Navigating the Tides of Change – Decoding the Full Super Moon in Aries September 29th

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 A full Super Moon in independent Aries arrives on September 29th at 10.57am BST, carrying the energies of fierce self-expression and bold new beginnings. This headline grabbing lunation will illuminate themes of injustice, coercion and control. Landing in the same house currently occupied by retrograde Chiron, our wounded healer, it also highlights our human vulnerabilities. Full Super Moon in Aries predictions!

Decoding the Full Super Moon in Aries September 29th

With the recent Libran equinox requesting balance, and the Nodes of collective destiny currently retrograde on the same Aries/Libra axis as this new lunar cycle the ‘me’ versus ‘we’ clash will require a master class in diplomacy.  Whatever you’re advocating for, lean in.  This moon insists on courageous calls to action.

Our warrior moon arrives against a backdrop of all outer planets currently retrograde. Marking a collective pause point to reflect on bigger global issues of human government and planetary survival. Cooperation, justice, and finding balance between self-assertion and harmony with others will be key to navigating some undoubtedly turbulent weeks ahead.

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Navigating the Tides of Change – Full Super Moon in Aries predictions!

It is the fourth consecutive Supermoon, where the Moon orbits closer to Earth than usual. Increasing both emotional and seismic intensity amplifying tides, weather patterns, pressure on tectonic plates and volcanic activity. Meanwhile, Pluto, power planet of transformation, is applying pressure to the Aries-Libra axis, demanding evolution in relationships and social structures.

Pluto forces deep transformation around issues of power and oppression via revolutions if necessary. The question facing us all is: Are we choosing to empower our sovereign selves or descend into despairing victimhood? Choose wisely. This cosmic turning point holds the potential to launch us down a radically different future path.

Fresh beginnings arrive with this lunation as the Moon and Sun stand opposed. Aries initiates what is ready to sprout, while the Moon asks us to assess this emotionally and consider what wants to manifest for the longer term. Notice what gets illuminated under this Full Moon’s light. Listen to those inner nudges marking the start of a brand-new creative cycle, tapping into higher purpose and core energy.   


Mars-ruled Aries represents individualism, whereas Libra epitomizes relationships and compromise. With Mars in Libra outside its comfort zone, greater reflection and communication are required before acting. The Aries Moon loses some boldness with its ruler in diplomatic Libra. It tempers our drive for independence with consideration of how actions impact those around us. Carefully weigh pros and cons using discernment. Are you operating from old patterns or new wisdom? Slow down and make deliberate choices.

South Node in Libra still showing us what is ending in our lives.  Are you acting from the old or the new energies?  Slow down.  Are you being deliberate in your choices.  North Node in Aries is re-connecting you to what’s truly alive within you.  But Libra reminds you it’s not just about you.  Others will be prominent in all your considerations.  Discord and uncomfortable feelings can bubble up for Aries as any rejection feels personal.  Be mindful of immature outbursts that sabotage everyone’s best interests.  Contentious between Libra and Aries here.  This is a heads up of what will emerge during October’s solar eclipse.  Tune into your higher Self-awareness for success in navigating this.

Channel your inner child

The Moon in impatient Aries may tempt us to rush into decisions without consideration of consequences. But wisdom advises going slowly, even when urgency looms. Clarify your authentic desires before reacting. Consult your higher self for guidance. Channel the childlike Arian enthusiasm to pursue renewed passions with positivity once you gain clarity. Meanwhile, Mars in compromising Libra will help balance self-interests with awareness of others if conflict arises.

The Sun in diplomatic Libra connecting fluidly to penetrating Pluto enables digging beneath surface appearances to reveal truth. This grants magnetism and a steel will to transform stagnation. But beware of stubbornness and manipulation in dealings. Use the power of the trine responsibly. Be wise in what you initiate.

Expansive Jupiter also forms a flowing trine to Mercury, imbuing our communication with optimism and inventive solutions from non-rational sources. Attune to mystical downloads floating in the ethers. Write down prophetic visions and creative epiphanies that come through meditation or time in nature. Follow intuitive nudges.

Yet amidst spacious inspiration, Mercury’s tense opposition to nebulous Neptune muddies the waters of the mind and body. Disordered thinking, health issues, lies and escapist fantasies may arise if integration is lacking. Seek bodywork, energy healing, proper rest, wholesome nature connection and creative expression to nurture harmony. Luxuriate in imagination, but avoid delusion. With gentle effort, even challenges reveal blessings in disguise.  Can bring a sense of being let down imagined or for real. Mercury activates last month’s new moon, raising similar themes for integration.

avoid getting stuck in rigid opinions. Stay open!

The harmonious trine between Mercury, Pluto, and Uranus can spark revolutionary ideas and turn us into social visionaries. These planets together breed ingenuity and give us the courage to think differently. Harness this energy to develop futuristic technologies, decentralized networks, and progressive community systems. But avoid getting stuck in rigid opinions. Stay open.

Mars square Pluto can bring power struggles as these planets clash. Strong egos battling for control must be avoided. Instead, reflect on your deepest motivations during conflicts. Examine any desire to dominate or express rage. Take time outs to cool down before discussions. Find healthy physical outlets for intensity. Ultimately these planets together help us reclaim our personal power.

Expect the unexpected

Venus square Uranus can stir relationship unpredictability as the planet of love clashes with the planet of surprises. The tendency to equate freedom with detachment should be examined. Instead of fleeing when emotions surface, commit to a new level of vulnerability and intimacy in relationships. Expect the unexpected, but embrace spontaneity as opportunity to deepen bonds. Venus-Uranus aspects excel at creative collaboration and innovation. Apply this to artistic projects or social justice efforts. 

Venus is empowered although what comes up under this aspect is unexpected.  Uranus reminding you that it doesn’t affect your true self-worth.  The jolts are a wake-up but shouldn’t topple you from your own throne.  It’s about handling change, it’s the only constant we’re designed to work with it.  Only our programming distracts us from what we’re naturally good at.   Saturn in Pisces also reinforcing this need for new emotional maturity.  Where is the higher consciousness and wisdom you can bring to bear on any situation that proves challenging?

Venus square Uranus stirs unpredictability in relationships and values. See detachment for what it is – fear of vulnerability. Commit to deeper intimacy amid the surprises. Apply Venus-Uranus creativity to innovations that serve the greater good.

The gift is in the libra qualities of making one decision at a time in harmony with all beings.

The Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for 7 degrees of Aries, the specific degree of this Full Moon, speaks of: “A person successfully expressing themselves in two realms at once.” This suggests integrating duality and finding fulfilment in multiple areas of life simultaneously. Shine in your career and relationships, creative passions and practical duties, spirituality and material world. Avoid scattering energies, but don’t limit yourself to one field either. Follow what lights you up.

The weeks ahead remain veiled, but the stars evoke faith in destiny. By balancing intellect with intuition, compromise with conviction, logic with imagination, we walk the Middle Way. Discovering unity within contrast allows us to embrace the fullness of each moment with courage, grace and wisdom beyond years. May we heed the cosmic call to share our most radiant gifts as awakened co-creators amidst these changing tides. May we embrace the fullness of each moment with courage, grace and understanding. Like a child plugging into pure enthusiasm, let this Moon awaken your inner innocence. Follow where renewed passion leads.  Wishing you all Infinite full moon love and blessings

Ritual for Aries Super Moon

This fiery Aries Full Super Moon invites transformation. Find a private space to conduct your ritual as the moon rises.

Create an altar with a red or orange cloth. Add candles, Aries symbols like a ram, rose quartz, carnelian and garnet crystals. Play uplifting music if you wish.

Begin by lighting a stick of sandalwood incense to purify the energy. Take deep cleansing breaths as the smoke fills the space.

When ready, light the candles with intention to illuminate the darkness. Say:

“I welcome the light of this Aries Full Moon to shine upon me. May it reveal what I need to outgrow and give me courage to let it go.”

On a piece of paper, write down anything you wish to release – limiting beliefs, stagnation, addictions, resentment.

Now hold the paper over a heatproof dish or cauldron. Speak your intentions for positive transformation as you safely burn the paper, visualizing the old patterns turning to ash.

Mix the ashes with earth in your dish or cauldron while stating:

“I compost the past to fertilize my future growth.”

Sit quietly observing the flames, letting fire’s transformative energy move through you. What would you like to manifest next? Write down your goals and dreams for the future.

Close your ritual by saying:

“I welcome rebirth under the light of the Aries Moon. May I harness this fiery energy to illuminate my path ahead with passion, courage and joyful optimism.”

Let the candles burn down safely. Over the next days and weeks, reflect on any insights received during your ritual. Trust in the seeds you’ve planted.

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