New Moon in Gemini – July 18 2023

New Moon in Gemini June 6

The old paradigm is crumbling fast. We’re in the shift of the ages. Psychic sensitivity is increasing. The 3D world seems to be fading in the distance. Welcome to New Moon in Gemini!

Different energies emerge in New Moon in Gemini – July 18 2023

Very different from anything we’ve experience in our lifetimes. Pluto is in Retrograde it will be joined by other cosmic juggernauts Saturn and Neptune by months end. Pluto in a t-square to the nodal axis is unearthing corruption. Anuretic degree attempt at power and control over our communications and even our thinking. Before it goes full speed into air sign Aquarius, discernment in the speed will be necessary. Going back over power and control issues and can’t we feel it!

Issues around toxicity, drugs, emotional in its positive it connects us to love and bliss and our higher minds and spiritual awareness. Telepathy is increasing. Earth and water moving to fire and air in next 3 years.

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July the nodal access finally shifts

25th June very tense day, explosive energy, shock energy, big rebellion energy, political shocks etc. Neptune tightly square sun and moon and the galactic centre – baffled, confused, overwhelmed tune in inside. heart keeps us human. Expect Data overload. Discernment drop into a peaceful pause whenever you can throughout your day. Stuck at a red light? In a traffic jam, in a queue somewhere. Be grateful a peaceful pause break. Neptune linked to dreams, mind them, ask for them, journal them. Many messages will be channelled through them with the increased psychic sensitivity.

Keep your energy coherent.

This is what makes the difference. High vibe creates high energy. As we move into more Air signs we’ll become more aware of the power of thoughts and invisible energies.

Making the Fool’s choice taking that leap of faith away from the 3D world into focusing on what we’re going to create. Trusting in the beautiful, the kind, the possible. Jump into the unknown. How do we break the old at the individual and collective level? Last 2 degrees of Scorpio South Node squeezing out the past toxicity it can feel like a mega Mercury retro old people, old situations, blasts from the past, all needs feeling and healing.

Solstice stellium in Leo

Stay anchored in the heart – Pluto in Aquarius can anchor us i the shadow of cold hard tech. love based, heart-based stay in humanity.

Welcome in expanded consciousness of love this Solstice. Increased healing abilities. Etc. find joy in simplicity, less stuff, less complexity, less information. Keep it natural, in nature, barefoot. Same facts, shift of perception creating new outcomes. Change of values. Tech overload will finally experience its back lash.

Pace of change over the next 3 years will be blinding. And a fundamental part of that change will come riding in on the waves of the Cancer Solstice conjunct the world axis at 0 degree. The invisible energy is huge currently it is forming the light blueprint that will eventually manifest into 3D

Everything has to be created in 5D is basically using your imagination you can only manifest here in the present moment. Basically, we can’t manifest directly in the 3D all we can do is clean up the space ready.

We’re NOT victims.

We get to choose what game we play here we just need to remember the rules of this game of life.

We’re all a bit bored with the global cast currently, it feels they’re still acting but we the audience have already left the theatre. Some us are still reading the reviews but many of us have moved on to a new production.

Stress comes from entanglements that generally are not that important.

The point is the journey not the destination. The 99% ie us are finally waking up to how it all works, the power tht the 1% have used to control veryhting for eons.

A higher dimensional tool box is being unlocked here. Reclaiming our galactic heritage, remembering just how extraordinary and incredible we humans actually are.

The light is always kicking out the dark.

No fight required just turn on the light. Leo is colour and big beauty, fashion visual. Visual words playing large in creativity.

5.36amBST 18th new intention sun and moon together at 26 degrees Gemini – perception and thoughts just 3 days before the watery Cancer solstice. Mercury moving fast through its home of Gemini. New octaves of seeing with new eyes, new perspectives, our rose-tinted glasses have defogged themselves. Thoughts become things. Everything begins with a thought – we’re not the thinker we’re the Observer remember that. Hone our thinking as it’s the first step to manifestation of anything feels we’re getting a chance to think first and then get to Solstice and Cancer will ask us what do we feel about that.

Mutable Gemini, beginning to move away from the fixed earth to adaptability and flex

The big news of this moon Sun and Moon in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces – Gemini lots of working it out Neptune wants to navel gaze and dance with your soul. Both dual signs Gemini twins versus Pisces fish – are your choices based on purely logic or pure emotive reaction. How can you find the balance between fact and fiction? Changeable try not to react and discern to make wise choices. Your ability to be adaptable and unstick yourself. Square of removal, confusion, lack of clarity. I don’t want to energy. Hard time with words as intuitive need overtakes the logical senses. You need a break. Do less if you can. Transcendence above the mundane.

Allow the miraculous in the ordinary. Open up to anything you’ve been mentally stressing over – let it go – fearful for the Gemini mind who wants a comprehensive pro/cons list. Give space to the Neptunian downloads, daydream. The mystic and the addict; revelation and delusion. Outside of time and space a truth exists beyond our human busyness. The wild self needs to be birthed we’ve allowed ourselves to become way too domesticated. We need to reclaim our wild. Pluto is desperate to tame in Capricorn but we’ve tasted our wild in recent months and we’re not going to allow it to be caged again quite so easily. and Deception and betrayal possible. Hidden under the veil of Pisces trust your Intuition and the mystical more than Gemini will feel comfortable with. Calling us back to our true divine Selves that just knows. We don’t need to prove it we just know.

The fruits of this cycle will be very airy

Mercury rising above the sun as the morning star at the moon rise in its own sign feels exalted. The fruits of this cycle will be very airy, mental, logical and busy etc. Voice loud here. Strong Mercury youthful enthusiasm, solve problems, spin many plates, dance the tight rope of options with no safety net.

Mercury has just passed through a square to watery Saturn in airy Gemini. Mercury coming to figure something out, mentally and emotionally. Trying to put something behind us. Be mindful of gossip. Is it helpful? Kind? Worth saying? Creative bridges between the two hemispheres of our brain psychic world versus the logic world.

Lots of Air and water energy this new moon – very sociable blood and water combine, ancestors, tribe, ideology roots, etc – social co-operation teaching us something about where thoughts and feelings gather and how do we respond.

Our stories today create our world Gemini loves to tell stories which ones are you choosing to tell? What future will they be creating for you and our precious planet?

New Moon in Gemini – July 18 2023 symbol: Sun GEMINI 27 : A YOUNG GYPSY, EMERGING FROM THE WOODS, GAZES AT FAR CITIES

This Symbol shows that there is a desire to attempt or achieve something that is at times far off or out of reach. It takes courage to be something of a foreigner or an outcast and still venture out into society seeking its rewards and enticements. Perhaps you don’t have financial resources or conventional accreditation behind you. It could be the constraints of friends and family that are holding you back from being able to strike out on your own.

Wanting and trying to participate, even when you don’t initially command respect or acceptance, is difficult, but with perseverance, rewarding. A place to truly call home needs to be found. Set your sights high and go for it.
Dreaming of being a part of something far-off or bigger. Lessons to be streetwise. New perspectives arising from larger realities. Striking out on one’s own. Corporate realities.

Dissatisfaction and looking elsewhere. Feelings of not belonging. Being in limbo. Alienation. Abandonment of home and family. Restrictions. Limits of activity. More polarisation becoming apparent especially with this mental axis of Gemini/Sagittarius.

New moon, new start.

Bring the dream into fruition. Make it real, live the dream. We can allow reality to crush our dreams or we can simply change the reality to fit our dreams. Gold can be mined equally from broken dreams as well as fulfilled ones, arguably more so for the former. Dreams motivate us. They’re crucial to our wellbeing and human evolution.

Saturn in Neptune is stationing during this new moon ready for it’s go-slow period. Saturn is asking whether you are making wise choices? Authentic, real choices for you is the only game in town. Between choices? Take them inside you one at a time which makes your body feel good? Raises your energy, feels lighter. Mental surrender is required. Can feel disappointing or even a little depressive at times. New directions yet other things being held back. We’re not meant to have the full picture yet. Your intuition knows something your mind doesn’t. Will come through more strongly when we reach the Cancerian energies of the Solstice.

Sensitive communication.

Reach out to someone in kindness. But sometimes we need to just send a silent prayer of support. Venus and Mars are chatting delightedly across the garden fence in Leo. Mars is leading and Venus wants to create her hearts’ desire there is courage and confidence here. A life affirming cosmic boost here.

The energies are building powerfully towards the Solstice – we’re shedding so much of ourselves whether we’re fully conscious of this or not. This great change that humanity is undergoing is on every level of existence even our personal stories and pain bodies give rise to changes in the collective consciousness.

Pluto is making us reassess security we’ve built our false delusions n physical security assets basically the haves and have nots – we’re shifting to an internal frequency of inner security. Not an easy upgrade. We’re in massive fear and resistance to this.

So much of the overawning Astro is about truly owing ourselves. Are we owning who we came here to be? It creates uncomfortable growth pains on the journey. Especially in June. What are you here to say? What are you here to offer? Can experience victimhood on the way to empowerment. Can feel off, disempowered. Go deeper into owing yourself. Start remembering who you are and what has gone right for you?

The victim state is a tricky energy. Keep in the Witness position. What are you becoming? What are you letting go of?

Keep your balance by keeping moving this new moon. Yet in the movement there is also a need for deep stillness to listen inside to the truth and discernment you need. Your treasure resides inside.

Keep it lighthearted. Curious energy short distance travel, errands, daily schedule, local environment, neighbours, new intentions locally. Learn first then apply – two sides always student/teacher dynamic and how we move back and forth between those roles in life. There are always times when we are one or other.

26 degrees towards the end of Gemini yet a new moon (remember those reversed lunar nodes). The sprinter, the messenger. Now you have understood how these energies have shown up for you. Nsee it in new way or what does or doesn’t work for you right now. Cleaning up your act especially in the day-to-day priorities. Closing out something before the Solstice arrives. Opposing the galactic centre at 27 degrees in Sagittarius. Energies streaming in but then having to deconstruct them on a personal level. Brings in expansive energies to see things differently. Pulls in something new for you potentially. Certainly, new understandings pouring in. the veil of the delusions is becoming increasingly transparent. Restless and scattered energy. Be mindful of losing sight of what’s important. Yes, frivolous energies but also something bigger in the background that is expanding more meaning in your daily life. Mercury ruler adding more busyness and what we’re absorbing in the data field. Big pace pick up which can feel overwhelming. Can you dance with the ever-changing vibes? Great for the creative and artistic of heart for those of us more wedded to the mental 3D realm it can feel frustrating.

We’re closing out an old paradigm. Evolutionary crises are mounting up everywhere we look and so are the glimmers of hope and change.

Sabian symbol

Big revelatory change making energies in our lives. Boom! Are you being here fully? Don’t be overinfluenced by the external. We can feel nervous and anxious in unusual ways.

Re-engineering our relationships for the better. In an effortless way. Subtle shifts. This is a collective shift as we all individually do the work we shift the whole into the Holy.

Feel the stretch between the past and the future. Gives rise to flight and fight on the 3D level. Always there but under the current astrological weather it’s more intense than usual hard to find the balance. Self -care you know the drill. Regulate, harmonise in whatever ways you love. Integrate.

We can no longer hide the secrets or skeletons, or even the old well buried conditioning, ir even our magic and brilliance. Are you owning it all?

We can see it in the constant revelation of wrong doings on the 3D level.

Rock bottom seems to be our default for change. We can choose to make it easier by facing the denials within ourselves. Resolving emotional flares. Apply grace and love and awareness during the flare.

Freedom of mind – allowing presence and new possibility to come in. Our minds are changing and stirring. Patience as it integrates and settles into new rivulets of thought. New perceptions.

The wisdom of anger – is it a necessary boundary or a reaction. The second is defensive. Are you listening to that inner anger and what it means for you. When it comes check in where you have betrayed yourself in some way.

Mercury plays his part

When Mercury, the planet of communication, darts into cerebral, chatty Gemini from June 11th until June 26th, the words overfloweth. During this time, fascinations multiply and your sense of intellectual curiosity naturally expands. This placement gives the mind a prismatic quality: your ability to be riveted by every angle of an idea is magnified.
The messenger flitting through this air sign excels at forming deft and speedy connections. The exact shade of your friend’s earrings, the general state of the economy, and the meaning behind last night’s cryptic dream symbolism can all upload in one breezy millisecond. Feed your craving for brain candy with frequent updates to the group chat, keeping your journal current with your latest hot takes, and loitering over those celebrity gossip magazines at the doctor’s office.

This adaptable outlook is in tune with the modern world’s splashy 24-hour news cycle. But avoid becoming too scattered. If you find that your mental jump cuts are causing you to drop the threads of life’s deeper plots, pause. Change the channel to your more slowly progressing interests. Committing to a practice that roots you into the wisdom of the present moment, getting lost in a long, complex novel, or checking in with your senses can help you orient amidst an avalanche of trivia. Ideally, your fact-gathering missions should be in service to answering the more profound questions tugging at your heart. Sometimes the juiciest scoop requires patience and persistence to uncover.
Pluto is a planet that transforms whatever it touches. Completely. Absolutely. Without the option of going back. We are never the same once Pluto has touched our lives. Although eventually regenerative, Pluto transits are known for what they help us break down.

Structural transformations

In Capricorn, Pluto is set on fiscal, material, and structural transformations. Capricorn knows of traditional hierarchies and climbing to the top of them. Pluto is a planet that symbolizes power. In Capricorn, Pluto asks us to see the corruption that lies at the heart of our relationship to the earth’s resources.

Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008, the year that will go down in history as one of the worst financial crises America has ever faced. It remained in this sign until March 23rd, 2023, when the planet made its first dip into Aquarius. The weeks leading up to this ingress coincided with a banking crisis as well, as three American banks failed within five days of each other in mid-March, followed by Credit Suisse in Switzerland. Given Capricorn rules over financial institutions, it feels appropriate that Pluto’s time in this sign has been bookended by disruptions to how we perceive, trust, and use them. The questions that remain as Pluto returns to Capricorn on June 11th, 2023: are we willing to learn from this disruption? And what changes are we committed to make?

These won’t be overnight shifts, but with an earth sign like Capricorn involved, they should be clear, unequivocal, and concrete. Pluto will remain here until January 20th, 2024, when it returns to Aquarius for several more months. After this stint, Pluto will return to Capricorn one final time, between September 1st and November 19th, 2024, when it will lodge into Aquarius for good.

If Pluto is about anything it’s about journeying. We cannot escape the journey laid out for us. We can resist it. We can scorn it. We can wait until our last breath or take it up on our first one: the choice is always ours. But eventually, we must engage with it. And in the process, we are challenged, changed, and brought closer to the true nature of our being.

Solstice Ritual

Solstice, also known as Litha, a time when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky and the days are at their longest. This ritual celebrates the abundance of nature, the power of the sun, and the energy of growth and transformation. Remember to adapt the ritual to your personal beliefs and preferences.

Title: “Embracing the Radiant Sun”

Find a quiet outdoor location, preferably near water or surrounded by nature.
Gather the following items: a white or yellow candle, herbs or flowers associated with summer (such as lavender, rosemary, or sunflowers), a small cauldron or fire-safe bowl, matches or a lighter, and any personal objects or symbols of significance.

Dress comfortably, wearing colors that reflect the sun, such as yellow, orange, or gold.
Consider cleansing yourself and the ritual space with a smudging tool like sage or palo santo.

The Ritual:

Begin by grounding yourself. Take deep breaths, feeling the connection between your feet and the earth. Allow any stress or distractions to fade away.

Light the candle, dedicating its flame to the energy of the sun. Visualize its warm, radiant light filling your space.
Stand facing the east, welcoming the rising sun. Extend your arms and say aloud or silently: “Hail, radiant sun, source of light and life, I welcome your abundant energy on this Solstice day. May your warmth infuse my spirit with vitality and joy.”

Turn to the south, acknowledging the element of fire. Hold the herbs or flowers in your hands, breathing in their fragrance. Say: “Spirit of fire, burn within me, Ignite my passions and inspire transformation. May this Solstice be a turning point in my journey.”

Move to the west, symbolizing water and emotions. Dip your fingers into the water (if available) or visualize a gentle, flowing stream. Speak: “Flowing waters of life, cleanse and purify, Wash away all that no longer serves me. May this Solstice bring healing and emotional renewal.”

Finally, face the north, representing the earth and stability. Place the herbs or flowers in the cauldron or fire-safe bowl. Light them with the candle flame, allowing them to smolder.

Say: “Mother Earth, foundation of my being, I honor your nurturing embrace and stability. May this Solstice bless me with abundance and growth.”

Take a moment to reflect on your intentions for the coming season. Visualize your goals and desires as if they have already manifested. Feel the energy of the sun filling you with confidence and empowerment.
Offer any personal objects or symbols into the cauldron, releasing them as a symbol of surrendering to the universe’s guidance.

Express gratitude for the sun’s energy, the elements, and any deities or spirits you feel connected to.

Close the ritual by extinguishing the candle and thanking the energies you have invoked. Reflect on the experience and consider journaling or meditating to deepen your connection with the Solstice’s energy.
Remember, this ritual is a starting point, and you can personalize it to suit your spiritual path and preferences. Trust your intuition and allow yourself to fully embrace the transformative energy of the Summer Solstice.
Regenerate response

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