New Moon in Leo: August 16th – How to Embrace your Soul’s Rhythm

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Get ready for a fabulous, heart-centred lunar lift-off with a new moon in flamboyant Leo on August 16th at 10.37 BST.  This astrological elixir is chock full of planetary potency. The Lion’s moon is primed for fun, flair, and chasing our wildest creative dreams. With the radiant Sun and mystical Moon mingling in Leo’s fiery lair, unleash your inner superstar, dress to impress, and cast your brilliant talents far and wide.

Astrological Elixir: New Moon Leo August

This lunation will bring a surge of confidence, drama, and self-expression into our lives. Leo energy carries a regal air and a flair for the theatrical. Ruled by the radiant Sun, Leo encourages us to shine brightly and boldly. We’ll feel called to take centre stage, follow our joy, and celebrate our unique talents and qualities. After a period of hard work, we can now bask in the limelight of our efforts. It’s time to enjoy life’s pleasures and creatively express the deepest and most colourful aspects of ourselves.

New Beginnings

New Moons always bring the opportunity for new beginnings. With this lunation in expressive Leo, we have the chance to courageously start fresh in the areas connected to our heart’s desires, self-expression, creativity, children, and romantic relationships. We may feel ready to embark on exciting new creative projects, fall in love with life again, and reconnect with our inner childlike spirit of play and wonder.

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In the aftermath of the lion’s gate portal, we’re struggling to physically keep up with the frequency increases in consciousness on the planet.  This is about remembering why we came here and what we’re here to do.  When we truly re-member who we are the control programmes we fall victim to will collapse, powerless.  Of course, in the actual eventuality we’re living through the day to day can get seriously uncomfortable.  Cognitive dissonance is rife.  We’re at the pivot point between light and dark.  Outrage and fear are the biggest drivers of the dark.  Don’t fall prey to these lower-level frequencies.

release everything we know…

Its intense. We’re having to release everything we know.  In order to truly open up our hearts to receive the new consciousness frequencies.  Can you stay in the limitlessness of your spacious heart.  Only act when the information feels true and guided.  We are infinitely creative.  We are infinitely powerful. THIS is truth.

Authenticity is key. Truth is key. Courage is key. Willingness to be fully you is key. Are you ready to forsake your inner victim?

We’ve got messenger Mercury meeting motivator Mars in Virgo, mixing quick wit with red hot drive. When these two planets come together, minds and mouths move faster than light. Expanded inspiration and vision arise. Conversation and comedy will be razor sharp. But beware the sarcastic tongue. Mercury and Mars can burn bright, but tire out quickly if we don’t pace ourselves.

Take breathers between bantering sessions to keep your brilliant brain from short-circuiting. Innovative ideas will abound as Mercury’s logic and curiosity combine with Mars’ uncensored candour and drive. It can burn hot. Stay cool, thoughtful and tactful in your discussions. We’re all on the same team.

Trine electrifying Uranus in Taurus, our minds and actions become imbued with ingenious insights, progressive thinking and inventive problem-solving. Exciting breakthroughs occur when we apply rational thought to inspired ideas.

…constructive projects, not pipe dreams.

Mars and Mercury aligning suggests innovative drive, but their square to disciplinarian Saturn reminds us to channel passions into constructive projects, not pipe dreams. This lunar cycle offers the chance to blaze trails aligned with our highest potentials if we take bold and thoughtful action.

Venus retrograde, squaring up to both Jupiter and Uranus could unleash some relationship ruckus. With abundant Jupiter expanding Venus’ desires and rebellious Uranus electrifying emotions, expectations and needs will be all over the playground. With this influence the temptation to indulge in luxurious pleasure seeking, shopping sprees and sensual extravaganzas will be strong.

Splurging on comforts feels fabulous with lucky Jupiter around. But avoid excess and make it sustainable or all that fun could leave you with creeping debts. Moderation is key. For partnerships, this blend electrifies emotions and awakens new perspectives. Be open but avoid extremes. Talk through differences and respect each other’s freedom.

Mars is trine Pluto priming us for courageous transformations! This powerhouse pair will pump up your drive and focus to Herculean levels. Anything you set your sights on now can be achieved with rock solid resilience. Mars provides the grit and guts while Pluto offers relentless willpower.

Channel that relentless energy.

Move mountains, raze limitations and reach ambitious aims. Just steer clear of control issues and obsession under Pluto’s potent sway. Channel that relentless energy into purposeful productivity rather than despotic domination. The age of Aquarius says we’re all in this together. True power comes from empowering others.

Speaking of power struggles, the North Node and Pluto also square off this go-round. This forms an inner tension between our deeper desires and outward direction. The Universe continues to push us to reflect on repressed passions, unearth hidden fears and dive into our shadowy depths. By embracing our darkness, and excavating its hidden gems we gain the wisdom and wherewithal to walk our destined path. Some turmoil is natural during this excavation of the soul, so be gentle with yourself. It’s the growing pains necessary for our caterpillar to butterfly evolution. Lean into the discomfort, and uncover reserves of resilience you never knew you had.

Our diversity weaves the vibrant tapestry of humanity.

The Moon and Sun square spontaneous Uranus are angling to shake things up. Expect revelations and breakthroughs that jolt you outside stagnancy so you can express your authenticity. Uranus electrifies our need for freedom and individuality, stirring our wild side. But avoid rebellion for its own sake. We’re all connected in this beautifully bizarre world. Stand out from the crowd, but stay kind. Our diversity weaves the vibrant tapestry of humanity. Our shared hopes and dreams unite us beneath these skies.

The Sabian symbol for this Leo moon is “Totally concentrated upon inner spiritual attainment a yogi is sitting”. Take a breath the stars are calling us inward for nourishment, healing and higher consciousness. It’s highlighting our relationship with the physical form. Are we caring compassionately for these earthly vehicles of spirit? Maintaining wellbeing requires honouring all aspects of ourselves – mind, body and soul intertwined.

While beneficial, hyper-focus on just one area can create imbalance. We needn’t renounce worldly life for nonstop nirvana quests. Nor should we obsess over exercise while ignoring higher consciousness. Find your middle way. We thrive through moderation and inner harmony. Consider where imbalance resides within you. Are your basic needs met? Do you carve out time for rest, hydration and nutrition? Feed body and soul for optimal functioning.

Compassion is the key

Physical discipline supports inner awakening, but isn’t the destination. Spiritual connection guides our actions, but remains ungraspable. This exquisite dance of form and formlessness is the essence of being human. Compassion is the key. Listen inwardly with patience. Then care for your whole being – inner and outer, physical and ethereal – with equal kindness. We are multidimensional creatures, and this lifetime is temporary.  Yet it offers profound experiences. Savour each one. You are exactly where you need to be. Keep breathing. You’ve got this.

Embrace the offbeat rhythm of your soul. Dance to your own quirky beat whilst simultaneously reaching out a hand to others. Be bold, be free, be unapologetically you. But temper that individuality with compassion. Wherever you are – breathless with inspiration or lost in the stars – know everything is unfolding with purpose. With an open mind and courageous heart, we can ride these cosmic waves toward positive transformation.

A period of personal liberation and collective evolution is dawning. Harness this audacious energy to elevate your life and lift up those around you. Approach extremes with caution. Find balance between indulgence and discipline. Embrace your uniqueness while considering how you can assist others. We rise together. Dream boldly and live fully! But keep your heart open and stance humble. We’re all figuring out this human experience as we go. And being human is messy. With compassion as our guide, we’ll find our way together.

Stay present, stay patient, stay tuned.  No matter what’s written in the stars, the real magic lies within you. Your choices create your story. So, make it a masterpiece.  Wishing you all infinite full moon love and blessings.

Igniting the Fire – New Moon in Leo Ritual

Create a small altar in the east with a yellow cloth, candles, yellow flowers and an object representing your creative dreams. Have a fire cauldron or bowl ready, along with pen and paper. Face the altar east toward the rising Sun.

Burn some incense and use the smoke to cleanse the altar, yourself and the room.

Sit before the altar. Ring a singing bowl or bell to begin. Ground yourself by visualizing roots connecting you to the earth. Breathe slowly and deeply visualising and feeling the heat of the Leo Sun filling you with fiery inspiration.

Write down one clear intention for a new creative endeavour or talent you wish to manifest this lunar cycle. Focus on a positive, present-tense statement that ignites your heart. Place your intention paper on the altar.

Light your intention sheet in the fire cauldron/bowl and visualize any doubts turning to ash. As it burns, chant:

“I let go of all that limits me, with harm to none, so mote it be.”

Let the fire transmute stuck energy into fuel for your intention.

Sit comfortably with eyes closed. Visualize your intention manifesting over the month as you boldly express your talents and shine brightly. Feel the Moon and Sun filling you with courage and creativity. Repeat aloud:

“I boldly shine my light and share my gifts with the world.”

Offer gratitude to the Moon and Sun. Snuff out the candles. Close by saying:

“My creative fire is ignited within.

Spend time afterward beginning your creative project or practise your desired skill to fully integrate the ritual’s energy. The purpose is to align your heart’s desires with the courageous light of the Leo Moon. By setting clear intentions, releasing doubt, and embracing your inner radiance, you’ll gain the momentum for brilliant self-expression this lunar cycle.

So mote it be…..

- - -