Equinox Ritual: Honour your personal harvest.

Equinox Ritual: Honour your personal harvest.

There is always more…in our abundant Universe…more to learn, to achieve, to see, to be, to experience.  With so much MORE always snapping at our heels it is important to take time to appreciate the journey we have already travelled, the milestones we have already achieved.  To pause and reflect on how far we have come. Welcome to our beloved Equinox Ritual from Davina. Find more about Mabon and his powerful Day here!

Equinox Ritual: Honour your personal harvest.

Take your journal on a nature date.  Find your favourite outdoor spot, in your garden, the local park, or nearby forest.  Make yourself comfortable and spend some time getting relaxed and dropping into just being where you are.  To do this bring your awareness to the dovetail point just at the apex of your ribcage where it attaches to the diaphragm and breathe in and out with your focus here.  Become aware of your senses, what can you feel, hear, see and notice.  No judgment or expectation just allowing all to be exactly as it is.

Now, reflect on the past year, since September Equinox 2022.  List your achievements, your progress, new or changing relationships, friendships in and out, changes in habits, health and lifestyle, personal development etc.  On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is still on the starting blocks and 10 is off the scale brilliance where are you with each aspect of your life?

- -

Relish and celebrate what you have changed; the personal challenges you have faced and overcome, the goals you have mastered.  Review those that are yet to be attained – are they still important?  If yes, then ask, “what’s stopping me?” and notice what emotion, thought or feeling arises in response to this enquiry.

When you feel complete, take some time to just be and truly honour and feel the sense of satisfaction in your body for all those milestones or challenges however great or small you have accomplished and managed this past year.  Thank your body, the elements of nature, the ground underneath you, your personal guides etc and give yourself time to fully absorb these good feelings of success…… to end find an acorn, a pinecone or some other natural seed available in your region and time-zone to bring back as a reminder of your infinite potential.

So mote it be…….

- - -