Daily Rituals: to look more attractive

Daily Rituals: to look more attractive

In witchcraft, attraction can refer to the use of intentional energy work to draw certain people, circumstances, or outcomes towards oneself. Hence, this spellwork can involve practices such as manifestation, mediation and even more sophisticated rituals, where the practitioner channels their intention and desire into the universe in order to attract an outcome that aligns with their goals. Attraction in witchcraft is essentially about using one’s intention and energy to influence the energetic frequencies around them and manifest their desired reality. To look more attractive is a goal that many witches attempted and created several spells and rituals.

‘to look more attractive’ in Witchcraft and Spirituality

Attraction as far as spirituality is concerned can refer to a magnetic-like force that draws individuals towards certain people, places, or experiences in pursuit of spiritual growth and understanding. In other words, what attracts us, or who we attract is part of our spiritual evolution, as it brings forth events that cross our life paths. But also is a muscle which can be trained as it can also be the process of aligning oneself’s Will with their Higher Self or Divine guidance. Ultimately, attraction in spirituality is about being drawn towards what resonates with one’s soul and supports their spiritual journey.

As no medicine comes with no side-effects so does every spell.

This means that since we use our will to bring forth change we change a cause of events. Hence, the attraction energy you put on, simultaneously actives alternate paths of your karma. This does mean that we discourage you of trying it, as you focus on our energy. But this also doesn’t mean that when you put on your attraction charms, you might not attract few not-so-great people and/or situations too. But this is life. We explore, we experience, we learn.

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Daily Rituals: to look more attractive

This spell is designed to make you appear attractive and desirable to others. To begin, start by creating a circle of salt around yourself. This is done to secure your energy from outside forces but also multiply the effect of your actions. 

Tip. Start on Friday, the day of Venus.

Visualize it growing with each passing breath until it’s complete. Then, take three deep breaths and feel the energy inside the circle grow stronger and more powerful.

Next, hold your hands out in front of you with your palms facing up. As you focus on becoming attractive and desirable to others, draw an imaginary line from one hand to the other while chanting “my beauty shall be seen” three times over. Feel the power of this spell as it builds up within you and radiates outward into the world beyond your circle of salt. 

Finally, inhale deeply once more before releasing all your pent-up energy outwards into the universe with one loud clap! This spell will now work its magic wherever you go – ensuring that everyone who looks upon you sees only beauty and desirability within your heart. 

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