fresh? What internal whispers are vying for your attention? This is something you can TRUST, the hallmark of Aries innocence. No overthinking, researching, or analysing to death.  Have faith in your soul’s GPS.  A new self-understanding is emerging.  What matters to you? Take risks. Step up. Be the pioneer your heart knows is possible.

A Generational Shift

Pluto, planet of generational shifts, is moving us forward ready or not. Currently taking its last gasps in Capricorn where it’s been since 2008. (And we all know what happened that year!) by the 23rd it will enter Aquarius bringing life-changing transformation in all matters Uranian.  We’ve already seen three tech dominated banks collapse. It’s only a brief 3-month guest visit, it doesn’t take up fully occupancy until November 2024 but it’s enough to give us a flavour of what to expect in the next 20 years. We’re moving away from earth signs Taurus and Capricorn, past hierarchy and patriarchy towards synarchy.  People finally transcending profit.  It’s going to be a speedy transition.  Earth is slow and stable. Air is fast and invisible.  

Stay grounded and centred whilst the cool winds of change swirl with increasing whispers of revolution.  The last Pluto journey through Aquarius, between 1777 and 1798, saw the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. The Age of Enlightenment also reached its climax at this time. Who knows how humanity 2.0 will manifest through this Plutonian gateway of metamorphosis.  But tapping into Aquarian hivemind it is guaranteed to involve people power, communities, activism and cutting-edge technology.  Our sense of reality will be challenged by the opening of the AI pandora’s box. Bringing new ethical issues into awareness that our small selves have yet to comprehend. Uranus is also the Sky God, provoking changes in the aviation industry and all flying objects including UFO’s, the internet and of course air borne viruses.

…“A woman has risen out of the ocean, a seal is embracing her”…

The Sabian symbol for this new moon, which is the beginning degree of the zodiac, is “A woman has risen out of the ocean, a seal is embracing her.”  Meaning it is time to leave the past behind and embrace new awareness and understandings. An entirely new creative impulse is emerging and we need to welcome and nurture these seeds of the future. Resist wallowing in the past.  Don’t look back. Shed old skins and embrace your new expressions.

With the Sun and Moon square Neptune, be wary of dissipating your energy in confusion and delusion.  How are your dreams shaping up? Fantasy or Anticipation.  Aries says not IF, but WHEN. New chapters are beginning in your magnum opus.

The Return of the Goddess

Venus returned home to Taurus on March 16th emphasising slow burn, committed love. Quality time and presence with yourself as well as your besties.  Releasing tension, opening the heart keeps all relationships flourishing.  Don’t be too staid though or hold on to the old familiar ways of relating – allow a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ into the equation.  Conjunct the North Node of collective destiny it calls to the higher evolutionary reasons of why we want what we want. Something elusive, that you’ve worked hard for, can suddenly manifest.  

The new moon conjunct Uranus, planet of rebellion, innovation, and sudden change, will amplify the Aries energy, bringing a sense of unpredictability and excitement. A colossal wave of awakening begins as more unpalatable truths come to light.  We can no longer numb out in our cosy soporific worlds of one click convenience. We’re being encouraged to break free from old patterns and routines. It’s time to take risks, step outside of our comfort zone, and explore new realms. 

Liberate yourself

Don’t play small this new moon.  With Pluto changing signs inspiration is your key to liberation. Have faith in your dreams. Eras of global upheaval are rarely secure and relaxing. But when the old structures fail us, it gives us the opportunity to create anew. Pluto in Aquarius asks us to transform our mind sets and believe in a better tomorrow through the power of our collective thought.

Maintain your edge by giving precedence to your daily grounding rituals that keep you centred and present. Be wary of jumping on bandwagons, unless they’re playing your favourite tunes.  Mass movements will rise up but so will their shadows. Instead gather with your besties, be in service to your communities and always listen to your inner wisdom keeper. With the energy of Aries and the support of the cosmos, anything is possible. Harness your inner badass and embrace this new moon with boldness and an adventurous spirit. Inspire others through your courage to stand up and speak out. Action brings vitality, energy and passion. Wishing you all infinite new moon love

New Moon – Spring Equinox Ritual

This is a wonderful shamanic ritual to celebrate the Aries new moon and equinox:

You will need:

A white candle

A red candle

A green candle

A smudging tool (e.g. sage or palo santo)

A small bowl of water

A small bowl of earth or salt

A journal and pen

Set up your sacred space where you can perform the ritual undisturbed.

Create an altar with the white, red, and green candles in a triangular formation. The white candle represents purity and new beginnings, the red candle represents passion and energy, and the green candle represents growth and renewal.

Light your smudging tool and cleanse your aura and space, visualizing any negative or stagnant energy being released.

Sit in front of your altar and take a few deep breaths to ground yourself and focus your intentions.

Start by lighting the white candle and saying a prayer or affirmation to invite new beginnings and fresh starts into your life. You may also choose to set an intention for this new moon cycle and the upcoming spring season.

Next, light the red candle and meditate on the energy and passion within you. Allow yourself to connect with your inner fire and visualize it burning brightly, igniting your motivation and drive.

Then, light the green candle and visualize yourself surrounded by a lush forest or blooming garden. Connect with the energy of growth and renewal, and allow yourself to feel the abundance of life and vitality.

Take a moment to honour and express gratitude for the changing of seasons and the cycles of nature. Acknowledge the balance between light and dark, and the continuous ebb and flow of life.

Dip your fingers into the bowl of water and sprinkle it over your head and heart, symbolizing cleansing and purification. Then, dip your fingers into the bowl of earth or salt and sprinkle it over your feet, symbolizing grounding and connection to the earth.

Finally, take your journal and write down any insights, messages, or intentions that came up during the ritual. You may also choose to draw a tarot or oracle card to gain further insight or guidance.

When you feel ready, blow out the candles in reverse order (green, red, white) and give thanks for the energy and guidance received during the ritual.

Leave your altar set up for the remainder of the day or night, as a reminder of your intentions and connection to the natural cycles.

Dispose of the water and earth/salt in a respectful manner, such as pouring them onto a plant or burying them in the ground.

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