Full Super Moon in Capricorn July 3rd – How to Navigate the Work/Life Balance

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Full Super Moon in Capricorn July 3rd – How to Navigate the Work/Life Balance. A full super moon arrives in Capricorn on July 3rd at 11.38am BST. The Moon is close, within the Earth’s orbit, looming large and magnetizing seismic activity. Wilder tides and strong gravitational shifts mark our cardinal goat’s annual half way point. It’s check-in time. An opportunity to re-evaluate and re-configure your plans, goals and aspirations for the next 6 months.  Long term targets are up for review whilst you re-assess your daily schedule.  Is it effective?  What are you managing well? What still needs adjustment?

What’s important? What matters?

Our reversed lunar nodes assist by offering up the same old power dynamics but seen from a different perspective. Opposed the Sun in Cancer this is the lunar axis of our work/life balance. Cancer wants us internal, cosy, safe and well fed.  Capricorn wants us external scaling the cliff face of our ambitions.  It’s the child/parent pivot.  Moving from the safety of the nest, the personal family to becoming an independent adult. It’s a coming of age, as part of the Global family. Cancer retreats, Capricorn advances.  How do we find the simplicity, the harmony between the two?  The balance is found in creating the earthy structure. The strong banks that allow the river to flow towards its destiny unimpeded.  What boundaries do you need to uphold your sense of safety? What does that safe container look like for you?

Understanding the family dynamic is key to navigating this moon cycle. Assist the process by tuning in to your material environment. Activate the sacred in your home. Develop a relationship with your land Spirits.  Bathe wholly in the Holy at home.  This sustains and supports as we evolve our emotional expression.  Our ability to navigate the stormier currents.  Especially those older, gnarly karmic roots embedded in our nodal axis currently in a t-square with Pluto. 

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We need to know what has truly ended or needs to in order to move forward with creative flow.

This Capricorn moon illuminates the road ahead.  We get to glimpse the path and where it leads and the opposed Sun in Cancer asks us how we feel about what we see. Cancer, the moon, the mother, the child examines what feels safe and good. Where’s home? Where’s nurture? Where’s your presence in the present? Capricorn, Saturn, the father, the adult asks what’s happening in your achievement cupboard.  Where are you using or not using your skills and talents? This moon says own more of your material worth. Recognise and value your physical creative talents whatever they may be.

Full moons illuminate and culminate – our delusions, secrets, all that’s hidden. As the collective and personal unconscious reveals itself, we’ll see more light shining on issues around the pandemic.  As Pluto delves deeper into his review of those last degrees of Capricorn, he unearths the unfathomable toxic remnants of both the global closet and our personal wardrobes.  It’s old and sticky and the impetus to avoid and distract strong.  Use the persevering tenacity of the mountain goat to move through the shadowlands rather than around.  Where to look? All issues of power.  Individual power opposed intuitional power.  Internal sovereignty versus externally imposed command and control. 

Where’s the balance?

Before our tenacious cosmic goat can focus on what it does best; manifesting, building, creating structures etc these collective closets need a final fumigating. 

Follow the example of Capricorn’s Tarot partner, the Devil, and face your own relationship with power. The Devil is Lived backwards and therein lies the answer. Our bondage comprises the gestalts we have carefully chained together since childhood. It’s a Freddy Mercury moment – time to break free of the chains that bind.

Then our industrious goat gets to take his place at the table choosing what is being built for the future. Step by step.  Use this lunation to plan big.  Prioritise the big vision, then call a team meet and break it down into practical steps.

With so many outer cosmic bodies currently on review and revise (aka retrograde) be wary of impatience and frustration. Yes, it can seem sluggish and slow but that gives us the valuable opportunity to pause and review. To check in with how we truly feel about the plan and the direction it’s heading. This is a global retrospective with complex options arising that require considered decisions. We’ll witness review and re-assessments in areas of law and order, surveillance, security and regulation. Much has changed since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 in our understanding of power and authority.

The saga is drawing to its finale with this full moon illuminating that anuretic degree currently inhabited by Pluto. 

Sun and Mercury are trine to Saturn in Pisces encouraging the integration of the spiritual into the everyday. Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary as you build strategically for the long term. Walk your talk. Where are you coming from? Small self or higher self? Saturn in Pisces insists on putting the internal voice first.  What’s really necessary? Cut the idle chatter. Time is of the essence in our current ocean of distraction.  What are you feeding with your attention and energy right now? 

The Moon trine to Jupiter in Taurus wants to construct long-term visions of sustainability, utilising and honouring the strength of the earth. This is pragmatic and practical attracting support and resources for what needs to happen.  Where do you want to invest? Time, money, energy?

When we’re strong in our internal knowing we manage the external flow with more equanimity.  

Saturn retrograde in Pisces acts as a reality check to our dream – is it fizzing anticipation or pipedream fantasy?  Go slow and review often. It will be a constant unfolding as information reveals itself with increasing speed. We’ll need to hone our discernment and maintain strong boundaries. Saturn understands that it takes time to build something substantial and long lasting.  Capricorn celebrates work in its finest sense. As an outpouring of personal genius with purpose. What are you are learning in this lifetime? What is your ultimate labour of love? How are you integrating these energies into your everyday?

We’re taught compromise is necessary but at a Soul level it eats away at us, destroying our joy.  There is a chasm of difference between selfless service and concession.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon is “a student of nature lecturing, revealing little known aspects of life”.  This speaks to new understanding arising from observation of Nature. With so much focus currently on the artificial trajectory of our existence we need to redress the balance. Bring it back down to Earth – honour, respect, connection, practical solutions, natural remedies, ancient ways.

How we deliver these earthy truths will be relevant to how they are received – with disbelief or encompassing awe. 

With Neptune square the Galactic centre until 2025 we’re being gifted the opportunity to master our inner Magician. To honour and utilise our imaginative process. To reclaim our creative power, we have to shift our vibration and emanate new frequencies in order to initiate fresh outcomes. In doing so we increase our ability to surrender to the Divine unfolding. 

Uranus in Taurus squaring Venus and Mars in Leo provides a delicious boost for grand scale creation.  Leo loves to shine; Venus is utterly invested in beauty and Mars provides the impetus to act. Allow the Avant Garde manifestations to arise and be birthed. Give your inner flamboyance free reign, let it fizzle and pop. With Uranus in the mix the process and outcome will surprise you as much as anyone else. Push through the resistance to the Holy bliss. This energy will be continuing through until October giving you plenty of time to dust off those creative cobwebs.

Venus conjunct Mars in Leo creates a beautiful synergy between the masculine and feminine. It’s beauty and pleasure meeting action and innovation.  Use this energy to bridge the gap between Capricorns full moon, full power push towards accomplishment with the softer Venusian power of the creative pause. When you do new opportunities open up.  

So how is 2023 shaping up so far? Capricorn wants you making smart, wise decisions.  Does your GPS need new destination co-ordinates? During your review be sure to include healthy doses of nurturing me-time.  Cosy nights home alone, journaling time, reflection and daydreaming.  Ultimately, it’s about living your values. How are you voicing your visions? Use that great imagination of yours to dream your inner truth into being. Wishing you all infinite full moon love and blessings.

Full Moon Ritual in celebration of the Capricorn Supermoon

This is a planting ritual so you will need somewhere suitable to plant a tree, a shrub, new herb pot or indoor plant.  Tune-in to what your intentions are for the next 6 months. Is there a particular tree, shrub or plant that holds or symbolises a quality of energy that will help you achieve your goals? For example, Hawthorn is great if we’re looking to heal and open our hearts. Or you could ask Oak for strength or a particular flower for its colour and beauty.  Make it meaningful to you.

Take time to meditate and set your intentions for the coming months. Focus on what you want to manifest in your life and allow your breath to align you with the energy of this full moon. Capricorn is about structure, ambition, finances, discipline and hard work, so focus on setting goals that will help you achieve your dreams.

Write them down on a piece of paper (not your journal unless you are happy to tear pages out of it).

Take some time to connect with nature and honour the natural world around you. Dig the hole for your tree or shrub or have your planter ready for your new herbs or indoor plant.  Take your intention list and put it at the base of the hole/planter then plant your new being on top of it.  Water well.

You may like to complete this ritual by singing to your new green being or talking to it telling it what you are wanting to manifest and the energy you are hoping it will help you to embody to do that.

You may like to make an offering of tobacco, dried flowers, sage or wine to the land where you have planted. Be open to any messages you receive.

Finally take a moment to express gratitude for all of your abundance by simply taking a moment to reflect on all of the blessings in your life.

Continue to tend and water your plant well. As your green being thrives so will your dreams.

So Mote it be……

- - -