Two massive structures discovered, could be remains of an Ancient Planet

Two massive structures discovered, could be remains of an Ancient Planet

In June 2021, a study was published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters, reporting the discovery of two massive structures within the Earth’s mantle. Interestingly, the massive structures discovered, located near the core-mantle boundary, are each about 100 times higher than Mount Everest. Moreover, span almost half the width of the Earth. While the researchers propose that these structures could be the remnants of a protoplanet that collided with Earth early in its history, this remains a matter of speculation. Further studies are needed to confirm the origin and nature of these structures.

Two massive structures discovered beneath Africa and the other beneath the Pacific Ocean

Those two giant structures, one beneath Africa and the other beneath the Pacific Ocean, were discovered using seismic data obtained from earthquakes. As the researchers observed that certain types of seismic waves behaved differently when passing through these regions as compared to the surrounding mantle.

Massive structures discovered are the remains of an Ancient Planet ?

The study proposes that these structures are the remnants of a large object. Possibly a planetary embryo collided with Earth during the formation of the Solar System. Hence, this impact would have caused significant changes to the Earth’s structure and composition. Hence, leading to the formation of the Moon and the creation of plate tectonics. However, this hypothesis is still speculative, and more research is needed to support it. As the structures could also be the result of some other geological process within the Earth’s mantle. Finally, the discovery of these massive structures provides new insights into the formation and evolution of the Earth. These could have implications for our understanding of planetary formation in general.

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Many occultists believe in alien materials on earth

Some cultures that practice shamanism do hold unique cosmological beliefs that include the existence of other realms or planes of existence beyond the physical world. For example, some indigenous cultures in the Americas, including the Inca and Hopi, have cosmologies that include the existence of multiple worlds or dimensions that coexist with our own. Others believe that some magical artifacts are not from this world – but are from ‘star metal’ for example. This could imply metal from meteors but what if they mean something more?¬†Ancients believed in special places of power and modern witches still do so.

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