Igniting Radiance and Revolution under Leo’s Full Moon – Thursday 25th January 2024

Igniting Radiance and Revolution under Leo’s Full Moon – Thursday 25th January 2024

Igniting Radiance and Revolution under Leo’s Full Moon – Thursday 25th January 2024. The first Full Moon of 2024 rises on January 25th at 17.53pm GMT, casting its lunar glow in the spotlight-loving sign of Leo. Ruled by the radiant Sun, Leo energy pulses with creative lifeforce and dramatic interludes. It urges us to take centre stage and express our talents boldly. Soak up the lunar applause, celebrate your gifts, claim your flamboyant uniqueness and embrace your role as the courageous hero of your Soul’s journey. Let your inner light shine without apology.

energy pulses with creative lifeforce and dramatic interludes

Focusing on personal leadership, are you the leader of your own life, or is your leonine ego steering the ship? It’s time to bring arrogance down to earth and assess your integrity and truth.  This cosmic alignment challenges us to serve a purpose larger than ourselves, urging an exploration of our egos in the context of a world entangled in perpetual cycles of violence.

Together we rise stronger!

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As we embrace Aquarius season, the Sun’s presence in this fixed air sign prompts us to collaborate, dream, and create collectively. However, remember to balance intellectualization with an acknowledgment of feelings, as Aquarius tends to detach from emotional considerations which Leo loves to dramatize.  Be mindful, avoiding the projection of fears onto others and instead owning them for our own personal growth.

Leo’s Full Moon

This Full Moon’s explosive opposition to Pluto five days after its re-entry into Aquarius adds a layer of cosmic complexity. The planet of transformation’s presence in Aquarius for the first time since 1777 demands we evolve beyond shallow personas that crumble under the pressures of growth. Now is the time for radical self-inquiry and committed inner work to dismantle outdated toxic systems across our cultures. True change cannot be superficial – it must be rooted in the depths of our being.  This is a 21-year transit none of us have experienced before.  Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius was discovered during the last one. That timeline also initiated a number of global revolutions.  It’s no coincidence that 40 democratic elections are due to take place across the world this year.  

This alignment intensifies the friction between individual interests versus the collective good. Leo lives for the heart centred, passion filled, solo spotlight, whilst airy intellectual Aquarius calls us to coolly rationalise de-centralized power and unify as one for society’s elevation. 

Change is coming

Uranus, planet of radical change and rebellion, stations direct on January 27th, the last planet to do so propelling us into celestial fast forward until June. The Great Awakener will electrify us into liberating ourselves from stagnation. Expect the unexpected and embrace profound revelations. With the North Node still in courageous Aries, boldly align yourself to your Soul’s highest path of fulfilment. Break free from limitation.

Uranus rules sudden, unexpected lightning flashes, great change and all things electric.  Together with Pluto’s presence this time round the revolution is likely to be technological.  Expect scientific breakthroughs and innovations, the meteoric rise of AI and de-centralised blockchain technology changing the way we live and work.  We will need to get used to being comfortable with the uncomfortable as rapid change becomes the new world order.

Jupiter’s square to the Sun, Pluto, and Moon creates a powerful push, potentially dominating and overwhelming. Taurus’ influence accentuates this energy, encouraging us to expand into new talents but cautioning against feeling inundated. Scorpio’s connection intensifies the dive into the emotional body, addressing areas where self-loathing needs reprogramming. In the physical world, we may witness more extreme earth changes as a result – Jupiter in this position can activate earth fissures bringing coastal changes and significant land shifts.

Make space for the unknown

Personally, this intensity is pushing you to acknowledge and fully own your innate talents, abilities and self-worth beyond where you’ve allowed expansion before. Make space for the unknown within you to be birthed – you are far more than you realize. But Jupiter’s rampant influence can also feel overwhelming. Stay grounded in your body and ride the waves with centred presence.

Fortunately, a harmonious sextile between Jupiter and wise Saturn in mystical Pisces balances the energies. Here spiritual understanding reminds us that all growth unfolds according to divine timing. Learn to honour natural cycles of death and rebirth and have faith in the process.

Graceful Venus aligns with fortunate Jupiter, boosting self-love and the confidence to share your authentic gifts with the world. You are worthy and valuable just as you are. This aspect helps dissolve old toxic patterns of unworthiness, shame or self-limiting beliefs. Forgive yourself and reconnect to the wholeness of your divine essence. A new you is emerging.

investigative lights on the shadow

With the Sun and Pluto still tightly joined from their recent rare conjunction, secrets continue to be revealed regarding those in power. Their tense opposition from expressive Leo to community-minded Aquarius shines bright investigative lights on the shadow. Exposing inner workings of corruption, deception and control that have long operated behind closed doors, obscuring truth. But the age of transparency is here – there can be no more hiding in the darkness.

Action planet Mars, messenger Mercury and feminine Venus are all moving through the domain of Capricorn, driving our ambitions to manifest in concrete results. This is fertile energy for practical long-term strategies and initiatives. But avoid getting rigid or controlling – the Aquarian era calls for creative collaborative solutions rather than our old authoritative ways. Venus in Capricorn encourages discernment and beneficial financial planning, paving the way for a prosperous future.

But Chiron, representing our collective wounds, is retrograde in wilful Aries, which may dredge up old pain and traumas. Be gentle with yourself. There’s no need to re-experience what has already been healed. Apply past lessons with wisdom and grace as you continue growing. Send forgiveness, release what no longer serves, and evolve peacefully forward.

Pluto’s symbolism invites us to delve into our underworld journeys

As we navigate the transformative currents of 2024, Pluto’s symbolism invites us to delve into our underworld journeys, personally and collectively. The world stands on the brink of revolution. Amid these shifts, we are urged to let go of old safety measures, embrace joyful living, and recognize the reality created through frequency. The celestial energies guide us to find our anchor within, fostering laughter as the best medicine.

The Sabian symbol for this moon of an ‘Old fashioned ‘conservative’ woman confronted by an ‘up to date’ girl’ invites us to integrate conservatism with innovation. Acknowledging the potential for growth in the interplay of tradition and the original.

In this highly creative Full Moon, allow the cosmic energies to manifest through you, expressing the profound transformations occurring both within and beyond. As we navigate this year of rule breaking transformation, commit to the internal and external revolution required for a world in desperate need of transformation. It won’t be easy, but together, we can bring forth the cultural shifts necessary for a brighter future.

offer your talents to the world

Ultimately this first Full Moon of 2024 illuminates the unique creative gifts, talents and heart wisdom you have to offer the world. The outer planetary orbits indicate collective and individual shifts, heralding a year of unpredictable volatility and transformation. Listen to your inner authority as you take your place as a visionary leader and heroic agent of positive change, co-creating a better future for all. Let your light shine bright with the courageous Sun, eclipsed only by the far greater light of Spirit within. Stay centred in love and let’s rise together.  Wishing you all infinite full moon love and blessings.

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A Leo Full Moon Ritual for Creativity and Courage

This ritual taps into the bold energy of the Leo Full Moon to ignite your creative passions, courage, and confidence.  

What you’ll need:

– A candle or fire source 

– Paper and pen

– Paint, colouring supplies, clay, etc.

– Drum or music source

– Lion statue, image or tarot card (optional)

Create your sacred space. Light the candle/fire and place your lion symbol as a focal point on your altar. 

Stand facing the flame. Take deep breaths and feel your inner light growing, brightening and radiating outward like the Sun. 

On paper, write or draw the creative dreams you want to manifest. Or sculpt them from clay. 

Speak aloud an invocation welcoming your inner lion, for example: “I call upon the courage and power of Leo to awaken my heart’s fiery passion.”

With music or drumming, move and dance expressively to stoke your creative flames. Let your inner artist out to play.

Take time to create something – a painting, song, poem, story. Follow your inspiration with no judgement.

When finished, hold your creation up to the candle flame and visualize it igniting with the fire of your soul.

Say aloud: “I shine bright with the courage to express my gifts! I embrace my unique talents and share my light with the world!”

Bask in the glow of the Moon. Meditate on your heart’s joy and creative purpose aligned to the good of all. 

Use this Leo ritual to stoke your inner flames, shine your creative light, and boldly share your passions with the world. 

Thank the Moon and fire element. Allow your candle to burn down. Over the next month, continue to create freely whenever the desire arises.

So mote it be…..

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