From Shadows to Breakthrough: The Cancer Full Moon’s Role in Ending 2023 and Birthing Your Best 2024

From Shadows to Breakthrough: The Cancer Full Moon's Role in Ending 2023 and Birthing Your Best 2024

From Shadows to Breakthrough: The Cancer Full Moon’s Role in Ending 2023 and Birthing Your Best 2024: As the celestial curtain descends on the final act of the year, a gentle interlude unfolds with the full moon in Cancer, gracing the cosmic stage on December 27th at 00:26 am GMT. A soft, sensual pause in the rhythm of life, the lunar crab invites us to navigate the remaining festivities with a subtle sideways shuffle. This mothering energy creates the perfect hiatus before 2024 explodes into reality hot on the heels of the magical Wood Dragon.

It’s a reminder that our greatest power is care and kindness for self and others.

Heightened emotions and sensitivity characterize this lunar episode, urging us to release any lingering negative sentiments that may be holding us back, allowing us to step into the new year unburdened. As waves of nostalgia threaten, a weeping bath becomes a sacred release for bygones and regrets.

Besides its healing lullaby; the crab gifts us it’s canvas for creativity and intuition. Providing fertile ground for new projects and creative endeavours. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer energy awakens intuition. Pay close attention to synchronicities, signs and subconscious nudges that flow in over the holidays.

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Safety, family and home

In Cancer, your sense of safety intertwines with home, family, and domestic activities. Emotional fluctuations may be prevalent, but forgiveness and letting go become potent tools to avoid being consumed by overthinking. The subjective lens through which you perceive the world becomes a call to create a healthy distance without bitterness, cultivating a profound sense of belonging in the world.

The Sun is still journeying under task-master Capricorn’s domain as we prepare to cross into the new year. Opposed the Moon the sea-goat’s reflective side invites us to alchemize the lessons of 2023 fortifying our grit and determination for the path ahead. The Moon meanwhile prompts introspection into our lineage amplifying the integration of past familial issues, allowing a maturing process to unfold.  She invites us to delve into our hearts, honouring our essence.

Trust your unique flow

Between the two conjure your boldest visions for 2024 and plant seeds now that will blossom into growth. Slow and steady will take you far – no need to rush. Break big dreams into step-by-step actions. Trust your unique flow. Spirit is asking you to construct sturdy foundations. Build toward your mountain-top goals, one day at a time. Have patience and faith in the process.

The Sabian symbol for this full moon supports this conservative approach: “At a railroad crossing, a car races with a train”, warns against reckless endeavours, emphasizing the need for caution when challenging the collective momentum.

Fortune smiles on us under abundant Jupiter trining the Sun, blessing all endeavours with optimism and possibility.  In earthy Taurus he wants to help anchor and stabilize our growth through mindful management of resources. Improving material conditions allows more freedom for Spirit to flow.

Chiron also turns direct on this Full Moon, signalling deep healing of wounds and restoration of faith in your purpose. You belong here. Claim your right to exist and boldly move forward, unapologetically being all of who you are. The North Node in Aries reminds us the time for action is now.  The past is done, move forward boldly into your destiny.

Powerful cosmic sextiles delivering their own particular gifts

Known as the Cold Moon this lunation is amped up by some powerful cosmic sextiles delivering their own particular gifts. She sextiles lucky Jupiter, activating October’s eclipse portal adding potency to signs and messages. Open your heart to receive gifts and guidance. This Moon wants to dissolve any last illusions blocking your growth, while Jupiter holds space for your expansion and evolution into abundance. Say yes to the magic and mystery.

Venus sextile Pluto, intensifies relationships with the potential for powerful transformation. But stand true to your needs and don’t betray your values. This aspect also powers up your magnetism so allow yourself to shine and be seen.  Venus is preparing for a spiritual transformation into her full power in the new year, as she aligns with Pluto and trines Neptune.

Saturn sextile Jupiter brings stabilization, balance and closure to old cycles. It’s the perfect energy for realizations, accepting closure and entering the new year with peace. Make space for new beginnings. Transform any grief about the past into self-reliant courage.

Of course, Mercury’s retrograde alongside passionate Mars in Sagittarius reminds us to stay alert and adaptable. Backup important info, triple check travel plans and be mindful of quarrels amidst intensity. Breathe deep amidst the clashing energies. Mars square Neptune asks us to ground reactions and avoid confrontation under Venus square Saturn. Stay patient and compassionate.

Jupiter is squaring Pluto at the anuretic 29th degree of Capricorn, squeezing out the last remnants of the old paradigm we’re completing. The boil has to burst before the healing can happen. Stay centred in your stillness and light as the shadows clear. Breakthrough is near.

Homeward activity

Cancer Moons are made for sidling homeward, connecting with family and traditions, and honouring the places that cradle your heart. Make time for self-care rituals now: cook comforting meals, hug your loved ones, tend your inner child with extra gentleness. Release anything still weighing on your spirit so you can begin 2024 unburdened.  This Cancer Moon wants you feeling safe, secure, cared for. Follow your feels to what nourishes you most right now.

Offering reflection, release and readiness, feel your feels, but let intuition steer your emotions toward wisdom. Enter 2024 unburdened, with your heart wide open. Stepping forward with courage, faith and grace. Independence of Spirit emerges as a growing force in 2024, buoyed by the power of self-love cultivated in 2023, fostering resilience for the journey ahead. Wishing you all infinite full moon love and blessings.

Honouring the Cancer Full Moon Ritual

The final full moon of the year arrives in nurturing Cancer – a perfect time to honour closure, emotional wisdom, and ready yourself for new beginnings. This ritual taps the lunar energy to ground, release, and set intentions.

What you’ll need:

– A sacred space – indoors or outdoors

– A candle – white, silver, or ocean-coloured

– Items that represent security, home, family, emotions

– Paper and pen

– Chalice or cup of water

– Essential oils like sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh

– fireproof pot and matches/lighter


Clear your sacred space and create an altar with the candle and meaningful objects. Light incense or essential oils.

Centre yourself through deep, grounding breaths. Call in the elements – earth, air, fire, water. Ask for their blessings as you draw the energies of 2023 to a close.

Light the candle and contemplate its glowing flame. Reflect on the year behind you. What emotions, memories, and experiences surface?

On your paper, write down anything you are ready to release or complete from 2023. Old hurts, behaviours, thought patterns. When ready, burn the paper in the fireproof pot and visualize the smoke carrying it away.

Anoint your pulse points with the essential oils. Breathe in the aroma and anchor this moment by saying aloud positive affirmations that feel right for your journey into 2024 it could be a short supportive phrase eg “all is well” or even just a word eg “love”. (as your year progresses use the smell of the oils to remind you of your supportive affirmations).

Drink water from your chalice, giving thanks for the lessons learned and your continual growth. Sit with openness about the future.

Take time to honour your feelings and intuition. Get centred in your body. Dance, stretch, or meditate.

When you feel clear, set your intentions for 2024. Write or speak them by candlelight.

Thank the elements of life for their presence. Let the candle burn down completely if it is safe to do so.

Over the next days, reflect on insights or dreams received. Move forward with renewed purpose and peace.

Use this ritual to care for your inner world, finding closure and readiness for the new dynamic Wood Dragon year ahead. Let the moon’s mothering light guide you into the abundant unknown with trust.

So mote it be……

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