Full Moon May 5th 2023. BST in Scorpio

Finding Balance: Unveiling the Secrets of the Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Brace yourselves for a cosmic whirlwind

Full Moon May 5th 2023. BST in Scorpio: We have a flip in the Astro cycle due to the 2 new moons in Aries last month meaning the full moon in Scorpio comes before the new moon in Taurus (May 19th). So this brings up your emotional baggage before the new beginnings. It will continue until July next year. New moon gets to respond to the fall out of the full moon. Reversing the lunar cycle. It can make us feel more out of sorts than usual. Feels ‘wrong’ somehow or out of synch.

Ready to dive in Feelings?

Moon in Scorpio creates the need to delve into your feelings as deep as possible. You desire meaningful emotional exchanges now more than at any other time even if it is not easy and you are forced to change many things. Shallow relationships do not satisfy you, because they are not purifying enough.

End of the old cycle what are you shedding? What are you moving away from? Close to the South Terrific time to shed the old you. Blossoming of the new you. Long eclipse. 6 month window. Scorpio – toxins, long buried secrets, trust and betrayal. Planetary toxicity. Nodal axis Taurus/Scorpio. Scorpio is big money loans and mortgages etc. Financial volatility more banks going under in America.

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This is Sun closely conjunct Uranus opposing the moon – big earth shocks political earthquakes and the people to feeling rebellious could be quite dramatic on the world stage. Jupiter will be magnetizing all of it. Fundamental social re-engineering fundamental changes. Jupiter square Pluto in Aquarius – expanding freedom, truth, Jupiter rules justice.

Resources, food, food networks etc big problems here. Mercury retrograde still until the 14th – money issues diversification food and agriculture issues. Innovation required. Neptune trine to Mars helps us move from the material to the spiritual – use it to express or engage in your deeper spiritual practises. Big creative boost.Mars in Cancer issues to do with children that will raise a few heckles. Focus on what you’re creating to replace what is leaving.

Pluto activating the same mid-heaven degree as the wall street collapse of 1929 at 29 Capricorn. Another signature suggesting financial volatility. Remember we mould the clay this is just what’s possible. Cosmic insight into new financial systems.

In our world it’s all becoming too insane so then the only place that’s safe is inside yourself. Pause and come back to your breath. Come into the stillness. The eternal state of being that is always there. Gives you an internal anchor and sense of power. This is where mastery lies not in analysis or reaction to the news headlines.

Gather with friends and start to create a more loving world. Big jumps doesn’t bode well for our new King.

Eclipses are already intense and in Scorpio that ramps it up to cosmic warp speed. In conjunction with a full moon this is going to bring up a lot of old ‘shit’ basically. Probably matters you have deeply buried or ignored for a very long time. Will help to detox at some level – clear clutter anything basically that will shift the old energy put. Scorpio rules mystery – and revelation of mysteries.

Mercury retro in Taurus. Find old money you thought you’d lost.

Scorpio and Taurus both love to hold on to the past but the soul is calling you forward. What are you addicted to? Are they healthy ones? Relationships? Food? Material possession’s?

Look at your habits are they healthy or need improving?
Scorpio pulls you in it has a very charismatic energy.

  • Venus square to `Neptune – very loving and uplifting but be mindful of rose-tinted lenses colouring your relationships.
  • Scorpio Square to Chiron – victim energy. Turn it round how can you heal from this?
  • Pluto square to Jupiter – stay with what’s at your core for you what’s important?

Balancing of body and soul.

Feeling of dying, lots of fears coming up with Pluto and Scorpio. Can you catch it before your imagination gets the better of you?

Use the love of Venus, Taurus’s rulers. Deeply being loved by someone gives you strength loving someone deeply takes courage to keepo the heart open and vulnerable. Friday’s lunar eclipse in Scorpio has big releasing energy around it. Occurring at 10:34 am PT, this eclipse points to our ability to alchemize challenging material into gold. Since Scorpio loves an ending, this eclipse also marks a fairly dramatic — and potent — closure to eclipse season. Learn how and where it will show up for you in this week’s readings.

Intense eclipse season well under way. Big irreversible changes in your life.

May is a huge collective month astrologically.

Pluto is continuing to activate April’s eclipse right through to 2024. Plutonic energy playing out power issues during late April/early May. Where are you relating to power? Where’s the balance falling?

Jupiter squaring Pluto so expanding the power issues in a difficult way.

Impulsive, emotionaly reactive

14 degrees 5.33pm BST Scorpio

Full moon – big

We are deep in Mercury retrograde until 14th May, still in the eclipse window, and with the Scorpio lunar eclipse waxing to full on Friday, it’s been intense.

This Scorpio full moon is celebrated more than most, especially in Buddhist countries, because it is the moon under which Buddha was born, reached enlightenment and died.

This one is also more auspicious, as it is the sixth, and final Scorpio-Taurus eclipse pairing since 2021 that finally ends on the Taurus full moon lunar eclipse 28th October 2023.

Since the first Taurus lunar eclipse in November 2021, we have been urged to transform and change both our internal world, and how we see ourselves – our values, principles, and whether we are in alignment with our hearts, represented by Scorpio – and our external world, such as our career, relationships, friendships, living conditions, etc, represented by Taurus.

These eclipses have helped us change career paths, learn new skills, leave or transform relationships, create new projects, and enabled us to become much more aligned with who we really are.

Ruled by both Mars and Pluto, the Scorpio full moon illuminates emotions and untapped potential that are hidden deep in our unconscious.

However, this extra potent penultimate Scorpio full moon eclipse is dredging the bottom of our psyches. Whatever thoughts, desires and feelings you have been suppressing will be illuminated during the next two weeks, so you can be even more aligned with your heart.

A looming crisis, deception, or secret can also finally be aired over this full moon eclipse. Therefore, the whole spectrum of emotion is open to us now; passion, joy, jealousy, betrayal, love and desire.

Issues around self-worth, feeling that you are going round in circles not accomplishing anything, imposter syndrome, and experiencing old depressive thoughts and feelings may amplify over the next few weeks.

It may also feel as if you are taking one step forward and two steps back, things are just not aligning right, everything feels a bit sluggish and it’s an effort to get things done.

Don’t fight the flow. We are in a ‘pause’ period, so I advise not doing anything unless you are getting a full body YES! If things feel a bit murky, unclear, or unsure, trust your intuition and wait until the Taurus new moon on 19th May to make any decisions.

Stay strong during this time, and try not to react to your inner critic, or start blaming others. These heavy feelings will start to dissipate and things may look very different once this eclipse window passes, and Mercury goes direct.

Try White Chestnut, Cherry Plum, and Elm Bach Remedy if you are feeling fearful, overwhelmed, overburdened, consumed by obsessive thoughts, and need to feel more calm and in control.

Fortunately, the warrior energy of Scorpio’s ruling planet Mars supports us with courage and strength in going to these Pluto induced emotional and spiritual depths.

Use the energy of the sun in Taurus to find the self-esteem, courage and stubbornness to speak your truth, and resolve the issues that are coming to the surface.

Despite all the challenges, there is also a lot of magic during an eclipse window. This is also a powerful time for synchronicities, Any connections you make during this eclipse portal may turn out to be important and potent, especially if they happen unexpectedly.

Last weekend, I got on the bus and the woman sitting next to me followed me on insta, and had been wanting to connect but had felt too shy. Life had brought us together on a bus! Be open to magical synchronicities over the next few weeks.

This Scorpio full moon is also known as the Lunar Beltane moon in ancient pagan times, and signified the beginning of Summer and a time of abundance and growth.

This is the time to plant your ‘metaphorical’ seeds in time for the autumn harvest. Use this powerful portal of energy that will last until the Taurus new moon, to set intention, and decide where you are putting your energies this summer.

The clearer and more focused you are on what you want to create, the easier it is to see the opportunities that open up for intentions to manifest. Beware not to spread yourself too thin this month, as there is a considerable chance of burnout if you take on too much.

This powerful Scorpio Full moon eclipse is the one that is going to break down any last illusions, so we can see reality as it is. Its effects will last until the Taurus Full Moon eclipse on 28th October 2023, when this eclipse cycle will finally complete.

Turn your mind back to where you were in November 2021, and where you are now. Take some time to reflect on the journey you have been on since then.

The more we have utilised the lessons and learnings of these full and new moon eclipses, the easier it will be to complete this Scorpio/Taurus cycle in October, and be prepared for the new Aries/Libra eclipse cycle that is happening between 2023-2025.

If you want to go deeper don’t miss this rare opportunity to align with the cosmic energies, During our Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse Ceremony we will harness the transformative power of this cosmic event to access your deepest subconscious self, release old patterns, find forgiveness and compassion, and set your intentions for the summer season.

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words of Pedro Arrupe:
“Nothing is more practical than finding God, that is, than falling in love in a quite absolute, final way. What you are in love with, what seizes your imagination, will affect everything. It will decide what will get you out of bed in the mornings, what you will do with your evenings, how you spend your weekends, what you read, who you know, what breaks your heart, and what amazes you with joy and gratitude. Fall in love, stay in love, and it will decide everything.”

Wishing you all a passionate, synchronistic and healing Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse

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