Powerful Initiations – New Moon Predictions by Davina MacKail

Navigating Emotional Intensity Under Scorpio's Mystical New Moon

New Moon July 17th 2023 – How to Surf the Cosmically Complex and Powerful. A powerful initiation arrives with the Cancer new moon at 24 degrees on July 17th 24 degrees 18:31 BST. Not only are we experiencing the germinating push of a new moon but this one is jet propelling us into a new cosmic timeline coinciding with the shift of the Nodal Axis of our collective destiny and creating a grand Cardinal Cross.  We’re in the evolutionary birth canal, gearing up for the last big push.  Give up trying to keep up.  This is a dynamic and powerful re-birth. Instead surrender into the rapids of wild change and allow the currents to carry you to new landscapes beyond your wildest imaginings.

With the Sun and Moon conjunct in Cancer our emotional selves come under the spotlight.  Our internal ‘mother’ is on patrol.  She’s checking up on our self-care routine. Are we eating properly? Have we had enough sleep? With the Moon her ruler, highlighted Cancer is a sensitive and loving maternal presence. How do we best parent ourselves and our loved ones?  With changes on the 3D occurring faster than we can process our emotional security becomes paramount. Where can we find safety and innovation within our community?  How can we find ways to move forward together?  Under this influence allow your more romantic heart to conjure up nurturing ways to nourish yourself and those you call ‘family’.  We’re all feeling extra sensitive so be mindful of dramas escalating unnecessarily. Hone your kindness radar and reach out rather than isolate.

We’re entering the second half of our work/life balance review of the Capricorn/Cancer axis. We’ve had a chance to review our workflows, outputs and inputs since the full moon. Now we need to look at our more immediate environment that sacred space we inhabit called ‘home’.  We’re coming back home to our needs and how we want to live our life.

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Spiralling back to yourself.  A coming home to yourself.  Your frequency is inhabiting its empowerment.  Is there anything else that needs to go It’s important to be conscious of what you’re choosing? Choose well and there is infinite cosmic support.  First you have to know and trust you deserve it.  Can you give yourself permission to receive it?  You’ll also have to clear space for it.  Emotional purging.  Take responsibility.  We’re evolving our emotional maturity.

We’re being asked what new seeds are ready for germinating within?

Shift of the Nodal axis is the big news.  The Nodes are not planets but the mythical astrological dragon that embodies opposition and polarity. The dragon’s head, the North Node, is about evolution and destiny, our future fulfilment. The dragons tail, the South Node, symbolises ingrained habits, karmic past, ancestral memories, childhood experiences etc. Together they comprise the karma to dharma journey of your life story.  Karma tends to appear whether we invite it or not our Dharma has to be worked for it’s the antidote required to bring life back into balance. Whatever the rest of your personal astrology here lie the big life lessons.    Aries will make its power known encouraging you to act more in your own self-interest.  We need pioneers and courageous lionhearted souls to lead the march towards our collective unimagined future.  Here the Nodal axis lends us courage and conviction.

Nodes Change

Nodes are significant for our personal and transpersonal community.  They are global in influence.  Cardinal Cross Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. Til January 2025.  Eclipses last time was in 2004-2006 – what were you doing then?

Aries, the dragon’s head, leading, pioneering, NN pushes us towards where angels fear to tread.  Master the energies of Aries mastering your confidence and courage, ability to take risks.  Wants to act.  For social justice for what’s right.

Libra South Node, the dragon’s tail, a place of integration to ensure the NN is more effective.  Changes in relationships.  Where are you people pleasing or fawning?  Where have you been compromising? Avoiding conflict? What do you truly care about? Enough to stand up for it under any circumstance.

Somewhere in the balance we discover mastery of sensitive leadership.  This is Cancer’s influence.   We’re looking to balance the Nodes.

Listen to your inner divine guidance.  Use the Aries energies to Spring forward in your life.  Take that leap of faith.

Look at your behaviour.  Do you stand in your truth? Do you honour your values? Do you say what you feel?  How do you lead your everyday life?

As always the landscape is multi-layered.

Pluto at retrograde 29 Capricorn squaring the nodal axis and opposing the Moon.  Can be emotionally dark and heavy as it pushes the fear buttons. It triggers our inner victim and we’ll need to be super mindful not to project blame and judgment anyway but our shadow self. Cross the swamp of your inner underworld and reach the promised land of new understanding and self-forgiveness. Evolutionary squeeze. Fear or love? Forward with the new. Victim or Creatrix? Can bring our deepest shadows up front and personal as we’re being asked to squeeze through the eye of the needle. Rainbow bridge or descent into the fear realms.  Watch those ingrained patterns of darkness, the familiar friends we keep tucked away out of others sight. It’s always our choice, not in what happens but how we respond. 29 Aries and 29 Libra. And new moon 25 cancer cardinal grand cross.  Energy of cardinality – 1 4 7 and 10 house. Balancing these 4 energies within you.  Chance for massive change – and each change we make within changes the whole.  Butterfly effect.  Appreciate your feet and the path you are walking.  How are you walking in the world? Find your feet.

Moving away from the balance of libra into our inner sovereign selves.  Coming into an ever-stronger sense of self.  Knowing who you are.   We’ve spent years giving our power away, to governments, corporations, social media companies etc etc and now we’re being presented with the technological promised land, AI and all it entails.  Singularity or Unity Consciousness?

Emotional purging colonic irrigation for the Soul.  How do you internalise energy – you can detach from something you’ve held onto for a long time. Emotionally matured since 2009. Where do you need to take more responsibility.  Parenting yourself from an empowered place a mature place.  Making decisions on your own terms prioritising your needs. Also an initiative of a new emotional awareness. Being in energetic alignment with what you want and what you’re dreaming of.

Lord of the Underworld at Work

Pluto destroys and the majority of us have experienced great loss in recent years. The question now is what phoenixes are you allowing to rise from the ashes?

With the North Node moving back into Aries you’re back in your power.  You’ve honed a stable core that supports you. Your particular phoenix needs to feels good to your heart.

With Venus on a go slow in Leo preparing for her retrograde check in with your secret desires.  Those nestling in the deeper recesses of your heart. Those that require a thoughtful pause in order to be accessed. The Nodal shift gifts you with the courage to be you.   Look around.  Is there really any other option than being fully you? This requires accountability for all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly.  Where have you clown faced it? Where are you compromising? Mercury is also in Leo adding cerebral charms and an irrepressible creative flair to whatever you undertake.

Red Light

Saturn opposing Mars in Virgo is a red light.  Use it wisely to review where the blocks and resistance is showing up?  This is a forced slowdown from where your energy actually is opposed to what needs to actually get done.  It’s contradictory, live and active yet also slow and considered.  It is teaching us inner discernment.  Where do we find the sweet spot for ourselves in this cosmic soup?  It can be worked to tweak and simplify our systems into a finely tuned operation.  Never has the small print been so riveting.  It’s our consistent daily habits that make or break us.

Uranus breaks you free from an old wounding.  Something new appears that excites.

There is massive cosmic support from the Sun and Moon in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces. “Ask and it shall be given” – the Universe is listening. Powerful water energy insisting on cleansing and flow.  The Moon illuminated in this way creates a massive upgrade in your intuitive powers. Trust that connection you have with the higher dimensional energies.  Nature and dreams will lead you gently by the hand – compassion and kindness oozes out of this aspect.  Use it to spread some extra love.

New moon gives the opportunity to break free of old rigidity.  Be like the tree flex and bend to survive.  Rigidity snaps eventually.  Surrender to the flow, the water, the feelings the currency of the currents.  Take responsibility for all of your life.  Appreciate and give gratitude for the waters.  Water compromises most of us and it holds memory – give deep thanks for clean water.  Ensure your water is as clean as you can afford or access.

Internal emotional energy, trust our feelings and allow them to be expressed.  What is your intuition quietly whispering to you? What do you want next what are you wanting to manifest. What feels good to you? What inspires you? What ignites your inner spark?

What do you need to trust in yourself to honour your life path.

Dynamic energy.  Showing us more about what we are no longer allowing or accepting.

Jupiter square Mercury – big future ideas, bigger horizons

Neptune is trine this sun and moon spiritual context required. Strong love with strongly aspected Venus in Leo.  Creativity and art.

Uranus square to Venus on 22nd goes retrograde

Be alert and fully aware of what you are co-creating.  Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions they’re all contributing.

Social justice re-ordering of societies.   Solutions abound for every challenge.

We always have choice where we put our attention.

Sun opposes Pluto raising issues around world power

Jupiter is feeling expansive with your spiritual growth

Corruption continues to be uncovered. Tune out the drama.  Keep your inner state zen garden like.

The Sabian symbol for this lunar degree is “leader of people wrapped in an invisible cloak of power”.  This speaks to true leadership as an act of service.  When we are prepared to take full responsibility and make decisions based on the highest outcome for all. Ghandi is a good example of this potently cloaked power used for maximum impact and benefit.  He walked humbly but with conviction, he owned the responsibilities handed to him, and responded powerfully to what needed to be done fully accepting of the consequences of his actions.

Take some time out over this lunar period. It’s a great moon for indulging in wild swimming or ocean bathing.  Bless the water, pray to the water, paint the word Love on your water jug and your taps.  Love your shower. Luxuriate in the grail of happiness that is your bath tub. Give great thanks. Each drop contains the mystery of the totality.  Become immersed in the profound gift of this element.  Wishing you all infinite new moon love and blessings

New Moon Ritual for New Moon in Cancer July 17th 2023

Embracing Emotional Healing and Nurturing Intuitive Energies

Choose a serene and comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed.

You will need:

  – A white or silver candle

  – Matches or a lighter

  – A small bowl of water

  – A piece of rose quartz or moonstone

  – A journal or notebook + pen

  – Optional: soft music or nature sounds to create a calming atmosphere

Begin by cleansing yourself and your space. You can do this by smudging with sage or using your preferred cleansing method. Take a few deep breaths, inhaling positivity and exhaling any tension or negativity. Set your intention for the ritual.

Facing the direction where the moon will be visible (if possible), light the white or silver candle, symbolizing the energy of this new moon.

As you light the candle, say aloud or silently affirm your intention to embrace emotional healing and nurture and listen deeply to your guides and intuition during this next lunar phase.

Close your eyes and enter a state of deep relaxation. Focus on your breath, allowing it to become slow and steady.

Visualize a serene body of water, representing your emotions. See yourself standing on the shore, feeling calm and secure.

Imagine the new moon’s gentle light shining down, infusing the water with a healing energy. Allow this healing light to flow into your body, soothing any emotional wounds and bringing comfort.  You might like to visualise entering the water and feeling it’s cooling flow cleansing you of all that no longer serves.

Spend a few minutes in this visualization, experiencing the healing energy and connecting with your emotions.

Take the small bowl of water and hold it gently in your hands. Close your eyes and think about the emotions or experiences you wish to release or heal. Whisper or speak aloud, expressing these emotions and intentions into the water. When you feel ready, gently pour the water onto the ground or into a plant, symbolically releasing and returning these emotions to the Earth for transformation.

Hold the rose quartz or moonstone in your left hand, allowing its calming and nurturing energy to flow through you.  Programme it with your intent to receive clear intuitive guidance when you hold it.

Reflect in your journal, on any emotions, patterns, or situations that you wish to heal or guidance you have received.

Take a moment to express gratitude for the opportunities for growth and healing that lie ahead.

Gently blow out the candle, acknowledging the end of the ritual.  Keep your crystal near your bed or on your altar and sit with it when in need of guidance.

Optional: Take a few moments to enjoy the music or sounds, allowing their soothing vibrations to further calm your mind and body.

So mote it be…..

- - -