Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius, June 4th 4.41am BST – Expansion without Explosion Davina Mackail

Igniting Radiance and Revolution under Leo’s Full Moon – Thursday 25th January 2024

Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius, June 4th 4.41am BST – Expansion without Explosion: Our questing hearts receive the clarion call of the Strawberry full moon in Sagittarius on June 4th at 4.41am BST. After eclipse season this lunation feels bright and breezy. Our philosophising Centaur, wisdom keeper of the stars, gallops in with fiery independence demanding we dream bigger.  What’s the most honest and adventurous life you can imagine for yourself? Seek the unknown, the unexplored, the road less travelled.  Adventure is tugging at the Soul strings.

Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius, June 4th 4.41am BST – Expansion without Explosion:

The cosmic Archer boasts the patronage of benevolent, expansive Jupiter. With the full moon upping the ante this could be exciting and adventurous or just too darn much.  Be mindful of overindulgence. A collective shift is taking place.  Where are we over consumed, bloated, satiated to the point of sickness?  Break free of the dissatisfaction of consumption.  If you’re seeking, health, peace, love and happiness then less is undoubtedly more. Enjoy the beautiful party whilst also tuning into your deeper truths beneath the surface desires.

The Gemini/Sagittarius axis finds us in deep conversation with the great celestial explorers of both mind and planet. Gemini ruling the mind of our small self and Sagittarius the hive mind, the collective. Our quest is honing our discernment. We need finely tuned discrimination to extract and ingest the truth and in particular, wisdom, from this axis of knowledge accumulation. Find it in foreign lands, road trips, away days, songs, publishing, writing, and studying.  Explore, penetrate and ingest.

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Widen your horizons, take the meta view.

Opposed the Sun in Gemini, release yourself from dogma and diktats. Go with the flow, pivot and flex.  Widen your horizons, take the meta view.  Hone your eagle-eyed perspective. Our twins are infinitely curious, ask endless questions, need stimulation, and have a deep desire to share.  New awareness of what or how you want to communicate may arise. Conjunct the Great Attractor this is ultimately a spiritual quest. Deep realisation is coming to our attention in new ways.  More choices and options are suddenly available. You’ll find yourself processing or assimilating information differently.

Sagittarius loves to shine a bright light on ignorance. He champions integrity, law, justice, truth and honesty. We’ll see these themes play out on the Global stage as current belief systems get deconstructed, blasted apart and re-built in new forms.  With Saturn in Pisces sextile Jupiter in Taurus we need to claim and re-learn our inherent worth in order to know how to take the next steps. Only when we recognise and BELIEVE that we can and deserve to have lives that we love will it become so.

‘…opportunity of actually grounding and landing some of our wilder dreams and stirrings…’

With all the neural synapses sizzling and cracking the continued emphasis on Taurean energy anchors us during this full moon. Giving us the very real opportunity of actually grounding and landing some of our wilder dreams and stirrings.

Wisdom keeper, Jupiter remains conjunct our North Node of collective destiny.  It’s the last earthy push before the North Node moves into Aries in July.

It’s highlighting our common growth. We’re being asked to hold an expansive, positive future vision for humanity rooted and embodied in the Taurean values of healthy, abundant Earth.  This magnifying energy can also emphasise the problems that we can no longer ignore. Hone your personal GPS to revere and restore, sustain and maintain.  Be alert to new areas of prosperity and growth in the reverence and restoration of our home planet.

Reach forward for the halcyon days your heart knows are possible.  Revel in the glory of what can be.  The Sabian symbol for this conjunction is; ‘a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’ – The question is are you open to receive it? The North Node is focussed on developing our self -worth, owning our skills, capacities, resources, wisdom and talents. Without this, both individually and collectively we cannot create a prosperous, healthy world of abundance for all.

The Pyramids and the Sphinx in their glory rise before the eye

The Sabian symbol for this moon is ‘a vast panorama of sand and time is unfolding; The Pyramids and the Sphinx in their glory rise before the eye’.  Humanity has always carried the desire to know the ultimate truths; Who are we? What are we doing here? Where do we go when we die? The ruins of our ancient civilisations lie in testimony to these musings.  A Sagittarian moon triggers this deep inner questing.  Spiritual memory is being stirred as we recognise the power and strength of our history to evolve. Seek the esoteric that leads us to truth.  This is the sand polishing our inner pearl.

On June 5th our public facing selves come under scrutiny as Venus joins Mars and Lilith in the lion’s den.  How do you show up? As yourself or a carefully curated version of you?  Check for the schisms between your private and public self, between the inner and the outer.  Where can you trust life enough to take risks because you know life will support you?  This lunation lends powerful luck to those needing to be honest and speak their truth. This is healing through action. That self-belief you’ve been honing in recent months is about to get tested.  You’re ready.  Your authentic self is set to sizzle some hearts and romance the hell out of life.

corruption unearthed and even shocking physical earth events.

Uranus is tightly conjunct Mercury in Taurus continuing to force our awakening. In its wake it can bring grief and cognitive dissonance as more secrets are revealed, corruption unearthed and even shocking physical earth events. The only way to evolve is through the people for the people.  A spiritual maturity is arriving accompanied by lightning speed insights, quick knowing, epiphanies, downloads and revelations.  In Taurus these flashes of inspiration and innovation will be practical and useful. Don’t question them, act on them. This wonderful, often surprising invigorating energy will bring new ideas around farming, buildings and decentralised currencies as Uranus awakens us in new degrees of Taurus.

Mercury moving home to Gemini on June 11th brings a need for direct experience.  Mars is strong again in Leo bringing an energetic burst of empowered creativity.  Don’t think about it, do it and learn on the job. Enjoy the pacey, twists and turns this June.  Mercury out of shadow in Taurus will provide clarity as it moves through Gemini.  We get a sense of where we’re heading and it’s away from Scorpio and the South Node of our toxic past. On every level this full moon says we’ve gotta clean up our acts.

Clear mind, clear heart is what allows us to integrate the increased sensitivity available.

Neptune tightly square the Galactic centre in Sagittarius is pushing its agenda of Unity consciousness. Clear mind, clear heart is what allows us to integrate the increased sensitivity available. We’re moving into our crystalline selves with greater access to our psychic abilities, telepathic potential and interspecies communication.  But if we’re full of lies, toxic thoughts and secrets we’ll be too fearful to embrace this evolutionary leap in consciousness.  Get your daily mantras primed on the higher frequencies you want to create.

On the 3D stage Pluto has been tasked with this great transformation. The secrets are still pouring from Pandora’s box as our planetary investigator retrogrades back to the critical degree of Capricorn on June 11th. We’ve been given a glimpse of the future but to get there we have to finish the deconstruction of the past. Pluto insists on hard truths as he returns to dig deeper into old secrets. The end of the old order continues as he unearths the yet to be unearthed.

We’ll feel the restrictive

By next January when he shifts into Aquarius for the long haul no stone will be left unturned all skeletons will have been revealed.  We’ll feel the restrictive, constrictive push back from the power hungry as it attempts to maintain the status quo but the theatre will be more transparent and easier to resist.  Allow the old edifices to crumble. Focus on the daily creation. What are you spelling into being through your emanation? How we transmit our radiance is how we experience the world.  What are you broadcasting through your auric field? Mars in Leo trine the Moon gives energy and creative fire to drive through what’s emerging.

This fiery moon wants us to absorb more of our spiritual gifts and abilities. To trust and use the powerful downloads currently available.  Enjoy the Mystery of Wisdom, the knowing without the need to know.  Simplicity is your secret superpower. Trust your animal instincts, dive into the wild. Move. Travel. Explore. Fruit yourself and your life.  Festivals, parties, ecstatic dance, cosy fireside chats, alfresco adventures, work parties. Spread your wings. Be spontaneous. Summer’s here! Look for the good and you’re guaranteed to find it. Wishing you all infinite full moon love and blessings.

Strawberry Full Moon Ritual. “Illuminate Your Inner Path”

You will need:

A small bowl of fresh strawberries

A white candle

A small cauldron or fireproof container

A piece of paper and pen

Incense or sage for smudging

Choose a serene outdoor location for your ritual, preferably under the moonlight. Alternatively, create a sacred space indoors.

Smudge the space and yourself with the incense or sage, purifying the energy around you. Take a few deep breaths, grounding yourself and connecting with the present moment.

Light the white candle as a symbol of illumination and purity.

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Reflect on the current phase of your life journey. Contemplate the qualities of Sagittarius, such as adventure, expansion, wisdom, truth. How do these qualities relate to your own journey? What is the most honest adventurous life you can imagine for yourself?

When you’re ready, open your eyes and write down your heartfelt imaginings.

Hold the bowl of strawberries in your hands, feeling their energy and connection to the Earth. Lift the bowl towards the sky, offering it to the Full Strawberry Moon. Speak or think the following words: “Dear Moon in Sagittarius, I honour your radiant light and the wisdom you bestow upon us. As I offer these strawberries, I open myself to your guidance and illumination on my path of self-discovery. May your energy bless my intentions and help me embrace the adventure that lies ahead.”

Take the piece of paper and write down any limiting beliefs, fears, or obstacles that could stop your big dream. Hold it over the candle flame, carefully allowing it to catch fire. Place the burning paper into the cauldron or fireproof container, watching as the flames consume the obstacles. As the flames subside, visualize the release of these hindrances from your life, making space for growth and expansion.

Speak or think positive affirmations that resonate with your intentions, empowering yourself for the path ahead. For example: “I embrace the adventure of life. I am open to new experiences and opportunities. I trust in my inner guidance.”

Thank the Moon for its presence and guidance. Take a bite of a strawberry, savouring its sweetness and symbolic connection to the moon.

Close the ritual by extinguishing the candle, feeling a sense of completion.

So mote it be…..

Remember, rituals are deeply personal, so feel free to adapt this one to suit your preferences and beliefs.

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