Full Moon Libra April 6th 05.34am BST – A Pause in the Mayhem

Igniting Radiance and Revolution under Leo’s Full Moon – Thursday 25th January 2024

Full Moon Libra April 6th 05.34am BST – A Pause in the Mayhem: The astrological furniture changed dramatically in March with Saturn entering Pisces (it’s last visit was 1993) and Pluto getting its first taste of Aquarius since the 1700’s.  The sweet scent of people power is everywhere. On that perfumed air the Libra full Moon lands at 5.34am BST on March 6th bringing a Venusian pause in the dominant Martian warrior energy. Much needed before we charge full steam into eclipse season beginning with a once in a blue moon, solar eclipse in Aries.

Venus intervenes

We’re being given the chance to collect our breath and evaluate where we are in or out of balance.  Libra, ruled by Venus the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure, is the sign of balance and harmony. She’s all about relationships, partnerships, and diplomacy. Expect to feel a heightened sense of social awareness and desire for deep and meaningful connection.

Full Moon Libra April 6th 05.34am BST – A Pause in the Mayhem

Opposed the Sun in Aries this Aries/Libra axis is the movement of Me to We.  Where Aries, ruling individuality and self-expression needs to understand how to relate more harmoniously. Whilst Libra needs to learn how to balance the needs of others with her own needs. We’ll feel tension between our craving for independence and our desire for connection. Which will manifest in our relationships, as we feel torn between our own wishes and those of others.

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The Libra full moon is the magical looking glass reflecting back to you what you need, but don’t necessarily want to see. Who are you tuned into right now Mars or Venus? War or peace? Conflict or harmony? Me or We?  Work to emotionally balance yourself first before committing to others to avoid unhealthy compromises.

The scales of Balance

Libra knows what is out of balance. But we need to practise radical honesty to acknowledge and move towards what we really want before we enter a super charged eclipse season at the end of the month.  Self-reliance is not anti-other. Until we serve ourselves, we cannot serve another.  Know what you need to do for you.  Know what you want, and what’s important to you. Get clear on what no longer works or is worth the time or conversation. That’s the doorway this soft, quiet full moon is opening.  She is asking you to operate from your healed state not your wounded one.  In the process she is activating deeper, dormant aspects of the Self that you need going forward.

The challenge is finding the balance of opposites particularly in the arena of relating.  That pivot between ‘me’ needs and ‘we’ needs. In true Libra style both sides hold truth. It just depends which window we choose to look through. On one hand, we may want to assert our independence and do our own thing. On the other we may crave connection and suffer FOMO if we’re not included in group activities.

Navigate this tension by finding a balance between your individual needs and your desire for connection. We don’t have to sacrifice one for the other – it’s possible to assert our independence while still maintaining strong connections with others. It’s about finding the middle ground and communicating our needs effectively.

Libra says come out of the bubble of self and look to see where you can find equilibrium in partnership.  Step away from what has been all consuming and find a way to share.  Get it off your chest.  Talk it out. Open up even more to what you have yet to acknowledge.  

Wisdom is coming

With the Sun, Jupiter, Chiron all still in Aries enormous healing power is being activated in the arena of relationships.  Jupiter brings wisdom but also humour into sticky situations. And humour will definitely be needed to diffuse the Martian volatility.  

Sun is conjunct Chiron opening you up to more of your potential and gifts. Chiron is the ‘road less travelled’. His is the domain of the misfit, the outcast, the outsider. When these aspects take you down and despair threatens Chiron leads you to the deeper, authentic talents you are meant to connect with.  To achieve this, you get to meet new parts of yourself that you need to understand. Jupiter brings protection, expansion and support to this process.  Whilst Libra shows you the people who can connect to you at this new level. As the perspectives shift accept fully what is arising.

Libra’s ruler Venus is in Taurus sextile to Neptune bringing equilibrium between the masculine and feminine. Teaching us how to live with each other with compassion and acceptance.

With Mars in Cancer beautifully supported by a trine to Saturn in Pisces.  Trust the glide and flow. Keep your mind on the back burner. Tune-in with consideration. This is a soft, intuitively led energy.  Allow the openings with grace and ease. The old ways simply no longer work.

Archetype of Tower

The 7th of 7 full moons at the 16th degree, the archetype of the Tower.  What does not serve right relationship needs to fall.  Libra rules the law. The 3D stage is full of players, who felt they were above the law, finally being called to account.  

The Sabian symbol for this full moon is: “A retired sea captain watches ships entering and leaving the harbour” it speaks to the quiet, nostalgic energy of Libra.  Yes, the sea captain sometimes wishes he was still out there riding the waves, but also knows it is his time to rest and perhaps share his wisdom with others once he has contemplated and reflected fully on his experiences.

Communication is key to good relating. If we’re feeling out of balance it’s important to speak up and express our needs. With Jupiter still in Aries, despite Libra’s quest for balance, we’re still driving forward in top gear. On the 11th the Sun is conjunct Jupiter in Aries – a day to shine.  Plan something wild and adventurous.  

On the same day Venus moves into Gemini adding further to the need for good relational communications. Seek advice, accountability and fresh perspectives from your nearest and dearest.  Navigate power dynamics in your relationships and the wider collective. Allow the sometimes-uncomfortable outcomes to inform your new beginnings. Embrace unexpected events and sudden changes by staying grounded and centred in the heart. Ultimately peace, harmony and balance are found within first.  Wishing you all infinite full moon love.

Full Moon Ritual for Libra

Set your sacred space and gather any tools or items that you feel called to use for the ritual, such as candles, crystals, incense, or tarot cards.

Take a few deep breaths and visualize a chord of energy from your base chakra to the centre of the earth anchoring you to Mother earth. 

Invocation: Light a candle or incense, and call upon the energy of the Full Moon in Libra. You might say something like, “I call upon the energy of the Full Moon in Libra, to bring balance and harmony into my life. I invite this energy into my heart and spirit, and I am open to the guidance and wisdom it brings.”

Meditation: Close your eyes and visualize the Full Moon in Libra, shining brightly in the sky. Allow yourself to connect with its energy and feel its influence on your emotions, thoughts, and physical body. Imagine yourself surrounded by a warm, golden light that brings peace and calm.

Release: Take a few moments to reflect on any imbalances or negative energies that you’d like to release. Write them down on a piece of paper and burn it, releasing them into the universe.

Gratitude: Give thanks for the blessings in your life, and for the guidance and wisdom of the Full Moon in Libra. Express gratitude for the people, experiences, and opportunities that bring balance and harmony into your life.

Oracle/Tarot reading: Pull a tarot card or oracle card to gain insight into the energies and influences of the Full Moon in Libra. Reflect on the meaning of the card and how it applies to your life.

You might add music, movement, or other elements to enhance the experience. The most important thing is to approach the ritual with an open heart and mind, and to honour the energy of the Full Moon in a way that feels authentic and meaningful to you.

Closing: Blow out the candle or incense, and take a few deep breaths to ground yourself. Give thanks to the energy of the Full Moon in Libra, and release the circle.

So mote it be….

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